Apple Official MagSafe Charger Sees First Sale:

Apple Official MagSafe charger Sees First SaleApple Official MagSafe charger Sees First Sale

Coupons for HTML0: Apple MagSafe charger sees the first sale of the season. Find My Wallet $36 and more.

Apple Official MagSafe Charger Sees First Discount:

The new week is in full swing, and today’s top deals begin with the first sale reduction for the season on Apple’s MagSafe 15W charger. It’s also available with the updated Find My MagSafe Wallet hitting $36 and AirPods 3 priced at $150. Click here for more information on all of that and more in the most recent 9 to 5Toys Lunch Break.

Apple’s officially licensed 15W MagSafe charger gets its first discount this year

Amazon is currently offering the Apple official MagSafe Charger for $35. The first price reduction since it was announced in December of the previous year. This price is similar to our previous review in light of the price cut from the usual $39 price. If you bought one of Apple‘s latest phones in the fall of last year or any time since it, you’ll find that the brand new MagSafe Charger is certainly worthy of a place in your bag.

The official version of the brand of wireless charging. This device enhances the experience by offering all the advantages of a wired cable along with the added benefit of never needing to plug in anything. It is magnetically attached to the rear of your phone for 15W of power to your iPhone 13 or 12 series phone.

Apple Official MagSafe charger Sees First Sale
Apple Official MagSafe charger Sees First Sale

Official Apple first sale Find My MagSafe Wallet is now available for purchase at $36

Best Buy offers the official Apple MagSafe Wallet with Find My at Midnight for first sale $36. Offering the lowest price we have seen to date and a significant reduction from the normal $59 rate is considerably lower than our previous mention of first sale $48 and comes to an amount of 39% savings.

The MagSafe Wallet was refreshed in autumn to be compatible with iPhone 13. iPhone 13, this new version of Apple’s MagSafe Wallet has the same leather construction like the previous version, but it comes with some brand new features. The magnetic design that will snap on backside of the phone however, it now has the features include the Apple Find My network so you will be able to find your wallet in the event of a need.

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