Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – November 2022 round-up


GameCentral’s monthly overview of the top mobile apps of the moment includes a charming smup Skies Of Chaos and the astonishingly good Marvel Snap.

This month, we’re taking closer look at the top mobile games, including the a highly promising new card battler Marvel Snap and the delightful Netflix game Skies Of Chaos, along with two more unique options.

Skies Of Chaos

iOS and Android, available in Netflix the subscription (Netflix)

There’s plenty of discussion in the industry regarding Netflix’s plans to broaden its games for video and possibly a emphasis on live-streamed titles The current lineup is very similar to Apple Arcade in the sense that it’s focused more on discrete single-player titles. The experience has been quite successful to date, with classic iconic In the Breach along with the excellent Poinpy being the mainstays.

The lineup this month is complemented by a brand single-player title that takes its inspiration of 2D horizontally-scrolling shooters from the past. In contrast to the standard themes of space and WW2 themes This time, you’re fighting the rabbit kingdom from various flying animals.

Utilizing the same controls similar to the great Sky Force games, you place your finger in front of the monitor to make it move it, and automatically fire, letting you take out enemy aircraft that appear out of the upper part as you fly through the large clusters of power-ups that are released when they explode.

The skies are chaotic and filled with enemy tanks, planes, boats and mid-level bosses along with gorgeously drawn clouds, collectibles and ground-based scenes. Your plane comes with a huge health bar however, so mistakes happen, but they are not catastrophic.

By advancing through the first levels you’ll soon unlock a powerful shield and bomb that will help you to navigate the most extreme sections. In addition, you’ll gain access to new co-pilots as well as upgradeable sidearms, that can fly alongside your plane, bringing more terror on your many enemies.

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It’s a great touchscreen game thanks to the control surfaces are tactile and have impressive sound effects that let you know when each bullet is connected which is quite impressive when there’s so many ordinances floating around. The art style is amazing, with the adorable style of the animals providing a contrast to the numerous, screen-filling explosions.

As with many games that are with subscription-based services, this one was clearly designed to be supported with microtransactions before being made available to be a free download on Netflix. This means that instead of being enticed by the chance to pay for it with its various currencies, updates now appear in a easily earned order as you progress through the levels, which is far more satisfying.

Colorful and with a humorous humor, Skies Of Chaos provides an enjoyable and challenging long-term game and is brimming with fun characters, as well as an abundance of new planes and upgrades. The fans of Sky Force, especially, will feel at home.

Score: 8/10

[Screen image attached[Screen shot attached

Dungeon Squad

iOS & Android, PS4.49 (GameCoaster)

Dungeon Squad is fond of changing the rules of the game. One thing is that you are the bad guys, protecting your demon stone against an invading horde of noble adventurers. It’s also played entirely by women, and there’s only one male character playing the game.

However, it comes with some problems, one of which is that they are all depicted fashion-conscious, skimpily dressed anime fashion. This is an aesthetic choice which isn’t suitable for everyone, bringing up unsettling images of the more groovy aspect of gaming and anime fandom. This is unfortunate since it’s a fascinating mechanical experience.

Best new mobile games

Dungeon Squad’s spin on the roguelite tower defense is just as unique. It takes place on a hexes-based board which have no impact on the story The heroines are able to enter the game with a huge flurry from the right side of the screen, converged on your demon stone on the very left.

Starting with just a single defensive succubus, tap the screen to aim her dazzling blasts at the crowd that is coming towards you and then pause for lengthy and numbing recharges. Every round’s loot is used for power-ups and depending on how lucky you are it is sometimes possible to hire additional monsters to sustain the firefight while the monster you manage replenishes her ammunition.

There is a shop that can be found in between levels, the majority of the time , you’ll have to depend on the treasure you get from adventurers. It gives you a choice of which defender you’d like to build and what skills you want can be boosted.

It’s a lot of experimentation as there’s no instruction or any instructions at all, you’re simply thrown into the initial run, and then left to fight by yourself. We love games that let you work out the details on your own however, this feels like a little ‘deep in the initial runs.

