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Quick Facts on Andrej Kramaric

Net Worth$26.03 million
Salary$3.52 million per year
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth19 June, 1991

The Croatian national team’s performance in recent times is largely due thanks to the efforts from player Andrej Kramaric. Kramaric was a crucial player in Croatia’s historic victory in the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. Kramaric was a part of the entire Croatian youth team before the head coach Niko Kovac into the national squad in August 2014. He made his debut with Croatians in 2014 during an international match against Cyprus. Kramaric then played during his first UEFA Euro 2016. Andrej Kramaric became the hero in the game against Ukraine where he scored two goals that helped his team qualify for qualifying for the World Cup playoffs.

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Andrej Kramaric is highly regarded by his fans in Croatia, and particularly by the fans of his club from his youth Dinamo Zagreb. He scored more than 45 goals for Dinamo during his time in the youth league which made him the team’s top youth goalscorer. He was elevated to the team’s senior squad in 2009. After a successful loan period at Lokomotiva in which he scored 20 goals in 44 games, Dinamo sold him to another Croatian club HNK Rijeka where he enjoyed an impressive career high, scoring 37 goals in 42 games.

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The performance of Rijeka attracted the attention of several English clubs, among them Leicester City which he joined at a club-record transfer price in the amount of PS9 million. The time he spent at Leicester was not long-lasting since he was loaned out by Bundesliga Hoffenheim, a Bundesliga club. 1899 Hoffenheim where he was later transferred to Hoffenheim, a Bundesliga club.

Andrej Kramaric

Andrej Kramaric Family, Parents

Andrej Kramaric was born on 19 June 1991 in Zagreb, Croatia to Josip and Danica Kramaric. When he first expressed his desire to play soccer, Andrej Kramaric was able to count on the backing of his parents as well as all of his family. As a youngster, Kramaraic would play football in behind their home and wherever else he could go with his father Josip.

Josip committed a large portion of his time to making sure his son received the best possible football training. He was so committed to his son’s soccer career that he decided to take a break from his job to assume the charge of overseeing his son’s development so, Andrej Kramaric does not have the typical manager/agent that most footballers have.

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When you look at the success of Andrej Kramaric and his development over time It is safe to conclude that Josip has done an excellent job. His mother, however, despite having no knowledge of football’s technicalities is still a strong supporter of her son.

Based on the way Andrej Kramaric gushes about his parents on his social media profiles It is clear to observe the bond that the family has. He has revealed to the media that at every chance the opportunity presents itself, he makes a visit to his parents. They were thrilled to see their son’s name in the 23-man squad to represent Croatia in Russia Andrej Kramaric’s family was in Russia earlier, a day before the world cup.

Kramaric’s mother, Danica has wished her son and other Croatian soccer players a safe and injury-free match.

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A key figure in Andrej Kramaric’s life, aside from Kramaric’s parents, is his younger sister. She is known as Ines Kramaric as she is his sole sibling and sister that Kramaric has. Kramaric and Ines have a close bond. Ines who is 4 years younger than Kramaric is working towards becoming a psychologist. We scoured the Instagram page and found out that she’s a prolific photographer.

Ines has many clips of her watching her brother play at the stadium. Andrej Kramaric’s ties to his family is no wonder why he dedicates the goals he has set to his family.


Andrej Kramaric has not begun making plans for his own family… But there have been efforts in the past. Another woman might have the potential to become the wife of his choice. Kramaric was Marine Pavic who he dated for six years before breaking up in the year 2015. Untypical for Kramaric the actor, he started out in a state of denial regarding his affair with Pavic, and then the word was spread that they were a thing. When they announced their separation, Andrej Kramaric noted that he was still close to Pavic.

Andrej Kramaric

Net Worth

A professional Croatian footballer has an estimated net worth of $26 million, and his annual earnings are $3 million in 2022.

Career Earnings:

Career Earnings:

YearWeekly WageYearly SalaryClubPositionLeagueAgeContract Expiry
2022PS52,000PS2,704,000HoffenheimAM L, STBundesliga3030-06-2022
2021PS56,000PS2,912,000TSG 1899 HoffenheimM/AM, STBundesliga2930-06-2022
2020PS53,000PS2,756,000HoffenheimM/AM, STBundesliga2830-06-2022
2019PS55,000PS2,860,000TSG 1899 HoffenheimM/AM, STBundesliga2730-06-2022
2018PS46,000PS2,392,000HoffenheimM/AM, STGerman First Division2630-06-2020
2017PS44,000PS2,288,000HoffenheimM/AM, STGerman First Division2529-06-2020
2016PS38,000PS1,976,000Leicester CityM/AM, STGerman First Division2429-06-2016
2015PS38,000PS1,976,000Leicester CityM/AM, STPremier League2329-06-2018
2014PS2,500PS130,000HNK RijekaM/AM, STCroatian First Division2229-06-2015

Body Measurements – Height Weight

According to the profile of Kramaric on the website, the striker is 5’9 inches tall, which is approximately 1.77 meters. As for his size, Kramaric has a weight of 70kg.

Eye Color Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Who does Andrej Kramaric play for?

What league is Andrej Kramaric in?

Premier League.

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