AMD’s new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022

AMD's new GPUs rx6000AMD's new GPUs rx6000

One tiny improvement for AMD’s new GPUs a massive leap for pricing

It appeared as if AMD the company and Nvidia were in a fantasy realm. They’d advertise price ranges such as three hundred dollars as well as 479 for a mid-range graphics card, only to let you be expected topay hundreds more once the middlemen in the pandemic got their cut. However, today, AMD seems to be awakening.

AMD's new GPUs

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With the announcement of $1,099 for the AMD Radeon RX 6950XT with a price of the $549 Radeon 6750 XT and the $399 Radeon 6650 XT AMD is beginning to price its graphics cards according to the market, not making up an artificial MSRP. If you add that to the fact that AMD graphic cards have almost come to normal prices overall which means there’s a good chance you could be able to purchase these new models at the price AMD is offering.

AMD's new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022

It’s a good thing, because the price is the most intriguing aspect of the cards AMD will announce today.

AMD’s new GPUs RX 6000 Series Graphics Refined for 2022

There have been rumors about next-gen AMD RDNA 3 chips on the horizon, these new RX 6950 XT and 6750 XT and 6650 XT don’t look like those. They’re actually not even new GPUs in the slightest. According to as the “50” in their names may suggest, they’re just enhancements to the RX 6900XT 6700XT and 6600 XT that use the same silicon but with a new firmware to allow more efficient clocks and faster memory.

AMD's new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022
AMD states they are predicting that their 6900XT as well as 6700 XT will stay around, while the 6600 XT will be substituted by 6950 XT.

Although any performance improvement is good, it’s not going to be a huge one. Each “50” card provides an average of 5 to 6 percent increase over the standard version. In certain game titles, this difference could be as low as 1 frames per second as per AMD’s reviewer’s manual. For other games that have extremely high frame rates there could be an increase of 10fps or even. These bumps also don’t come free of charge The cards come with an increase of 20 to 35W in TDP than the previous models which means they draw more power and/or making more heat.”NOTHING physical has changed.”

AMD doesn’t intend to conceal the details of these. “These aren’t going to be significant enhancements,” the company told reporters. “Nothing physical has changed physically.”

Instead, it’s trying to highlight the amount of performance per dollar or performance per watt you’ll get in comparison to Nvidia for the price you’ll have to pay for Nvidia as opposed to AMD.

These are charts AMD provides:

AMD's new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022
Notice the area of striped lines in Radeon Super Resolution and Nvidia Image Scaling enabled.
AMD's new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022
AMD's new GPUs Could Result in an Affordable price for the first time in 2022

If you’re able to buy these cards at the price you’re paying, it’s very promising for AMD — at the very least for those who don’t want newer graphics cards or for prices to fall even more — or at the very least, until Nvidia determines its next step.

If you’re curious, AMD says they’re all being sold today. Along with benchmark cooler versions that include the RX 6950XT, and RX 6750 XT available at AMD as well as ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, Sapphire, XFX and Yeston all are in the pipeline as well. AMD is also sweetening the deal by offering new bundles. newly launched “Raise the Game” bundle which will include games for free with your card purchase.

I’m also assuming that we’ll see reviews on these cards this morning. If we do we’ll update this article when their conclusions are significantly different from what we’d expect the AMD charts. For me, I’m going get one to the price of $580 for AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 that is the best value for money AMD card of this generation in my opinion, and a precious very few have been able to acquire at this price.

 AMD said to journalists that the 6800 would continue to remain in existence, though it’s difficult to imagine it will ever be available at the same price once more, especially since the $550 6750 XT has taken over its place.

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