10 TIPS TO SUCCESS Moving to a different country.

10 TIPS TO SUCCESS Moving to a different country. (1)

In this article, you will get 10 tips to success in living abroad. As I’ll be moving in 2020 back into the desert in after having spent 8 weeks in Poland. In 2019, I learned the most important lesson of my life: the home isn’t just an area where you were born or raised. Home is where you’re most at ease, where your family is, and where you want to go back to (even if you didn’t think you’d be able to!).

The strongest factor tips to success are self-esteem Believing you can do it, Believing you deserve it and believing you can do it.

One of the things I learned after returning to Poland was one the most significant also that I did not feel at home in Poland anymore. My childhood memories and the way things used to be were there however, I felt disconnected from the past. It was like I was on an adventure down memory lane instead of beginning a new chapter of my life. It was like watching a film about my life with this attractive, slim, and unborn woman in her early 20s as the leading role.

What I can now say with 100% certainty is that becoming an adult was born when I relocated to my home in the Middle East to join my husband. We’ve made it exactly how we imagined it should be. I wasn’t there to ride with someone else; however, it was something I built using my own hands. That’s why I was so happy to return to the construction process of my life it is the best tips to success to think about it.

What didn’t excite me was the thought of moving myself and my sons to a different place… and again. Luckily, I had experienced enough to make the transition less of a burden for us all.

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Are you getting ready to make that big decision also? Here are some suggestions to help you get through the transition with a smile!

1. Before you start packing, tips to success, go around the house and collect all the documents that you’d like to carry with you.

These are really useful tips to success which we needed, such as birth certificates (translated into English when needed), children’s school reports, personal certificates and diplomas, and work-related documents. Take note of everything you could need abroad. If you’re moving far away, it’s an enormous hassle to wait for someone else to deliver the documents to you in the future! I kept all the important documents from Poland in one neat box (thanks Ikea! ) and I simply went through it before packing.

2. Create a list of the items which may not be available (or are extremely expensive) in the country you’re planning to move into, and then stock up!

It was a breeze for me because I knew precisely what I had to be missing in Doha and I made certain to take all of these things. Take a moment to think about it and conduct some research: do have any medications which you won’t be able to locate in Doha? Is there any local skincare brand that you’re not willing to change? Are your favorite treats readily accessible at your local grocery stores? My list of favorites would be similar to this:

— a year-round amount of contacts (terribly costly in Qatar and also, there is a lack of availability of some brands! ),

— some of the traditional Polish cuisine (not readily available in Qatar in any way),

Organic skin care products for children (again the price in Qatar is substantial),

Certain prescription medicines (not sold in Qatar However, in the same way, not prohibited!)

Clothing that I love from European brands (I typically carry very few items on my trip since they are readily available in Doha). There are some brands that I love; however, they aren’t available in Qatar. They are brands that I will always purchase within Poland.


For me, it’s my mom. In 2017, we went to a notary public office where I signed a power of attorney that allowed her to act for me in all of my everyday issues. It’s crucial, as you don’t want to go back to tasks that could be performed by another person. It’s also something people do not think about while they’re busy packing and arranging everything related to their travel plans. Don’t do it like them-make yourself ready with its tips to success for your side.

4. Join the most popular Facebook group(s) and network with your followers.

While it may be funny, it is not. It seems that Facebook can prove beneficial for you. I would recommend you look up and join these groups. They have good tips to success.

A group was put together to be run by people of the same nationality who live within the nation (or city) in which you’re planning to relocate,

The most well-known group of ex-pats living in the world (city),

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Other organizations you may be able to benefit from depending on your circumstances (parents group, working moms’ group or job group, events group, etc. ).

5. Find out how to go about GETTING EVERYDAY THINGS DONE.

Ideally, you must conduct this research before you make your move. A few things that you’ve done automatically in your country of origin may be different in the country you’re planning to move to. How do you obtain the permanent residency certificate? What is the best health insurance? An account with a bank? The list is endless.

