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In the early hours of Sunday morning, King AbdulAziz University started accepting applications for 202 academic positions that had previously been filled by Saudi contractors that weren’t Saudi. It is planning to fill the vacant positions of Saudi residents. Following that, the university declared that applications will be open starting today and will remain open for 10 days until it will be immediately shut down on the 17th of October, 1443 AH, on the 13th of October. The application can be found on the official website. The King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah has announced 202 full-time contract academic posts for males and females in a variety of fields following a recruitment contest. 

On May 8, Sunday Abdul Rahman Al-Maliki, Director General at the University for Human Resources, stated that the procedure for applying to these jobs begins today and will be up to 10 days. The application will close automatically on May 18 the following Wednesday, which is until 5/18/2022 AD. According to the list of university-issued documents, applicants should have an official national ID card and the degree of a university, and also a social security number, as well as the application forms. The university has now introduced a classification certificate and the registration of a medical professional to health professionals on the market.

King Abdul Aziz University
Apply online job at King Abdul Aziz University

Requirements for admission to King AbdulAziz University

Required Job Documents

King Abdulaziz University Job Documents The requirements for academics are essential to be able to get The National Identity Card. The advantages of obtaining a certificate of Social Security. Biographical. Healthcare workers require an occupational classification that is valid and a registration certificate.

Job Application Submission Date/Late Date

King Abdulaziz University job Submission dates/Last date Submissions commence on July 10, 1443, AH (August 5th, 2022 AD). The deadline for submission is on Tuesday, October 17, 1443, AH (18-05-2022 AD)

Job’s Grades

King Abdulaziz University job grade 2022 Mr. Professor’s Assistant Professor. The finance and administration disciplines include law, finance, and administration.

How To Apply for jobs

Students taking classes in Computer and Information Technology. Different kinds of engineering. Specifications in the language and more. How can you submit an online application to be considered for the King AbdulAziz University Job 2022 Visit the official site of the university and submit an online application form for any job? For more details, visit.

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