3 Simple Travel Hacks to Make Your Hotel Room Darker for Better Sleep

for better Sleep

The three things you need to have in your daily life for a Travel hack that can help you for better Sleep on the road. All you have to do is to bring one since the rest will already be inside the hotel room.

By Zac Thompson:

It is crucial to recharge the body and mind. However, it can be difficult to get while on the move. A new environment, as well as strange sounds, time zone shifts, and excitement over the next day’s adventures, can all hinder a restful, deep, restorative for better Sleep. (Frommer’s recently gathered advice from experts on minimizing the effect of many of those.

Light travel hacks for better sleep

Another known sleep disruptor is light.

Scientists believe that blue-colored light that is emitted by electronics and energy-efficient bulbs could disrupt our circadian rhythms and disrupt good for better Sleep. This is why experts suggest taking your phone off and turning off all other screens a minimum of two hours prior to the time you go to bed.

However, if you’re staying at an establishment, it might not have been enough to eliminate all those annoying sources of light throughout the room.

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Since your for better Sleep will be sounder the darker the space is, savvy travelers have come up with clever ways to get that can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face effect that makes for a deep and satisfying snooze. (Of course, you can always put on a for better Sleep mask. However, a majority of people find them uncomfortable to wear for 8 hours.

Three everyday items you can utilize to lighten your hotel room to get a better night’s rest. And, best of all, you only need to bring one of these items since the rest are already at the hotel at the time you check-in.

Electrical tape in black

Travel hack of Electrical tape in black for better sleep

Place a roll or two of electrical tape in your bag to use for covering blinking light bulbs and reddish or blue beams from TVs in hotels and alarm clocks. AC units as well as landline phone systems and many other sources.


Alternately, you can consider disconnecting all your appliances and gadgets—weren’t you planning to set the alarm that you set on your phone prior to taking it off at least two hours prior to bedtime?

However, it’s likely to be a thermostat mounted on the wall device, a glowing electrical outlet, or something else that has a tiny, but unstoppable glimmer that is pulsing throughout your night as a light, making your ship of for better Sleep into the rough shoals of consciousness.

A roll of electrical tape can temporarily block out the irritants and then be easily removed when you are ready to leave. A roll of tape in your suitcase could be useful when you’re trying to repair the frayed cable of your phone charger.

Hangers for pants with clips

Travel hacks of Hangers for better sleep

The ingenious idea went all over the internet in the last quarter of 2019. What’s amazing about this hack is the way it addresses an issue that has been recurring and doesn’t take up much space inside your bag.

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The issue is the vertical strip of light that smudges into rooms that are surrounded by curtains from hotels that don’t meet in the middle. Even when the window treatment has blackout curtains, you won’t be able to block all the light since it doesn’t completely cover the window.


The solution is in the closet of the room. Get a pants hanger, one that has clips to hang trousers from. Use clips to close the gap between curtains. If your windows extend from ceiling to floor, it is possible that you will require several hangers.

For a visual representation, look up the tweet that led to a myriad of Aha moments.


Travel hacks of towel of better sleep

The bathroom in your hotel room also includes useful amenities. This method is probably more straightforward and less attractive than the hanger method, but it’s effective in blocking the light: put the towel over it.

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The most effective method is to block out the tiny amount of light that enters your home from underneath the door. Just make a roll of a towel or two and lay these on your floor just in front of your door. Be careful not to make it such that the door is difficult to open. It is a good idea in the event that you need to get out quickly. Also, don’t use this trick with a towel to smoke inside a smoking room. The housekeeping staff will notice you’ve been smoking there when they walk in because they’ve got noses.

Here’s the thing: goodbye to light. Welcome to the darkness, your beloved friend.

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