20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

You’ll only find winter events in Hamburg, such as the holiday market, when it is cold. There are many amazing Things To do in Hamburg During Winter, A wide range of indoor activities, including museums and planetariums, are also available. These are the best things you can do in Hamburg this winter.

20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Hamburg: Take a Trip

Hamburg, Germany’s 2nd largest city is situated by the Elbe (and its two tributaries). The Alster has created two artificial lakes in the city’s middle. Its official name, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is a testament to its turbulent history. Find out what attractions you shouldn’t miss by reading the Hamburg travel tips.

What’s the Best Thing To do in Hamburg?

20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Hamburg is a city filled with rivers, streams, canals, and bridges. There are more bridges in Hamburg than in any other place in the world. The port’s lights flash at night. This is when you can take a boat ride and view Hamburg’s attractions as well as the many container ships that dock in the port.

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The boat travels along narrow waterways in the Speicherstadt warehouse district, which is the largest in the world. You will be amazed by the impressive architecture of buildings that are built on timber-pile bases during your ride. You’ll start at the famous Uberseebrucke, where you’ll board the traditional Hamburgboat, Barkasse.

Hamburg’s Christmas Markets

20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Hamburg’s Christmas Markets are one of the most loved winter activities due to their festive atmosphere and variety of holiday-themed foods and items. These merry stalls offer hot chocolate, fresh bread, and mulled wine.

These markets are well-known for their handicrafts. Local artists use their talent to create original artwork. This is the perfect place to take a special Christmas gift home. They can be found in various locations throughout the city.

Take a winter stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Speicherstadt District

It was originally a warehouse area, and it is now a landmark that must be seen on every visit to Hamburg. In Wintertime, the fog covers the red brick buildings. The district is energized by the ice floes and shimmering water.

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland allows you to see more than 10 miles of track on the H0 scale across 9 sections. The different sections of the model include the Harz mountains and Knuffingen.

The exhibit contains 1,300 model trains and half a million lights. There are enough figurines for 5 Hamburgers to have one. You can view it from the south of the city’s center, just past Cremon.

Tea Lovers Will Love The Tea Warehouse

During your walk in the Speicherstadt, you will pass the magnificent Wasserschloss castle. Be sure to stop by and grab a cup of hot tea. The Wasserschloss has 250 teas from all around the world. It’s located close to Hamburg’s port.

This is the place to be for tea lovers. There are many teas on the shelves, as well as regular workshops that introduce you to the world of tea.

Hamburg, where can you stand-up Paddleboard?

You will have a very unique experience on a stand-up paddle board. After you have learned the basics, you will be able to explore Alster’s banks and meet an experienced instructor. The Stadtpark can be reached by paddling. A former water tower is located in the park and houses one of Europe’s largest planetariums.


20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Chocoversum is an interactive chocolate museum, where you can taste and explore a wide range of chocolates that have been carefully selected and crafted with rich flavor. These tours are available in English or German. You can also choose the language that you prefer for your tour.

A chocolate fountain is the first place you’ll encounter chocolate. It immediately makes sense why the tour begins with a wafer. The tour will take you to a number of chocolates, and tell you about the history of their production. It is located east of the city center, near the Mossberg Underground Station.

Speicherstadt Kaffeerosterei

Speicherstadt Kaffeerosterei is an antique coffee warehouse that has been converted into a coffee roastery. Here you can get information about the making of gourmet coffee as well as a sample. You will find many old roasters within this space.

This location’s best feature is undoubtedly the coffee. There are baristas who prepare fresh espresso. Hot coffee can be the perfect way to feel warm and cozy on a cold winter’s day. You can visit the roastery to enjoy tastings just south of Binnenhafen.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

The International Maritime Museum Hamburg focuses its collection on ships and maritime travel. There are more than 36,000 items displayed across 11 floors. The museum occupies 11,000 square meters and features many fascinating exhibits.


You’ll find many objects at this museum including models of ships, historical sails, and details about shipbuilding. You can also find maritime art and special exhibits. It’s situated south of the city center, between Leon-Brucke & Busanbrucke.

