Arby’s Logo: History and Design Investigated

Arby's Logo

Arby’s was established in 1964 by Forrest Raffel and Leroy Raffel. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s top restaurants. Arby’s might not have had the same attention as McDonald’s or Burger King, but their delicious meals were able to capture a large share of the pie.

Arby’s can also establish its brand’s identity with its unique red cowboy-hat design. Even though Arby’s logo is basic, however, it stands out in comparison with other fast-food establishments. Arby’s is famous for its popular curly fries, as well as breakfast options. If you notice their red cowboy hat they are aware that great sandwiches are available there.

This cowboy’s cap is the primary component that makes up Arby’s brand logo. It is a symbol of the Wild West nature of the fast food chain. The cowboy hat is an iconic symbol. It’s not just their logo, but the entire brand that gave them a great old-fashioned environment.

Changes in Logo Design

The first logo of Arby’s was an oversized cowboy hat and the slogan “Arby’s roast beef sandwich is delicious.” It’s true that there are some branches with the logo, but it’s being replaced gradually by more modern ones.

In 1969, the logo was updated to become the iconic red hat. It was the first time Arby’s logo underwent a makeover and was well-received by the general public.

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However, the subsequent revamp of Arby’s logo in 2012 was met with a lot of negative comments. The hat’s top has been made a bit longer than the original logo. Also, the font was altered, and all the letters are lowercase. The apostrophe was tweaked a bit, as was the “s” in the letter “s.”

After the negative feedback the 2012 logo received, Arby’s decided to use the logo only for one year, and then they made a new version of their brand. They changed their logo to reflect a style identical to their previous logos, but also reflecting their origins. The logo they used until the current.

The logo’s design didn’t undergo any major changes. The original logo had an apron with the slogan “Arby’s roast beef sandwich is delicious” within the hat. The first style of Arby’s brand was reflected in the marquee. In 1969, the logo became more minimalist and straightforward. Based on the marquee design, their logo was changed to the iconic red hat customers have come to associate with the restaurant.

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In 2012, the hat was reduced in size and then turned three-dimensional. The unfortunate thing is that this redesign has made it one of the most disastrous changes that the industry has seen in its history. Both the public and graphic designers have criticised the logo in 2012 for being out of sync with the roots of its logo and becoming too commercial. 

The logo they have adopted for the moment was successful in resolving the negative comments that they received regarding their logo of 2012.

The color of the Arby’s was not changed much either. However, it’s still an important part of the brand. Certain colors can trigger certain feelings or emotions in people. Arby’s logo is red. It can be a symbol of many emotions, such as determination, strength, endurance, or energy. These emotions can be seen in Arby’s Wild West setting. It’s an extremely emotional color.

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The color red is also associated with hunger. That’s why it is used in a variety of fast food logos like Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and many numerous others.

Font Used in Logos

The people who founded Arby’s were looking to make their customers feel a sense of the American West atmosphere when they entered the restaurant. That’s why the initial Arby’s Logo featured the serif font for the words “Arby’s roast beef sandwich is delicious.” The initial revision of their logo used the serif font, regardless of the text within the hat the original logo was taken out. 

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In 2012 the font was changed to Futura Bold which received negative criticism from both the public and graphic designers. The logo they have now was well-liked by the public.


As of today, Arby’s is still thriving in the fast food business. The brand’s identity, as reflected in its logo, is also an integral factor in its ongoing growth. Arby’s Logo is likely to be around for many years to come.

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