This Simple, Legal Trick Will Help You Avoid Paying Cancellation Fees For Travel

Cancellation Fees

There are often simple options to avoid paying cancellation fees for travel and help you get out of a hotel booking, a Disney dining reservation, or any other advanced plan.

This travel tip is so easy that you might smack your forehead when you realize you could have been using it all along.

This hack is becoming increasingly popular among frequent travelers. It allows you to avoid cancellation fees, get a refund, or even cancel your reservation. We’ll use the Disney parks as an example to show how widespread this hack has become.

Reservations and cancellation fees for travel

The Disney theme park’s sit-down restaurants are often full, so advance reservations with credit card details are required. These reservations are often made weeks ahead of the event to avoid cancellation fees for travel.

There are many reasons why you might not be available to honor a restaurant reservation made in advance. The corporation will charge $10 if Disney guests cancel their meal reservations more than a day before the event. How can a person know if they are going to be too tired to cancel a reservation a day in advance?

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Disney does not always make canceling easy. Calling customer service can lead to two-hour waits. Disney fans eventually discovered a workaround.

It was noticed by some that you can still cancel a last-minute reservation even after the 24-hour deadline. You can use the Disney World app and change the date to make the cancellation. The reservation can be canceled free of charge if the meal is moved into the future. Disney will not lose any business, so don’t feel bad. Every restaurant has a waitlist, so the tables will be filled.

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The postponement hack is also available for some non-refundable hotel rooms. Hotels that offer prepayment discounts will allow you to make changes to your reservation up until a certain point.

Let’s suppose you got one of these deals. Now it’s time to check-in and you have tested positive for COVID.

You can move your booking to a later date depending on the cancellation rules for your original reservation. If possible, use the hotel’s website to do so. Once the penalty window has expired, you can cancel to avoid cancellation fees for travel.

Nonrefundable hotel rooms don’t allow for any modifications. If you wish to make sure that you have the right to use this loophole, only pay for rooms that allow you to change your reservation within an hour before check-in.

the charge for cancellation fees for travel and amendments

This idea has been around for years, but it is not applicable to airlines. Most carriers charge change fees to move your flight date, except in the case of pandemics. If airline change fees are not applicable when you rebook you will still need to pay the difference in airfare for the new date.

The postponement hack is a way to prevent you from losing all your money if you are unable to fly as planned.

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There are always ethical considerations to be made.

This hack can be used in the most polite way: postpone your appointment, then honor the new reservation when it comes up. We know this is not always possible.

This trick is not recommended for mom-and-pop businesses that may not be able to fill the empty room or restaurant table at the last moment. You can talk to a customer service who is sympathetic and understands why you have to change your reservation.

Next time you are considering a reservation that you don’t want, you could modify your plans for a later date. This is how the postponement trick works.

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