Amazon is making major management changes at JFK8.

Amazon is making major management changes at JFK8.

As part of the #eugopress campaign, Amazon announced a global blackout and forced employees to carry out their unionization efforts by voting in the company-wide hotel unionization vote on December 21, 2017.

Amazon workers have several options when it comes to showing union cards: “Yes, they said, Amazon keeps its employees on as “a mechanism in the company to deal with internal issues. The Times also announced that more than half of these managers will be demoted or transferred to other branches. It sounds like the managers were being fired for not winning a union campaign and handing management their own losses . These managers did not belong at their current jobs. The way I see it, the Times is trying to protect management by firing these people and replacing them with people who will be more likely to abide by the letter of the law. If a union successfully campaigns for a job right in this expansionary moment, and if that campaign wins, the Times can fire any.

Amazon is making management changes

However, things can always go wrong, and recent high-profile cases have shown that some employers aren’t too eager to weed out any union members who are sympathetic towards them in case the company has found a way to make some profit off of them. It is rumored that the company has parted ways with several ‘executives’ along with a strategic partner.

Amazon says it didn’t decide to undertake this campaign until after the election, and that it was a last-minute push. The company has been accused for many things including discrimination, labor laws not being enforced, and even allowed to dismiss workers on false accusations.Amazon has contested the results of the election, saying that the union and the National Labor Relations board “suppressed and influenced” voters.

The firing of employees who have in the past mis-sold a stock to investors isn’t unusual. And it can result in a controversy when allegations are made that Amazon has used this measure to cut costs.But it seems unlikely that’s the situation here; the Times notes that some of them had recently received positive feedback about their performance, and that the timing of the firings doesn’t line up with Amazon’s performance review cycle.

There’s no question that the company had been carrying out an automated process on behalf of its clients. But reduced staff and cutbacks in a depressed economy, while they may have helped implement certain software solutions more efficiently, could have inconvenienced the businesses that worked with JFK8 to do business with them.

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