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It may be tips to success to explore the Internet or join Facebook groups you’ve been in (I said they’d help! ). After you’ve moved to a new location, you’ll have plenty of other things to worry about. It’s best to get the most you can to get everything out of the way from the beginning!

6. Find out the “Dos and Don’ts” of the country you’re moving to.

I’m referring to two distinct things in this article:


Are there any actions that are commonplace in your country of origin but are not acceptable in your new place? (Think of dress codes and extravagant displays of affection in public, public smoking in public, and so on.) Also, are there any things that could be shocking to you because you’re not accustomed to these things in your daily life? What could you do to ensure that you won’t be a victim of adversity?

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There will be some differences between the legal systems in your country of origin and the country you’re moving into. In the first place, it’s tipped to success, you must determine the kind of behavior that could put you in danger (and exactly the amount of trouble ). For instance, the consumption of alcohol in public places is completely forbidden in Qatar.

10 TIPS TO SUCCESS Moving to a different country.

Be aware of your rights concerning the actions of others towards you. For example, beggary is considered a crime and is a crime in Qatar (the nation has a very effective government-run charity). If someone comes up to you with a request for money and you would like to be left alone, Tell them that you’ll inform the authorities and they’ll disappear quickly.

7. A Final Look at Conditions in Your Country: Cancel whatever you won’t require!

Things like telephone internet connection, telephone utilities, for instance. I’m fairly certain that none of them will remain beneficial to you once you move! Contact the service providers and stop any services you don’t have to use. Also, take a review of your bank accounts. Before departing for Qatar, I closed all of my Polish bank accounts, excluding the savings account, which is the one I’d need for my travels.

8. Determine where you’ll be staying…

…or at the very least, conduct some basic research on your budget, the area you’d like to live in, and what type of home would be suitable for your needs. If you’re planning to relocate to Qatar, I’ve done the legwork for you. Take a look at The Complete Guide for Home-Hunting that I’ve made up. It could be applicable in different Middle Eastern countries, too. If you’re not ready to “go into it blindly”, I would suggest that you book one month or so in an apartment in a hotel that is serviced ( The Curve hotel is an excellent alternative in Qatar for those seeking a decent standard and don’t want to pay a fortune).

9. If you have children, THINK ABOUT THEIR SCHOOL.

Schools begin receiving applications for the next school year early. Be sure to know in advance to find out what’s happening in the country you’re planning to move to. What can you do to ensure that you get a spot for your children in the school you want to attend before stepping into the country? Do you need to be present (and are you able to get your residency status taken care of) before you can be eligible? Also, there are best tips to success. Discover what it’s like to get your children into school at the beginning or end of the school year.

10. Make sure that your financial situation is secure.

I’ve put it in the last spot as I think that since you’ve decided to move, you’re aware of the steps you’re taking. It’s important to mention this, however. Three scenarios may be of interest to you:

I. YOU’RE SET TO MOVE IN WITH YOUR Spouse or another family member.

In that scenario, the money issue is not usually an issue. The person you’re joining will take care of your financial position. You may still search for work if you’re interested in however there’s no need to do so. Going to a new country where you have a friend already in place will make it easier for you to avoid headaches!

II. You’re moving to work Your job is already secured.

Before you agree to the offer, it is tips to success to ensure that you’re getting a fair price! It may appear to be a significant sum of cash in your current country, but it may not be the same in the country you’re moving to. Are you able to sustain yourself on this particular amount of money? What about expenses such as insurance, school fees, accommodation, and so on? Does your employer cover all of these expenses, or is it entirely your responsibility?

III. You’re looking for A JOB.

Naturally, in this scenario, For best tips to success you must have enough money saved to sustain yourself. Always think about the possibility that you aren’t finding anything very soon. Plan properly. Review the balance of your savings account and determine how long you’ll be able to live off the money. Further tips to success is Put aside a certain amount to cover the cost of a flight to get back home in the event of an emergency! Also, think about the length of time you are allowed to stay legally in the country you are visiting on an entry visa.

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