9 Best Things to do in Massachusetts during Winter

9 Best Things to do in Massachusetts during Winter

Are you thinking of an excursion in Boston for the month of January? Are you searching for a Boston holiday in January? All year long, Massachusetts is a great destination for both domestic and foreign tourists alike. Numerous of us have to relocate from the Boston area every year to be unable to enjoy the seasons. And boy is it true that Boston offers a variety of seasons to enjoy! The Winter is usually a bit earlier in January’s final days, but often we’ve had the opportunity to experience temperatures of 55+ degrees in January or December and a winter with no snow.

9 Best Things to do in Massachusetts during Winter

1. Ice Skating, Skiing, or Snowshoeing

In the city that is famous as the home of the Boston Marathon every April, we don’t slack off in the winter months. In fact, even a little snow never deterred us, and the majority of us are outfitted with waterproof clothing along with snow tires or at a minimum 4WD. Don’t hesitate to grab your gloves, get out in the cold, feel the cold winter air on your cheeks, and smile’s winter in Boston!

  • De Cordova Sculpture Park Snowshoe Tours is a must-skip event for art and outdoor enthusiasts!
  • Blue Hills Boston is A great beginner slope. Just outside of Boston take advantage of the “smaller” hill. They offer lessons and create your own snow!
  • Weston Ski Track We’ve been there since we were children to cross-country ski with some “golf course-sized” slopes and lots of fun. You can get your energy flowing with the snowshoeing world is yours!
  • Great Brook Ski Touring Another amazing place to go skiing cross-country or snowshoeing. you can enjoy delicious food and historical sites in nearby Concord, MA
  • Wachusett Mountain night Skiing for the adventurous downhill skier, Wachusett is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts and we are having a blast at night skiing here.

2. Take a Food Tour or Chocolate Tour with Off The Beaten Path Food Tours

We offer the Food Tours and Chocolate Tours all year round because they’re enjoyable and life continues to go on even during winter months, and our helpful guides are eager to meet you. We have a Harvard Square Chocolate Tour is running right now as well, in addition, Harvard Square is so romantic in the winter! Also, look up the Tour Calendar for something fun happening this week. We’ll have smiles and hand warmers!

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3. World Class Sports Events Celtics or Bruins continue to be well

In truth, it’s enjoyable to watch in an upscale bar that serves sports in Boston as it is to be at the actual game, and the College Sports Teams are equally amazing particularly the local college hockey team!

4. Visit Our Indoor Markets

We are awestruck by our indoor markets in Boston Certain things do not change. When we go on the Union Square Somerville Food Tour we stop at our favorite market, the Bow Market which features Etsy-makers as well as local small-scale businesses. Go a bit further north and visit Lowell’s Mill No 5 market inside an old textile mill. In Cambridge, there is the Antique Market which is five floors of antiques and fascinating discoveries.

5. The Snow Tubing as well as Ice cream!

Go a bit further north, and across to NH and you’ll be able to take pleasure in an enjoyable afternoon snow tubing within Nashoba Valley! In New England we love our Ice Cream all year long So, you could take a taste of Bedford Farms Ice Cream immediately after. You can also head back to the city to enjoy some hot chocolate.

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6. Magical Outdoor Shopping

Cobblestone streets are designed for winter! So put on your stilettos, slip on your UGGs and come along for some outdoor shopping around the city’s most iconic zones. Our top spots to walk the cobblestones include Harvard Square, Beacon Hill as well as Newbury Street.

7. Indoor Sports Golf, or Rock Climbing, anyone?

Training intervals? Are you keeping up your golf swing? There are many ways to have fun this Winter by playing indoor sports throughout the city. From trampoline parks, and indoor golf, to our favorite bouldering gym there’s the perfect activity for you!

  • Golf City
  • Indoor Mini Golf
  • Indoor Volleyball
  • Indoor Pickleball

8. Harvard Square January Chocolate Festival

9 Best Things to do in Massachusetts during Winter
9 Best Things to do in Massachusetts during Winter

We are pleased to announce that our Harvard Square Chocolate Tour was in the spirit of the Harvard Square Annual Chocolate Festival. We are proud to be a part of the Harvard Square Business Association. Try the event for delicious chocolate for free that will serve hundreds of people, or buy tickets for the Harvard Square Chocolate Tour!

9. Enjoy Music

There is a myriad of amazing places to hear music in Boston and, don’t forget that the weather isn’t going to hinder the music! 

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