AMD Unveils World’s Most Advanced Gaming Graphics Cards, Built on Groundbreaking AMD RDNA 3 Architecture with Chiplet Design


Highly efficient AMD RDNA 3 architecture delivers top-of-the-line performance and includes new uni-computing units, the fastest interconnect in the world, the second generation of AMD Infinity Cache technology, new media and display engines, and much more.

— AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics cards offer up to 1.7X more gaming performance than older flagship graphics cards

AMD (NASDAQ AMD) today launched new graphics cards that are built on the next generation high-performance, efficient and energy-efficient RDNA(tm) 3 technology, AMD Radeon(tm) RX 7900 XTX and Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics cards. The new cards follow the highly successful AMD “Zen”-based AMD Ryzen(tm) chiplet processors, these latest graphics card models are the premier gaming cards that come with an innovative AMD chiplet technology. They offer outstanding performance and exceptional energy efficiency to support high framerate games in 4K resolution and even higher on the most demanding games.


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AMD RDNA 3 architecture AMD RDNA 3 architecture’s chiplet design is a combination of 5nm and 6nm process nodes, each designed for specific tasks. The revolutionary architecture offers 54 percent more power per Watt as compared to AMD RDNA 2 architecture 1 and comes with the fastest interconnect in the world connecting the memory system and graphics chiplets with up to 5.3 trillions of TB/s 2.. It also comes with 96 new unified computing units, the latest generation of AMD Infinity Cache(tm) technology as well as up to 24GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory, with up to 384 bits of memory interface. It also features enhanced AI throughput, which can deliver up to 2.7X greater AI performance, as well as the second-generation raytracing system that delivers up to 1.8X greater raytracing efficiency as compared to AMD RDNA 2 architecture 3..

Together these improvements and features provide up to 1.7X performance improvement in certain games at 4K, compared to AMD RDNA 2 architecture 4. These new cards include DisplayPort(tm) 2.1 display that are capable of providing ultra-high frame rates and stunning images at 4K 480Hz and 8K at 165Hz refresh rates.

“These brand new graphic cards have been created by gamers, for gamers. When we developed these new graphics cards, we didn’t just included customer feedback but we also included those features and features that we wanted to implement,” said Scott Herkelman who is senior vice president and general manager of the Graphics Business Unit at AMD. “We also recognized that we had to do something different to keep pushing the limits of technology. I’m extremely satisfied with the work that our team has achieved through AMD RDNA 3 and the Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics cards. I’m excited for players to experience the blazing performance, incredible graphics and incredible new features these graphics cards have to offer.”

Radeon RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards

The Radeon RX 7900 Series are the most advanced gaming graphics cards, allowing new levels of efficiency and performance and offering a range of brand new and improved features that enhance gaming. Its AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics card can deliver up to 1.7X better resolution natively than Radeon RX 6950 XT graphics card in selected titles and Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics card offers Radeon RX 7900 XT provides up to 1.5X more performance over it’s predecessor, the Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card in selected titles 5.. Its key features include:

  • AMD RDNA 3 Architecture – With the latest chiplet design, brand new compute units, and the 2nd-generation AMD Infinity Cache technology, AMD RDNA 3 architecture delivers 54 percent more power per watt than the prior-generation AMD RDNA 2 architecture 6. The new compute units share resources among rendering AI and raytracing , allowing them to maximize the utilization of each transistor, resulting in greater efficiency and speed than the predecessor.
  • Chiplet Design – The first gaming GPU that has chiplet technology delivers 15 percent more frequency 7 and between 54% and higher power efficiency. It comes with the 5nm, 306mm 2. Graphics Compute Die (GCD) that comes with the capacity of up to 96 computing units which give you the basic GPU functions. It also comes with six of the brand new 6-nm Memory Cache Die (MCD) with a diameter of 37.5mm 2, each having the capacity of 16MB. the second-generation AMD Infinity Cache technology.
  • Ultra-Fast Interconnect for ChipletsInterconnecting Chiplets with HTML1-Unleashing the advantages of the second generation of AMD Infinity Cache technology, these new chips make use of AMD Infinity Links with high-performance fansout technology to provide the equivalent of 5.3TB/s of data transfer.
  • Extended Memory as well as Wider BusTo accommodate the ever-growing demands of the latest games, the latest graphics cards come with as much as 24GB high-speed GDDR6 memory that can run at 20Gbps and 384-bit memory bus.
  • Dedicated AI Acceleration as well as second-generation Raytracing – The latest AI instructions and a higher AI processing speed provide the ability to deliver up 2.7X higher performance than prior AMD RDNA 2 architecture 8, and second-generation raytracing technology provides the potential for 1.8X higher performance than first version 9..
  • DisplayPort(tm) 2.1 support – The only premium gaming graphics cards that include DisplayPort 2.1 technology, with UHBR 13.5 with as much as 54Gbps bandwidth for display links and allowing super-refreshing four-channel (up at the 480Hz) as well as 8K (up to 160Hz) gaming on displays with the latest technology.
  • The AMD Radiance Display(tm) Engine– Offers 12 bits per channel color with as high as 68 billion color. It also has display refresh rates that are higher as compared with AMD RDNA 2 architecture and comes with support for DisplayPort 2.1 as well as HDMI 2.1a.
  • HDR Gaming – DisplayPort 2.1 gives you more display bandwidth when compared with DisplayPort 1.4 10 and can accommodate up to 900Hz 480Hz , and the 165Hz refresh rate for 1440p 4K, 8K and 1440p displays and displays, respectively.
  • Double Media Engine– Dual Media Engine-Supports simultaneous encode and decode of streams up to 8K60 in HEVC and also supports AV1 encode 11 and delivers up to 1.8X higher engine frequencies over AMD RDNA 2 architecture 12.

