20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

There are more Things to Do in Berlin for Winter, Berlin is a country that can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Although tourists flock to Berlin in the summer, winter is the best time to visit because it is cooler and less crowded.

You can feel the holiday spirit in December. So, while you should bring your jackets and be prepared for the cold, there are plenty of things you can do in Berlin during the winter.

Berlin Weather

Berlin’s winters can be very cold, with temperatures reaching below freezing quite often. Berlin’s winter temperatures can dip to minus 10°C or even lower. January and February are the coldest months. Therefore, it is imperative to be warm and dressed in gloves, coats, and hats.

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Berlin Weather in December

39oF/31oF (4oF/-1oC). You will not usually see snow in Berlin between December and January, but you may be lucky enough to see it during the Christmas markets. Berlin experiences winter rain for approximately 10 days per month. It’s a good idea to bring an umbrella, but make sure your winter boots stay dry!

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Berlin Weather in January

37oF/29oF (3oF/-2oC). The oddest time to visit Berlin is January. Most of the Christmas markets are closed, and the city slowly opens up after all the holiday closures. January is when the snow starts to appear.

Berlin Weather in February

40deg /29degF (5oC / 2oC). February is Berlin’s coldest month. In fact, I’ve seen temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) in Berlin. The cold lasts for two weeks, and then we get back to the “normal cold,”  which lasts through April. Berlin can also get very windy, so be sure to pack wind-proof layers.

Berlin Winter: The Best Experiences

These are the best winter experiences you can have in Berlin. They will make for a wonderful and cozy vacation!

Berlin’s Christmas Markets

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Christmas markets are great for families and great places to hang out since they are completely free. There are over 100 large, small, or big Christmas markets throughout the city that offer delicious food like sausage stew, kale stew, and creamed mushrooms. You can also enjoy mulled wine.

If you love fine craftsmanship and sweets, the beautiful market at Gendarmenmarkt should be your first choice. However, if the wind is what you crave while on roller coasters, the Alexanderplatz market is your best option.

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If you don’t know what Christmas markets are, it’s a European custom where small markets are set up in European cities during Christmas.

They often sell local varieties of mulled wine, seasonal foods, and gifts that you can give to your friends and relatives. The stalls often look like wooden buildings from centuries ago and are decorated in an old-fashioned way.


20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Tiergarten is a popular place to bike and barbecue in summer. In winter, Tiergarten can be used for an idyllic stroll through the woods. The entire area will fall into a tranquil and snowy sleep. Tiergarten has a feeling that is very similar to Frozen, except without all the annoying illuminations, illuminations, and 3D figures, and will take them on a walk.

For ice skaters, there’s also open-fire cooking and a garden with an ice rink. It’s a little expensive in Berlin, though I wouldn’t mind it being cheaper elsewhere. The place is great for anyone who loves photography, and it’s an affordable way to spend an evening.

Trabi Safari

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

If you feel nostalgic, take a Trabi for a ride around the city. It was the famous car that was produced in communist East Germany. You and up to three of your friends can cruise around Berlin for 75 minutes in this fun car. You drive around, get radio commentary from the guide and then groups of Trabis passengers drive around to see Berlin’s most popular sights.

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Potsdamer Platz (Brandenburg Gate), Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral are all on your doorstep. You can also see the East Side Gallery (where you will find the Berlin Wall) and many other places.

Driving a Trabi is a blast from the past, before the unification of Germany. It is important to know that you must be able to drive a manual transmission automobile.

Berlin Horizontal

Berlin Horizontal is a sightseeing company that provides rides in a bed-and-rickshy style around Berlin. While it is more expensive, this is still a unique way of seeing Berlin.


20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Dresden is an ideal place for day trips from Berlin in the winter. The city is only a few hours away and has a stunning Riverside view. This German gem is worth a visit, even during the darkest winter months. It’s full of stunning buildings, theatres, and castles. The old town is worth a visit, as well as the old market square and new market. You can best see the area by walking, so don’t forget your comfortable coat and sturdy trainers.

Wintertraum am Alexa

There is nothing better than a Christmas Market! A Christmas market complete with a carnival Wintertraum is Alexa a carnival-themed Christmas Market that offers many types of roller coasters, bumper cars, and Ferris wheels. For a fun night out, you can visit the market with your friends. You can visit on a weekday as it is packed with teenagers on weekends.


It’s a wonderful idea to be able to get away from the cold by sitting in a theatre and watching silent films with live music. Babylon Berlin has an open house every day and is free to enter on Saturday night. The only German cinema organ is also preserved in the cinema. Babylon is like entering another era.

