Apple’s self-repair Store programs disappoint the right-to-repair community

Apple's self-repair programs disappoint the right-to-repair community

The background:Last month, Apple announced the Self-Service Repair Store that allows customers to buy replacement parts for specific Apple devices that they can fix at home. This was a huge victory for those who are part of the “right to repair” movement that have been fighting Apple in Congress for the chance to replace their broken screens.

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However, DIYers’ enthusiasm is fading more quickly than an avocado ripe since it’s been revealed that the Apple program is time-consuming and costly as well as difficult to. Examples:

Self repair Store

  • NYT journalist Brian X. Chen has replaced the iPhone 12’s battery via the self-repair shop. The store charged him $96 for the supplies, in addition to the $1,210 hold on his credit card for the 75 lbs of industrial equipment needed to repair the phone. He also damaged the phone during the second step.

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