A YouTube personality had their pilot’s license revoked after they crashed his plane on purpose.

A YouTube personality had their pilot's license revoked after they crashed his plane on purpose.

(If he doesn’t return his license, he will face a fine of up to $1,644 for every day that he goes without it.)

A recently concluded Federal Air Administration investigation found that a YouTuber who jumped out of a plane last year without his parachute could have been irresponsible. He could have been more careful and may have caused himself serious harm.

In early 2018, we shared the tragic story of the doomed men and women from the 1968 Olympic Springboard Competitions. In these events, a snowboarder leaps off a 1,500-foot-tall platform and tries to land safely on snow that is nothing more than an icy compressed airbag. However, Trevor Jacob’s final jump never made it out of the place Jacob was able to capture the plane crash and jump from the plane he had been flying. The company quickly offered a job in his former position since they loved what he had to say.

As expected, Jacob put his entire episode online and it reached millions of views. It is a major step up from the thousands of views he receives for his other videos.

Gaps in Jacob’s tale

Since Jacob published his video, experts in the field of aviation have been critical and his followers have been skeptical of the turn of events. Concerns were raised in the comment section that was later commented off. This type of censorship is a tough reality YouTube must reconcile with.

Airport personnel told local media about the aircraft and how accurate the co-pilot had painted it a month before Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 took off. Jacob, who is also an avid flyer of airplanes and other various types of aircraft, has often been used as a reference figure by the press and fans to explain how he became an accomplished pilot. Many were surprised when Jacob uploaded his last video without a parachute which led to some doubts about why he made such a decision at that particular point in time.

A few days later, Jacob went to the airport and had his story narrated by a professional voiceover artist. Eventually, he was told that the matter had to be reported within 24 hours to the FAA. Afterward, he hired a helicopter to lift and move the wreckage of his car from one place to another.

A YouTube personality had their pilot's license revoked after they crashed his plane on purpose.

What did the FAA find? 

The letter from the FAA was sent to Jacob on April 11 with the intent of finding out why he took such an irresponsible risk. He might have been aware of this beforehand and faced criminal penalties as a result.

Jacob began the stunt but did not include the FAA’s mention of a potential equipment failure, according to Fortune. Jacob opened the left pilot door before it was supposed to happen and also started his parachute early.

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Destroying the wreckage that was left after crashing this aircraft is another example of Jacob lacking the degree of care, judgment, and responsibility required needed to fulfill his flight certificate. It’s probable that he wanted a video of it too and didn’t disclose this to Air Traffic Control.

The FAA revoked Jacob’s private pilot’s license but he can still fly for work. He will only face a $1,644/day civil penalty if he refuses to do so. The FAA cannot prosecute him for his actions because they don’t have the power to do so.

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