Best Career Guidance and Counselling 2022

Career Guidance and CounsellingCareer Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling play an important role in the journey of one’s life from the moment of birth until death. If the education they receive matches their abilities and they have strengths, they will be among the most successful people around the world.

The reason for their success is the perfect fit between their capabilities (interest) and the decision-making process. Therefore, everyone should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and, by using their strengths, they will beat their weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities with the proper momentum at the appropriate moment.

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Career Guidance and Counselling

This is a bit like career counseling because counseling provides directions for taking action and if I mean the right direction for choosing a career, then it’s known as career counseling. Career counselors can assist with matters such as career exploration and personal preferences for a career and career changes and any other issues related to reaching their career goals.

This is a popular concept in many advanced countries, with counselors to assist professionals and students, but it’s not a widely understood in Pakistan One of the reasons is that a variety of factors in Pakistan such as political instability, the rise of inflation, and the laws and order issues do not let people focus on such issues. There is they are also unaware, yet there are only a handful of institutions offering to counsel for their students, however, it is a must to be a service for all.

Career Guidance and Counselling
Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling Categories

 I separate counseling into two main categories.

Academic career

One is when you are at the nexus of your academic career in which you select a particular topic for your future job

Professional career

professional career when you select your path based on the skills you have acquired.

Career and Education

It’s been said that most of the time when people go to career counseling, they know precisely the goals they’d like to obtain out of the process but they’re not sure of the process (Galassi, Crace, martin, James, and Wallace, 1992).

This is a bit true, however, my experience, it differs from nation to nation because they are those with a good knowledge of career and education and just need guidance, but if you specifically discuss Pakistan in which the literacy levels are low and the people are not adequately educated, how are able to self-guide the path to follow in the future and the issue in our nation that even educated individuals don’t consider this important issue. Many parents force their children to pick the path they chose to pursue and if they don’t then often implicitly our culture teaches students to pick a particular area of study.

There is a general belief that a student studying science is smart and educated according to the information I’ve been given by one of my teachers about his experience with that when he was on the interview panel. There was a female applicant who performed exceptionally in an interview, however, her academics were poor in comparison to others who were interviewed.

when asked about it, she said she chose to study business at the master’s level of her own choice, and prior to that, she was forced to take science courses by her father which resulted in a low academic score. This is just one example, however, there are many situations in the world that face this issue. A majority of students waste their precious time simply completing their classes without recognizing that we’re worthless without education.

 Therefore, I believe that students of the middle or higher stage should receive the information on career selection and the areas of specialization within that career, by linking their sources to get maximum value out of the field and also their area of interest.

They should be able to take their occupational test, cognitive test, or personality test so they can be properly guided to ensure a bright future for people and nations, with the liberty to select their chosen field, with appropriate direction.

 Once you have completed the academic requirements and professional counseling, the additional step. It’s not a one-time decision. It is a continuous process.

You could change your career many times, or stick with one, but it’s not about what field is best for you since all jobs are worthwhile and contribute to the overall general wellbeing of society. It’s your own perception and interests that have led you to a particular area.

In making choices about the which type of job you want to do, it’s essential to be aware of your own self and work market operations to determine the best match for the individual. In many companies, you’re required to be experienced in your jobs. The reasoning behind this is that those with experience can perform their job efficiently and effectively.

Use Research resources to obtain: career information

The second reason is that they’ve experienced the job and have chosen the field of interest they want to work in, therefore, you can expect good results from their work. If you are perfectly suited to the job will likely be more driven and productive than those who are not as well-suited, according to William Shakespeare choose the work that you enjoy and you’ll never be required to spend a single moment of your life.

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