A Few new BMWs are expected to come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

BMWs are expected to come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlayBMWs are expected to come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The shortage of chips is the be blamed

BMW is temporarily launching new cars that don’t support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay following a switch in chip suppliers in an article from Automotive News Europe. The chips of the new supplier do not work in conjunction to Android Auto and CarPlay yet and will require an update to the software in order for it to function.

“The chips in these vehicles in the beginning of the year require updated software in order to become fully functional and to offer Apple CarPlay/Android Auto as well as Wi-Fi connectivity,” BMW said in an email message sent to Automotive News Europe.

Drivers won’t be waiting long to gain Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, however. The car maker has told Automotive News Europe that it will roll the over-the-air (OTA) update that will enable the feature “by the close of June at the most recent.”

BMWs are expected to come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

BMW did not specify which vehicle models are affected, or the number of affected, but it does say that vehicles that have “6P1” within their code of manufacture won’t be compatible equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It’s not known if just certain areas are affected this issue . Automotive News Europe states that drivers from across the US, UK, Italy, Spain, and France have reported receiving their brand new vehicles with neither of the features.

  • It’s not the only sacrifice BMW has had to make due to the shortage of chips. In November, BMW confirmed that it had stopped shipping certain of its latest vehicles with no touchscreens and an assistant for backup and also gave the drivers affected an amount of $500 as a reward.

Other car makers, including General Motors, were also severely affected by the lack of. GM removed the wireless charging from its range from vehicles. It also removed a fuel management module in a few vehicles, as well as removing off the driver-less Super Cruise function in 2022’s Cadillac Escalade. Recently, Ford started temporarily selling and shipping Explorer SUVs with no rear heating or air conditioning controls.

Intel Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger predicts the chip shortage, which affects an various industries in various ways, could continue to affect the industry until 2024.

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