Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024,

Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024,Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024,

Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024, possibly by the end of 2024 What you need to know:

There’s been lots of attention paid to the Apple VR/AR headset lately and when it will be available. What’s the deal with it’s AR Apple Glasses? According to Jeff Pu, research analyst at Haitong Intl Tech Research, Apple’s first line of AR glasses is likely to be announced in the latter half of 2024. Also, the delay may be the timing of the release of a next-gen VR headset.

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Pu has made this prediction in a letter to 9to5Mac(opens in a new tab), but didn’t provide any more details beyond the date of the launch. This is also true for the next generation of VR/AR headset and Pu saying that Apple has begun designing the device. He also reiterated the rumor about the headset’s first model, which could come out in the first quarter of 2023.
Meta’s vision has been disappointed in future.

Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024,
Apple Glasses Expected to launch in 2024,

Meta’s Horizon Workrooms and Zuckerberg’s approach to how to use virtual reality in our daily lives were groundbreaking.
The metaverse meeting rooms they unveiled at last year’s event were inspiring.
They offered a glimpse that envisioned the next generation of life and work. In this vision, where you live isn’t an issue as long that you have access to internet.

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It is an optimistic and beautiful idea.
But the actual product as well as the conference room they showed was not what they expected.
It was like attending the quarterly review of Wii fit. Wii Fit Universe. Do you remember the legsless torsos?
The jerky movements of the people present? It was a picture that never felt like it had enough – it did not have legs.

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They will let Metas and other metaverse rivals develop their fully immersive experiences.
Facebook was fortunate to have the benefit in being the first to follow in the days when MySpace dominating the market. It incorporated some of Tom’s experience and helped build an extremely popular social media platforms that has been around to this point.
The headset is believed to have gone through an difficult development but is believed to have reached the “advanced” stage of development that includes a presentation for Apple’s directors.

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