23 FIFA Pre Season Reward Week 1: Complete Description of Packs and Objectives

23 FIFA Pre Season Reward Week 1: Complete Description of Packs and Objectives

The 23 FIFA Pre Season rewards for Week 1 are now available on FIFA 22, following the event’s launch being postponed.

FIFA Pre Season

The FIFA Pre-Season is most likely to be the final promotion for FIFA 22 and, theoretically, the first promotional event for FIFA 23. Players will be able to earn rewards in the upcoming Ultimate Team cycle while still making some of the top FIFA players in the game with specific pre-season batches of packs. In addition, there are recently transferred special player items such as Showdown, Darwin Nunez, and Christian Eriksen.

23rd FIFA Pre-Season Reward Week 1: Complete List of Packs and Goals

This is a complete list of the rewards that are available in FIFA 22 during the FIFA Pre-Season week. 1.

FIFA 23 REWARD-Kick Starter Pack 1 [UNTRADEABLE]

  • 3 Rare Gold Serie A FIFA Players
  • 3 Rare Gold Bundesliga FIFA Players
  • 3 rare gold Ligue 1 Players
  • 3 . Rare Gold Premier League Players
  • 3 Rare Gold LaLiga Players


  • Rare Player Contracts with x5
  • Two Gold Player Packs with Rare Gold

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The FIFA Players must complete the goals that are tied to the FUT 23 Kick-Off as well as the Warm Up for FUT 23 set in FIFA 22. Here is the complete list of goals:

Kick Starter Pack 1 – FUT 23 Kick Start

  • The Premier League Score during three different matches of three separate matches in Live FUT Friendly Kick-Start with a minimum of seven Premier League players in your team’s starting lineup.
  • score in three games in three separate games in a friendly You must kick off with a minimum of seven LaLiga FIFA Players included in your starting team.
  • Score Serie A in three different matches of Live FUT-FUT-Friendly: Begin with a minimum of 7 Serie A players in your starting team.
  • Bundesliga-Scores in three different matches from three separate matches in Live FUT Friendly You should have at least 7 Bundesliga athletes in the initial team.
  • The Ligue 1-Score was scored in three separate matches, and three separate matches in FUT Friendly. Start with at least seven Ligue 1 players in your starting team.

Completely completing each FIFA 22 goal in this set can earn players a player pick of 82+. Complete the set with net FIFA Players and earn an exclusive Mega Pack.

Warm-Up Pack 1 – Warm up to FUT 23

  • Complete the SBC FUT 23 Warm-Up a single time.
  • Complete the SBC Complete the SBC: FUT 23 Warm-Up twice.
  • Complete the SBC FUT 23 Warm-Up 3 times.

Completely completing each of the objectives in this set will earn the players 385+ Five FIFA Players packs as well as One 10 85+ Player’s Pack. The SBC is refreshed every 48 hours.

Pre-season rewards will be awarded before Oct. 13 under the brand new FIFA title.

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