A bad meal or an upset stomach? 5 signs of food poisoning to be aware of

bad meal

One bad meal followed by another can quickly result in the most prevalent and deadly diseases of our day. If you awake at 4 am you are sweating, nauseated, and having stomach cramps that make you feel sick. You’re in a heap of discomfort what’s going on?

Bad Meal or Upset Stomach

Millions of Americans are feeling the exact same each year. Why? Food poisoning. 48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning each year, and 128,000 of them are admitted to hospitals.

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Food poisoning, though not uncommon, is a serious issue. Most people get sick for a couple of days, but then feel better at their own pace. More serious, or more severe cases may require antibiotics or hospitalization.

Do you think it’s food poisoning or a stomach bug?

Many people ask if the symptoms they feel could be a stomach bug. Or food poisoning. The principal distinctions between them are the method by which people come down with the illness and how long it takes and how severe the illness is.

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Although both stomach bugs and food poisoning are dangerous, food poisoning typically is more severe and manifests quicker than the stomach bug. Poison typically does not last as long as stomach bugs do. A best practice is to If it’s possible that you consumed food that was not properly prepared, this could be a sign of food poisoning.

food poisoning

However stomach bugs are an infection, and being in contact with anyone with it could mean you might contract it. Furthermore, because it’s an illness, antibiotics can’t help.

The most important aspect to consider when trying to discern the difference between a stomach bug and meal poisoning is the degree and duration of the symptoms.

How can I avoid food poisoning?

The first step to avoiding the spread of food poisoning is to ensure the food you cook is stored according to CDC standards. By adhering to their four rules for washing your surfaces and hands as well as separating food items and cooking at the correct temperature, and refrigerating appropriately and properly, you can prevent food poisoning at home.

In reality, most of the rules are common good. Do not eat the cold pizza that was left over in the evening prior. Use a different knife for cutting squash than you use to cut raw chicken. If you’re grilling your meat, you should use a meat thermometer to check that the meat is cooked to the standards you’re looking for.

What are the signs of food poisoning?

If food poisoning isn’t a definite way to avoid it What should you do in the event that you suffer from it? It’s crucial to be aware of the symptoms promptly.

Although most people are aware of the typical symptoms like nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps, diarrhea, and mild fevers, there are other signs that indicate you may need to consult a physician.

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Here are five signs you should pay particular focus on when you suspect that you may have food poisoning:

  1. In your stool, blood, or in your urine
  2. Consistent vomiting that can lead to severe dehydration
  3. A fever that has an elevation of more than 100 degrees
  4. Vision blurred
  5. Tingling or muscle weakness

The symptoms you are experiencing are a sign of more serious cases of food poisoning. It could cause severe long-term side effects if they are not treated.

Use a safe food handling technique and storage skills

I hope you’re aware of the symptoms of poisoning by now and have learned how to take some control over how to avoid it. I’ll be honest with you; people who have experienced food poisoning say they’ll never forget the experience. Don’t eat the chicken nugget if you dropped it on the floor. Also, put the pizza in the refrigerator at night, if you’d like it cold the next day!

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