Aven colony Super and MeatBoy are now free

Games with Gold:Aven colony Super and Meat Boy are now free

It’s been less than a day since Microsoft announced Games With Gold in June. Thanks to the late announcement, the first wave of bonus game selection are already available.

As part of the bi-weekly promotion, Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy are now available to members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox GamePass Ultimate for free.

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The two games support backward compatibility, so you can also play them natively on the new console. So, while AvenColony is playable on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Super Meat Boy goes one step further with the Xbox 360, in addition to the systems listed above.

Discover the desert, tundra, and jungle alien planet, Aven Prime, light-years away from Earth.

Aven colony Super

Aven Colony will be responsible for humanity’s first out-of-the-sun dwelling. Here, in the face of the challenges associated with settling in a new world, they build small colonies and expand into vast, vast cities.

Aven colony Super and MeatBoy are now free
Aven colony Super and MeatBoy are now free

Super Meat Boy is a bad platformer that plays like an animated cube of meat trying to save a girlfriend (which happens to be made of bandages) from the evil fetus of a Mason jar in a black tie.

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  June is here, but the May  Gold game isn’t complete yet. The Xbox One game The InnerWorld – The Last WindMonk is not yet available as a bonus game.

This promotion will end on May 15th and will secure space for Project Highrise: Architects Edition from the second wave pending in June.

As always, keep in mind that the Xbox 360 games requested by the Gold Promotion will continue to be available after your subscription is suspended. However, all claimed Xbox One games can only be played if your account is gold via either  Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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