AMD’s Ryzen7000 processors will be more efficient.


AMD first announced its forthcoming Ryzen7000 series CPUs as well as it’s brand new Zen 4-CPU architecture during CES back in the month of January. The company stated it would be built using the brand-new AM5 CPU socket. It also said that they would be made using the 5-nanometer manufacturing process by TSMC and are expected to be released in the autumn.

The facts haven’t changed yet, and AMD hasn’t yet provided pricing or other information about the availability of AMD’s new chip. However, at the Computex presentation earlier this week AMD disclosed a couple of additional information regarding its Ryzen7000 processors as well as the motherboards, chipsets, and other components which will work with them once they’re released to the public over the next few months.

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Before we go into the specifics that are part of Zen 4, Ryzen7000 or AMD’s 600 series chipsets we must review the basic information about the forthcoming AM5 processor socket.

This also means that the AM5 socket represents a huge leap ahead, regardless of its connected processor. This is AMD’s first Land-Grid-Array (LGA) socket for CPUs meaning it has (like Intel’s) the tiny copper pins residing in the motherboard socket instead of in the processor’s bottom. The maximum power limit for AM5 has been increased to 170 W, as opposed to AM4’s 142W, which opens the way to more core-count processors that run faster and last longer. AM5 is also able to support PCI Express 5.0 (though the exact level of support you receive will depend on the chipset you use and your processor) This requires upgrading in DDR5 memory.

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This DDR5 memory upgrade could be the only negative with AM5 as well as Ryzen7000 when compared against 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs, at least for the near term. Alder Lake-compatible motherboards are available in DDR5 and DDR4 models, allowing buyers to choose whether they prefer the (mostly minimal however not insignificant) performance advantages of DDR5 or prefer to use the existing DDR4 kit. DDR4 is also less expensive and is easier to locate than DDR5 at present, however, it will change in the future when support is greater and more widely available, as makers increase DDR5 production in order to keep up with the demand.

AMD Ryzen7000

Socket AM5 can also allow quad-channel DDR5 memory on motherboards with sufficient RAM slots. In the past, most PCs designed for the consumer or enthusiast market have been able to run dual-channel memory. Quad-channel RAM was reserved for more expensive workstations and server CPUs. AMD’s Zen architectures are more sensitive to increases in bandwidth over Intel’s chips, no matter if you’re discussing enhanced graphics capabilities or just general CPU performance. However, doubling the capacity of memory won’t necessarily mean you’ll get better performance. We’ll be waiting for more tests and benchmarks in order to determine how much quad-channel memory is worth the additional price.

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AMD states that in spite of all the AM5 upgrades the dimensions and design of the CPU’s package are the same. This was deliberately done to ensure that coolers made specifically for AM4 chips will continue to function in conjunction with AM5 chips. The Intel LGA 1700 socket has a larger, more rectangular design than its predecessor sockets, which could (but isn’t the only way to) cause problems with CPU cooler compatibility depending on the point at which the top side of the processor cooler comes into contact with the processor.

Connections to AM5 motherboards will be dependent on the processor you’re using and on the motherboard you purchase. However, AMD claims that AM5 motherboards are able to offer up to 24 PCIe 5.0 bandwidth as well as fourteen 20Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 ports, as well as at least 4 HDMI 2.1 as well as DisplayPort 2.0 ports to drive displays that incorporate a GPU.

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It’s Zen 4 architecture will make its debut this fall with Ryzen7000 series CPUs. AMD’s initial Ryzen 700 CPUs feature as many as 16 cores which is also the most of the Ryzen 5500 series. In contrast to Intel and Apple, AMD doesn’t use tiny “efficiency” cores to handle tasks that require low power or to increase its core count, therefore the entire 16 cores processors will function as “P-cores” with all the same performance and features. It is expected that a 16-core Ryzen7000 chip would comprise two 5 nanometer eight-core CPU chiplets with an upgraded I/O die based on a 6-nm process. These Features will boost the performance of Ryzen7000 to advanced levels.

AMD did not go into details regarding this in the presentation, but one thing worth noting is that AMD’s top-end chipsets of this generation are believed to include two separate chips instead of one. This is a reflection of AMD’s use of triplets in the CPU itself. instead of creating and manufacturing two distinct chipsets or creating a single chip and then turning a portion of it off for less expensive devices, AMD will simply use the two chipsets to provide more PCI Express lanes and I/O support for motherboards with higher specs. However, we’ll have to wait for more information about how these chipsets can communicate with one another and which of the three new chipsets (X670E, X670, and the B650) will utilize several chips, and which ones will be able to work by using only the same chip.

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It’s also worth noting that the slideshow of AMD does not refer to the B650 chipset’s overclocking capabilities. However, this doesn’t mean B650 won’t have the ability to be overclocked. AMD has confirmed that B650 chipsets would be capable of overclocking similar to older BA and B-series chipsets. The absence of this chip could simply mean that X670-based systems will employ higher-quality voltage regulator modules (VRMs) as well as other components which will provide more efficient results when you overclock top-of-the-line chips.

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