Apple launches second 15.6 IOS beta update for developers

Apple launches second iOS 15.6 beta update for developers

Apple has released a second beta version of 15.6 IOS. Interestingly, there is still little information about the innovations that updates bring.

15.6 IOS beta

It is not yet known when the beta testing phase will start in the public program with a new update. In mid-May, Apple released the first beta version of the next iOS 15 updates for its developer testing program. This is currently in the second round.


As with the first version, Apple seems to be focused solely on bug fixes and improvements. Therefore, iOS 15.6 should be a maintenance-only update with no new features.

Apple launches second iOS 15.6 beta update for developers

Even the developer release notes give little information about iOS 15.6. The number for the new developer build is 19G5037d. Updates for TVOS 15.6, HomePod Software, macOS, and WatchOS 8.7 are also available.

For iOS 15.6, new ones are mostly expected to be “internal,” so basically only improvements and bug fixes.

Participate in the 15.6 IOS beta program

Participation in the beta program is free and requires one-time enrollment in the program for the applicable device. This also applies to all beta versions Apple is testing (iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac, TV, etc.).

To do this, users must enter their Apple ID and then automatically receive updates via the Updates feature. Then the new version will be automatically downloaded to your device. 

 The new version is now available to registered users as a wireless update. Beta testing is always at your own risk and should not be run on production systems. iOS 15.6 is ready in a few weeks.

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