AMD FidelityFX(tm) Super Resolution 2.2 and AMD Software Adrenalin Edition(tm) Technology

To accommodate the latest graphic cards AMD has also announced various enhancements for its suite of software which include:

  • AMD FidelityFXSuper Resolution (FSR) 2.2 – FSR is available now and coming to games in 216, and the new version of the FSR temporal scaling technology, FSR 2.2 comes with enhancements which are designed to improve the visual quality. It’s anticipated to be released in the first game on November 8 2022. Forza Horizon 5. It will also be made available to game developers in the near future on
  • AMD FSR 3– AMD plans to launch the new Version of AMD FSR featuring AMD Fluid Motion Frames technology in 2023 which is expected to offer up to 2x more FPS in comparison with AMD FSR 2 in select games 13.
  • AMD HDPR-RX It is planned for the first half of 2023. an easy-to-use preset that allows different AMD Software functions – such as AMD Radeon Anti-Lag AMD Radeon Boost as well as AMD Radeon Super Resolution technology that work simultaneously to reduce latency, and deliver an up-to-85% more FPS when playing Dying Light: Stay Humanwith the Radeon RX 7900XTX graphics device and AMD Software Adrenalin Edition(tm) more over the default configurations 14..
  • The AMD RDNA 3 Media Engine – It supports AV1 hardware encoders, allowing up to 7X speedier video encoding up to 8K as in comparison to a software-only option 15 and incorporates Xilinx Content Adaptive Machine Learning technology to improve text quality with lower bitrates and resolutions. streams.
  • Enhanced Video streaming and recording– AMD cooperated with OBS to enhance streaming video performance on AMD Radeon RX6000 as well as Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards. Additionally to this, AMD RDNA 3 Media Engine AMD RDNA 3 Media Engine incorporates AV1 hardware encryption to enhance quality and improve live streaming.

AMD Advantage(tm) for Desktop PCs

Following the popularity in the market of AMD Advantage laptops AMD introduces AMD Advantage’s AMD Advantage Framework to PCs by combining the most powerful AMD Ryzen 7950x processors and AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics cards , with AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition technology and AMD’s advanced technologies to provide the best platform for creators and gamers. AMD Advantage Certified desktops come with AMD intelligent technologies that boost performance, such as AMD Smart Access Memory(tm) technology as well as the latest AMD SmartAccess Video technology that intelligently splits the decoding and encoding tasks over AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphics cards, offering the potential for a 30% increase in multi-stream 4K encoders. sixteen.

AMD Advantage desktops offer amazing performance and stunning graphics thanks to an AMD Radiance Display Engine and compatible AMD FreeSync(tm) Monitors with premium tech capabilities. They’re built to be game-ready with premium chassis and CPU liquid cooling. at least 2TB NVMe SSD storage 32GB or more DDR5 AMD EXPO(tm) memory 17 and eighty plus power sources and optimized acoustics. They are made to be easily customized.

The brand new AMD Advantage desktops are expected to be on sale in the near future from top SI partners, such as CSL, Cyberpower, eBuyer, Falcon Northwest, Maingear, Origin PC, and XIdax.

AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series Product Specifications

ModelCalcul UnitsGDDR6Game Clock (GHz)Clock Boost 18. (GHz)Memory InterfaceInfinity CacheTBPPrice(USD SEP)
AMD Radeon 7900 XTX9624 GB2.32.5 – 2.5384-bit96 Megabytes355W$999
AMD Radeon RX 7900XT8420 GB2.0As high as 2.4320-bit80 MB300W$899

Pricing and availability

AMD Radeon Series graphics cards anticipated to be available at from December 13 2022. They will also be available from top board partners such as ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, Sapphire, Vastarmor, XFX and Yeston beginning the middle of December. The AMD Radeon 7900XTX sports the SEP value of $999USD as does the AMD Radeon 7900 XT is priced at an SEP of $899 USD.

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