Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Feature to 14 Cameras

Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Feature to 14 CamerasApple's Mixed Reality Headset Feature to 14 Cameras

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset has up to 14 cameras. which is different from the Meta’s Quest 2 or HTC’s Vive Focus 3 which featured four cameras for video pass-through as well as inside-out tracking.

As per the article, the cameras added will be used to follow the user’s face so that the avatars in virtual reality accurately depict the mouth and face movements in virtual reality.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Apple was unable to put cameras in the places where eyes are supposed to be due to the display of the eye on the outside. This forced engineers to install cameras in different places.

Apple’s internal team has been reported to have encountered similar issues previously while designing chips and software to support the setup that includes a “base station” connected to its headset.

Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Feature to 14 Cameras

The board of directors of the company was recently shown a demonstration of the device, and Bloomberg reported the possibility of a launch shortly.

Apple has been working on plans to launch the headset since the year 2019 however, there were several delays in 2021, 2020, and finally 2022. Apple is currently having problems including overheating, and issues with the camera as well as the software, which have caused the release date to be delayed multiple times.

Bloomberg suggests that we might have an AR/VR device as soon as the final day of the year although a commercial release isn’t scheduled until 2023.

The headset for AR/VR will be Apple’s first major product line following the Apple Watch first came out seven years ago, in 2015

. Apple is likely to follow up on the AR/VR headset by launching the second generation version, as well as an array of augmented reality smart glasses set to be launched in 2024 or later.

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