Amazon stops it’s PTO policy for employees with COVID-19


Employees may still make use of the sick time they have accrued,

Amazon won’t be granting an additional seven paid days (PTO) for employees who are sick with COVID-19. The company has announced via an internal memo, (via CNBC). Beginning on next Monday Amazon is offering up to 5 days unpaid excused leave, along with the option of allowing employees to take advantage of the paid sick time they’ve earned.

Amazon initially provided the option of 14 days PTO in the beginning of the outbreak However, it later cut off one week of the policy in accordance with Centers of Disease Control’s (CDC) revised guidelines. Amazon now states that employees who have “confirmed” COVID-19 infections can make a claim to be paid for time off as per the company’s “standard policies on sick time” regardless of the status of vaccination. The company will also cease giving employees excused time off while waiting for the results of their COVID-19 tests due to the availability of quick tests.AMAZON FINISHED its VACCINE INCENTIVE PROGRAM

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Amazon stops it's PTO policy for employees with COVID-19

Amazon has been adjusting the COVID-19 policy as well. It’s ending its incentive to get vaccines program, which gave employees $40 for each COVID-19 dose received. It also will not notify all workplaces of cases of positive COVID-19 “unless mandated by law.” Amazon has made changes to its policy throughout the course of the pandemic . It also eliminated the requirement to wear masks for vaccinated as well as employees who were not vaccinated in February.

“The steady easing of the pandemic, the continued availability of COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments, as well as the latest guidelines from public health authorities All of these indicate that we are able to continue to adjust safely to our COVID-prevention policies,” Amazon’s notice reads. “We monitor the situation closely as we continue to alter our response according to the needs.”

Amazon has announced the new policies just a few days before it was announced that 5th LDJ Amazon warehouse located in Staten Island, New York concluded its union elections. This week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is scheduled to count the results on Monday. If the warehouse decides to join unions it will be just the only Amazon warehouse to vote for unionization. The previous month a close-by Staten Island warehouse voted to join in conjunction with the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) in a major victory for the workers.

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