A Netflix Original Resident Evil 2022 invites you to New Raccoon City

Netflix Original Resident Evil Netflix Original Resident Evil

The Umbrella Corporation is back and kicking, The Resident Evil franchise’s, Umbrella Corporation always present itself to the general public as a charitable organization dedicated to ensuring a better future for the world through pharmaceuticals. 

The first trailer for the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series is a reminder of the fact that every promise that the Umbrella Corporation makes should also be viewed as a grave threat.

The Netflix series Resident Evil from creator Andrew Dabb tells the story of the way Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) becomes one of the last human beings fighting for survival in the face of the apocalypse following an epidemic of cataclysms that originates from Umbrella destroys the entire world. 

Being the child of Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick), Jade has a somewhat directly connected to the events that occurred in New Raccoon City that ultimately resulted in the world succumbing to zombies in 2026. In addition to trying to discover how Umbrella’s work has led to what’s likely be a new outbreak of T-Virus.

The focus of Jade’s attention is on her missing sister whom she hopes to find somewhere in the universe.

The show premieres on the 14th of July.

The Netflix show Resident Evil also stars Adeline Rudolph, Paola Nunez, Ahad Raza, Connor Gossatti and Turlough Convery.

 The show premieres on the 14th of July.

 Netflix Original Resident Evil
Netflix Original Resident Evil

Netflix will take viewers into Raccoon City

Netflix will take viewers into Raccoon City, which is possibly the most shady cities in the entire world by releasing a trailer of their upcoming live-action show based on the wildly popular video game.

Resident Evilwill follow the adventures of Jade Wesker (Tamara Smart) and Resident Evilfans will be familiar with her name, because Jade is the child of evil Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick). 

The story is set in 2022-2036.

The story is set in 2022-2036. It follows Jade as well as the twin sister Billie (Siena Agudong) in 2022 when they relocate with their family in 2022 to Raccoon City (why? why?) and then eventually discover how their parents really are. In the year 2022 Raccoon City is an ideal location to live in, especially for those who prefer an uninteresting, sloppy blandness that makes you think of the dystopian future. 

What is the one thing that is a sign of a dystopian future? Two viles inside a laboratory which bear Jade as well as Billie’s name on them.

The 2036 parts of the show will see Jade struggling to survive and trying to survive in a world that is ravaged by zombies due to the T-Virus of the Umbrella Corporation. The worst thing for Jade is that her sister, Billie, is gone, and she’s seeking answers.

We’ve seen Raccoon City before , thanks to the six-film series helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson that featured Milla Jovovich as well being the producer Johannes Roberts’ stand-alone film Resident Evil:

zombie series

Welcome to Raccoon City in 2021. There’s also the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness that’s available on Netflix. However, the particular Resident Evil has the distinction of being the first live action series within the zombie series.

Watch this trailer. Resident Evil hits Netflix on July 14.

After 14 years since Joy caused so much suffering Jade Wesker fights to live in a world that is ruled by blood-thirsty, infected, with mind-robbing creatures. In this devastation, Jade is haunted by her history within New Raccoon City, by her father’s terrifying connection to the shady Umbrella Corporation but mostly by the fate of her sister Billie.

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