Another problem is the timing. After a couple of hours of play, you’ll notice that the game can last for upwards of a half-hour. It’s fine for consoles however, on mobile, it’s an excessive time commitment, and which is exacerbated by the lack of checking points. If you interrupt your running for an urgent phone call, and you’re all over.

The waves of enemies are inconstant. A single enemy could easily be discarded without any damage, while the next one slams you in the face but doesn’t seem to be trying. If there is no feeling of progress, it could seem a bit random, however, due to the length of the run, it can be an enjoyable release.

There’s an abundance happening within Dungeon Squad. The demons have a wide range in their unique attacks and power-ups include an awe-inspiring array of bonuses and stat enhancements in addition to the possibility to hire and switch out defenses. Each run is vastly different from the next one, which, considering the basic layout of its single-point defence it is equally.

Score: 6/10

Lucy Dreaming

iOS and Android PS12.99 (Tall Stories Games)

Lucy is suffering from a disorder. Every night, she’s plagued by frightening nightmares that make her fall to undiscovered ground beneath. Your mission is to determine how to stop them using an old-fashioned point and clicking adventure.

In Lucy’s house the first thing you have to do is to figure out how to get to her bedroom before exploring the other rooms looking for the components to build the dream box. Once you have it all set up, you explore different worlds of dreams while you lie down and you begin to think about finding ways to end the nightmares.

In your free time in the day, you’ll also have to navigate Lucy’s community, with its delightful assortment of bizarre characters including a village fair featuring a confiscated property by the police auction and a portaloo referred to as a “TARDIS of filth’ to a truly evil local librarian. However, that’s nothing in comparison to the absurdities you’ll discover in her fantasies.

In the presence of a massive talking teddy that has been anthropomorphized You’ll be performing stand-up comedy in the room’s full of judgmental talking trees and aiding an enormous crab who thinks it’s a sergeant and is utterly embarrassed by the rubber band that holds one of its claws.

The unending zaniness is enhanced by a delightful voice acting, that features the type of traditional Yorkshire accents that are not often heard in games on video. It’s also evident that despite its humor the problems you have to solve are very difficult.

The question mark is on the bottom of the screen which will reveal the interactive elements of each scene, however, that’s all you’ll receive, and in the same way as older movies in the genre there are plenty of instances where it feels like you’ve tried everything you can you have in your arsenal, including every prop that’s available in the scene, and yet , in vain.

There’s always YouTube and, when you finally come upon a solution, you’ll realize that there are many clues to point you to the right direction although sometimes in obscure ways.

If you like a puzzle, there’s plenty to enjoy about the fun and vast world that Lucy is a part of. The graphic pixel art and fun tunes give the whole experience a relaxed atmosphere that eases the frustration of spending a little too much time on the more mysterious puzzles.

Score: 7/10

Marvel Snap

iOS & Android, Free (Nuverse)

Even though it seems to be on a downwards spiral, Hearthstone is easily the most well-known and popular free-to-play deck-building game. It’s an established and long-lastingly popular game which’s numerous updates and improvements have resulted in a long-term involvement for its numerous players. Is a comic-licensed game able to keep up with the best?

In short, Yes. unexpectedly, Marvel Snap turns out to be something of a classic in the making, bringing its own distinct style, personality, and easy to learn but hard to master rule set to a genre that looked as though it was all sewn up.

Matches are comprised of six rounds each one of which increases the power available, allowing you to play stronger cards. This means that you’ll begin with a few weak heroes such as Ant-Man, for instance, or Hawkeye and then progress towards the end of the game to heroes like Iron Man or Abomination.

Each turn, you place cards in one of three locations that are spread over the entire board. each with distinct properties, ranging from buffs, to having to reshuffle your hand to return them back to the deck. The locations also affect the specific abilities associated with the particular cards that you are playing.

Every card comes with an energy cost as well as an amount of power, so at the conclusion of the game, the most powerful total power at each location will win. You must be first in two of three locations, and you’re the winner. But some cards possess tertiary capabilities.

They generally boost power depending on the other cards the player or you play, but be influenced by the effect of each location which creates a more complex and ever-changing game situations.

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