A new feature for Instagram Content Creator


A new feature for Instagram’s content creators is being developed, according to a leak:

Instagram Content Creator: Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform and is currently the fourth most popular social network online. Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp just barely beat the dominant social media company and it appears that they’re now locking their eyes on the top place.

Since its launch in 2010, the platform has grown to have one billion monthly active users by 2022. It’s not a surprise that many creators have enrolled on the platform and have even made it their main source of revenue. There are more than 500,000 influencers who are on this platform.

Around 500 million users avidly follow their every step. To make it easier for creators to use Instagram, Instagram is now introducing changes that are tailored to the needs of an influencer.

A very well-known Creator mmarkare known to be the blue tick that is included with their profile. The ticks that are verified can be beneficial if you wish to connect with the person’s website but not one of the fan sites.

Since the introduction of this feature, it is rare to find an influencer’s page that doesn’t include an orange tick! Influencer profiles are very popular among the users of the platform which can be evident by the reality that an average influencer could have anywhere from 5000 to 20000 followers.

This may not be as significant if you compare them to famous personalities with over 1 billion followers. If your account isn’t verified it is nothing to you, However, it can be extremely valuable to the creators and influencers!

A new feature for Instagram Content Creator
A new feature for Instagram Content Creator

How many times have you tried to contact your favorite creator? Don’t be timid. We’re all guilty of slipping into the DMs of our most loved stars and trying to make a connection. Although we might be contacting them on occasion, the truth is the exact opposite for them.

Think of their followers as 20,000 continuously calling and contacting them daily. Although the influencer might engage with their followers frequently however it can be difficult to manage the overwhelming amount of messages every single day. It’s official, Instagram is here and is positive news for the creators and influencers on the platform.

The Twitter account of Alessandro Paluzzi, also called @alex193a is the first of the few who have reported on the new feature.

A new feature for Instagram Content Creator

According to his account, Instagram is now working to launch a feature that lets verified users select the users they want to call! This feature can be very useful for people who have a substantial following. After they’ve restricted their contact list to certain individuals, they’ll not be bombarded by unwanted alerts.

It is easy to get the feature activated by going to the settings and then turning it on. The workings of the feature remain undefined, and it’s not clear the number of verified accounts that can access the feature.

Anzer Ayoob, an additional Twitter user Twitter who is known as @anzerayoob replied to the thread in question and claimed that they do not be able to access the features, despite being verified. However the original tweeter Alessandro Paluzzi replied to their statement, saying that this leak was not true.

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