You can ice skate in the snow-covered Planten un Blomen

Germany’s largest open-air ice rink can be found in the middle of Planten un Blomen (translated to Plants and Flowers), Hamburg’s most beloved park. This is a great place to visit in winter. It’s also a great spot for Friday and Saturday night parties on the ice, where all the latest hits can be heard until late.

The Tropical House: A Short Break from Winter

Escape to Hamburg’s Tropical House if winter blues are getting you down. You heard it right. The Planten un Blomen’s botanical gardens house a large greenhouse that houses plant species from all around the world. This area can be divided into five sections with fauna from the desert, the tropics, and the subtropics. There is even a house for ferns.

Visit the Exhibition “Minimal Art” in the Bucerius Kunst forum

It’s just what we need in these grey European winters. The “Minimal Art Exhibition” allows you to feel the sensual side. You will be transported into the world of minimalist art, with different lighting and objects that span multiple rooms. This is the same art that originated in America in the early 1660s.

EisArena Hamburg

20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

EisArena Hamburg offers ice skating fun for all ages. It’s an outdoor rink so its hours are seasonal. The rink’s size is large enough to accommodate many visitors.

Skates can be brought on your own, but they are also available to rent on-site. On Wednesday afternoons, lessons are available for those who require a little help. It’s located just west of St. Pauli and the city center.


Panoptikum is Germany’s oldest wax museum. It has wax figures of many people and is more than 100 years old. This museum features wax figures from celebrities both local and international.


You can visit the museum to see the elaborate details of their construction and get up close and personal with some of the most well-known people in the world. A single figure can take up to 2 years to construct. It is located west of the city center in St. Pauli.


While you are walking through the Speicherstadt, it would be a shame if you didn’t stop by the Hafencity or its newest, most renowned, Elbphilharmonie.


It is an amazing sight to see the vast array of brick buildings that sit on the side of Hamburg’s canals. This district’s most photographed landmark is the Wasserschloss.

Literally translated as “City of Warehouses”, Speicherstadt is Europe’s largest storage district. Built on the foundations of timber piles on the water, these structures survived WWII and are a fine example of Industrial Neo-Gothic architecture. The facades of these structures are decorated with terracotta decorations and towers as well as alcoves.

It has been regenerated and is now a favorite tourist destination and a desirable location for wealthy Hamburgers. In 2015, the entire area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.


20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

Hamburg’s most famous landmark is the Landungsbrucken. This area is known as Europe’s largest floating island harbor. This platform/pier was built in 1839 and served as the starting point for many future Americans who set sail for the New World.

Today, the pier can be used to launch sightseeing tour boats from the harbor. The clock tower is a landmark clock tower measuring 420m in length. It also functions as a bell tower and a clock.

Miniature Wunderland

20 Best Things To Do In Hamburg During Winter

It’s been a long day, and your feet might be hurting. However, Miniatur Wunderland is the best model railway display you will ever see.

Miniatur Wunderland in Germany is a popular tourist attraction that attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors each year. The model world features areas that are dedicated to America, Europe, or Hamburg.

It is amazing how much attention has been paid to details. It is possible to spend hours admiring the small houses, mountain scenes, and the thousands of people scattered around the exhibit. A working airport is available for plane landing and taking off.


Chocoversum offers tours of its chocolate factory to chocolate lovers.

You can take a tour every hour. But only one hour per English-speaking person is allowed. Check out the timetable. The tour of the chocolate factory lasts approximately an hour and a half.


It’s informative and fun! Your tour guide will lead you through every stage of the chocolate lifecycle, including the production of chocolate, the processing of the cacao bean, shipping, manufacturing, and finally the packaging. The best thing about this tour is that you can taste each stage. You can even create your own personalized chocolate bar!

Stay In Hamburg

You will find the Adina Hamburg Speicherstadt as well as the Adina Hamburg Michel within minutes. You can also enjoy the saunas and indoor pools in the hotel’s hotels if the weather outside isn’t pleasant.

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