Audi New Models: EVs & non-EVs Receive Equal Appreciation

Audi New ModelsAudi New Models

Audi New Models: Audi Strategy of Attack EVs and non-EVs Receive Equal Appreciation and New Models: The pipeline includes new and next-gen models arising from two distinct and new architectures, the first of which is an EV.

Audi invests in a wide range that includes new cars, including electric and equipped with internal combustion engine. Similar to the majority of Volkswagen Group, and the general industry, Audi is planning for the future to be exclusively electric. But in the meantime the company will allocate the same resources to the next generation of vehicles that are built using a brand new platform featuring upgraded powertrains built on the combustion engine’s internal components.

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Audi has announced that in the past that in 2025, its U.S. lineup will be 30 percent electric using a combination of electric vehicles powered by batteries, but there are also hybrids that plug into the grid with an engine powered by gas beneath the car.

We visited Ingolstadt for a deeper understanding of Audi’s plan and an insight into the Audi new models that are coming. The board members announced that worldwide Audi will launch 20 electric vehicles between 2023 to 2027. This is up from the current eight and that will mean new nameplates and electrifying the current fleet. This will be a huge celebration, according to Oliver Hoffmann, member of the Audi board of management responsible for Technical Development. There will be no any new ICE model will ever be launched in 2026. The only new models you’ll be seeing by Audi are electric powered. Additionally, Audi will manufacture and sell EVs following 2033 in all regions of the globe with the possibility of excluding China.

The Non-EV Majority

While some automakers are redirecting their efforts to EVs and letting existing ICE models take through their pace, Audi will still cater to the majority of customers who don’t want to fully embrace electric vehicles.

We’re not able to give all the information on the new cars in the near future however, we can tell that Audi is equally dedicated to both directions of development for its products which include EV as well as ICE. Future models will be divided between two separate platforms that provide their distinct powertrains , and to take advantage of the diverse layout and packaging options that make each possible. Audi Director of Design Marc Lichte says separating the platforms opens up new possibilities and there are no compromises.

Future Audis With Gas Engines Get A New Platform

There will be successors to a number of the current models of the Audi range, however they will be based on an entirely new platform that is known as PPC (Premium Platform Combustion). It was designed to support the various internal combustion engines and their combinations such as moderate hybrids, plug-in hybrids and performance versions. This means that future models will be able to migrate from VW Group’s MLB design to PPC.

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To comply with global emission regulations To meet the global emissions regulations, the last round of PPC models will be equipped with advanced efficient combustion engines that are more efficient–sort of. Engineers used the same block and then upgraded it from there.

Which model will be the first to debut on PPC? Because this year’s fourth generation Audi A8 from 2022 Audi A8 recently had a midcycle refresh and it’s 2022, and the Audi A6 and Audi A7 are both still relatively new and date back to the model year The betting is on the A4 luxurious small sedan and the sportier A5 as the earliest of Audi’s flagship models. The current generation was introduced in the year 2017 for the model year.

Audi New Models
Audi New Models

Fate Of Audi R8, TT, Potential Q9 Large SUV

Hoffmann states that PPC is scalable and could even handle large SUVs, however, he’s not talking about details about the Audi Q9 SUV rumored to be in development.

What will not have the ICE successor? The small Audi A1 and Q2 which are available in Europe and are scheduled to be removed from the market. It is expected that the Audi R8 two-seater and Audi TT will also drive away into the sunset, however, Hoffmann has not revealed the timing. Hoffmann says that not all the decisions were taken. Audi is also working on other entry-level vehicle designs and concepts it’s developing to fill the gap — think EV.

Audi’s Out of This World Concepts

Audi has been playing with us with three “sphere” concept cars. Its Grand sphere is a luxury fastback sedan , and Sky sphere is a two-door convertible. Sky sphere is a convertible with two doors with a wheelbase which grows and shrinks according to whether you’re driving, or the autonomous driving system is in charge. The Urban sphere is a minivan like MPV, is designed to carry residents in China’s metropolises. We were left wondering whether there would be an additional sphere in the next year that is in line with those four rings that form the Audi logo?

Audi’s EV Architecture Dedicated To More E-Trons

The future E-Tron electric vehicles will be built via the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) technology developed by Porsche as well as Bentley. It means no more EVs for Audi using Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, which supports VW ID. VW ID family of electric vehicles.

We won’t be seeing the first E-Trons that use PPE until the fall of 2023 to be available later that calendar year, in Europe and launching in North America in 2024. The current E-Trons ( E-Tron SUV, Sportback, GT fastback and the forthcoming Q4 E-Tron along with Q4 E’Trons Sportback that will be available within the next few months) aren’t on PPE.

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We expect the Q6 as well as A6 E-Trons. Audi has stated previously that it will offer electric and gas models of its A6. They also showcased the A6 Etron Concept in 2021 at the Shanghai Auto Show which was described as being 95 percent ready for production. It comes having a fastback-style roofline which appears similar to an A7 than an. Also, there are spy images of the car as well as the SUV.

If you like the ideas and the concept, you shouldn’t regret it when actual models hit the market. We will give you all the details when Audi makes them available. To keep the Audi DNA We fully anticipate the EVs to be available with a single motor to provide rear-wheel drive, and two motors for quattro with all-wheel drive. For body types, Audi is known for cars and wagons and SUVs, as well as Sportbacks We expect the next E-Trons to follow the same model.

Audis with Off-Road capability With Help from Scout

Another area that the brand is currently exploring is an SUV that is more rugged. Volkswagen Group VW Group has acquired the Scout name and is developing the brand new that will include a platform for pickups and SUVs that are able to go off-road. A senior executive has told us that Audi is considering whether the Scout platform will expand Audi’s market, but there are no concrete decisions to be taken. Also, there isn’t a timeframe to determine when a decision will be taken.

It’s not a new concept: Audi presented the AI:Trail quattro electrical off-road design in the 2019 Frankfurt auto show. The inclusion that the Scout brand gives Audi a chance for musings to become a reality. If Audi decide to go off-road rough terrain, Audis that are rugged will likely be built at that VW factory in Chattanooga which would make them the first Audis made within the U.S.

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On the other side on the spectrum it is likely to not see convertibles making the leap to production, which is a segment that hasn’t much of an industry.

A brand new electrical and electronic technology for connectivity and infotainment which is more software-driven to enable better update and add capabilities, is used across both systems. The idea of a car as a combination of its systems rather than the whole of its parts changes the way Audi creates its vehicles, Hoffmann claims. Volkswagen’s CARIAD software unit has built an software platform, the basis on which every brand can add their own unique technology and choices.

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In any case the sphere series of concepts weren’t designed as prototypes for model production, but rather as technological and design models from which future vehicles can be developed. They give a clear understanding of Audi’s internal and external design philosophy, particularly when you have autonomy at Level 4.

Profit and Production

Hoffmann claims that Audi is looking the company to market 3 million vehicles in 2030. This will result in the profit margin being 11 percent. The automaker reduces its product offerings to the lower range and increases its offerings at the higher part. Stock levels are still a challenge. Audi officials claim that the shortage of semiconductor chips is expected to ease however the shortage will continue to affect the stock of vehicles through the remainder of the year and possibly through 2023. The issue of sourcing wiring harnesses has been solved.

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