A show at Friedrichstadt Palast

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Berlin’s Friedrichstadt Palast has the largest theatre stage on the planet. The ARISE Grand Show is a very popular event in Berlin, regardless of the season. It’s an international-level show, comparable to what you might see in Las Vegas.

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ARISE has no dialog and is therefore accessible to visitors who don’t know German. It is one of the few shows you can view without an audio guide. Berlin is an international city with many German-only activities.

It is convenient to find this venue near one of Berlin’s main stations, making it super easy to reach even when Berlin’s weather isn’t your best! It is very popular throughout the year, as I was a neighbor.

Although there are plenty of Christmas markets throughout the CI, we believe you deserve a more extravagant experience. Why not visit a market that has a carnival-themed Christmas theme? It is exactly what you would expect.

The carnival market features bumper cars and roller coasters as well as Ferris wheels. This will increase the enjoyment of your evenings. This place is great for friends and family to enjoy a night out.

Rent a Slide

Although the title may raise eyebrows, there is nothing that brings out a child’s inner child more than sliding on the snow and ice. You just need to find a park with a snow hill. For a fun slide ride, check out popular spots like Teufelsberg or Victoria Park.

Turkish Bath

There is nothing better than a warm bath, sauna, or massage during winter. At a Turkish bath, you can also relax in a warm and cozy environment while the wind blows outside. There are many professional and lovely Turkish baths that cater mostly to women. Men might need to search or wait until a certain day to access the baths.

Check out the East Side Gallery’s Berlin Wall.

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

It is possible to see parts of the Berlin Wall from many locations in Berlin, you may not be aware of. Because the Wall ran through Berlin, it was a huge feature. The East Side Gallery, which is over a kilometer in length, offers something even more spectacular. It is the best place to see the Wall intact, covered with the famous art you have probably seen in movies and on postcards.

No matter what, do not visit the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie or Potsdamer Platz. They aren’t comparable unless you really want to see huge stretches. These are very small parts.

Berlin’s Finest Craft Beer Bars

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

I love to share my passion with visitors by taking them to one of my favorite Berlin beer gardens. Unfortunately, these are shut down at the beginning of Summer. So what can beer enthusiasts do in Winter when they want to try some of the famous German brews?

I say go to a Craft Brewery Bar.

You can find “typical” German beer in most restaurants, but Berlin’s craft beer scene has been making great strides to catch up to the United States in the past few years. Germans will deny that American beer tastes terrible.

This is because Bud Light is indicative of ALL American beer. However, Germany has recently begun to be more creative and make beers that aren’t the same as what they’ve been making over the centuries.

Movies At Cinestar Potsdamer Platz

Some people find it tiring to speak German constantly. If you are looking for some relaxation or a night out with friends, this cinema caters to your needs. There is a lot to choose from and there are many movies marked with OV. This means the Original Version.

Take a Tour of a Local Brewery

Winter can be celebrated in warm cafes, away from the wind and cold, while you sip a glass or two of beer. A tour of Berlin’s local beers might appeal to you. Its creation, history, and the breaking process would be fascinating. The glass at the very end is a sure bet.

Enjoy some German-style Heavy Meals

Mmmmm, even in Winter, is there anything better than breaded meat, potatoes, or beer to wash it all down? No? It wasn’t my opinion. You can still find great German food in Berlin, even though Berlin doesn’t lie in Southern Germany. It’s not difficult to find great German food in Berlin.

Oberbaumbrucke is the Perfect Place to take your Picture

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Oberbaumbrucke, which is located next to the East Side Gallery are some other landmarks. This bridge is not as well-known as other tourist sites, but it’s beautiful and has prominent turrets.

If you’re able to see the bridge from the street, cross the street and turn right at the corner as shown below. This is the best spot to get a photo of the bridge. Check out my related post on The best photography spots in Berlin if you are a huge photography fan.

Enjoy Berlin’s third-wave Coffee Shops

When I moved to Germany, it was a struggle to find coffee. It was the first that there wasn’t an iced coffee. The idea of not having to drink something that would be heated for three hours didn’t seem to have made it into the country.


Now, it’s been a few years since Berlin’s coffee scene was booming. There are at minimum a dozen excellent places to buy coffee in the city. Many also sell beans that can be taken home to grind and brewed for you!

Berlinale is one of the Most well-known International Film Festivals.

20 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin for Winter

Every February, Berlin hosts the Berlin International Film Festival. It’s one of the three most important international film festivals worldwide, even though it may not be as well-known and renowned as Cannes. It was established in West Berlin in 1951. Every year, it welcomes film buffs and celebrities.

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