Best Productivity Apps and Tools For Entrepreneurs

Best Productivity Apps and ToolsBest Productivity Apps and Tools

Best Productivity Apps and Tools For Entrepreneurs: Are you tired of feeling like there aren’t any obvious achievements even after a long working day? The right productivity tools will help you to accomplish more, feel less guilty, and enjoy more free time.

Productivity apps that would allow You to be more organized at work. These helped you:

Do more with

Don’t feel guilty. Know your limits.

More time to unwind.

1. Write them down

Every night make a list of the most important tasks that have to do the next day . This clears your mind and helps you plan the next day. Apart from immortal pen and notebook, Iyoualso use these apps for to-dos:

  • Wunderlist : A simple To Do List that I share (shopping and work lists) with my colleagues. You can access it for both Android and iOS.
  • This is the most powerful project management tool I have ever used. Name your project, add three magical columns (To Do, In Progress, and Done) and share it to your employees. It’s far easier and quicker than other tools Asana (although it may take some time for the setup to be perfected) and it is well-suited to larger projects.
  • The best way to organize your thoughts quickly and visually present them is with mind maps. Did know that the use of mind maps can increase your storage by up to 32%

2. Stay Focused using Productivity Apps

Concentration should always be the top priority of your day. To improve your concentration level, try:

  • A great technique to use if you are a fan of agile methodologies. You should break up your tasks into intervals/sprints (called Pomodoros), which are usually 25 minutes in length and take five minute breaks in between. While the timer is keeping track of time, you can only focus on one task during intervals. (Online Pomodoro | iPhone App),
  • – Track your time at work with an app. This will make your life easier and allow you to re-think your priorities.
  • A task management system based GTD (Getting Things Done). – The most common time-management strategy for entrepreneurs. It is about getting rid of the task and breaking it down into smaller pieces.

3. Take it down!

Your workspace, computer desktop or browser should be clean. Clean space means a clear mind. This is what you can do:

  • – Do you have the “Having a million tabs open” syndrome? This Chrome extension will help you get rid of the “Having a Million Tabs Open” syndrome. This extension converts all your tabs to a list that you can use later. It also helps you avoid clutter in the browser.
  • The Pocket allows you to save your stuff (links/videos, blogs/posts, etc.) Save the content (videos, blogs, posts, etc.) you want to “consume”. You can read it offline or on all devices.

4. Delegate

It is impossible for you to accomplish everything on your own. Learn to delegate tasks. Sometimes, you don’t even need to hire employees. These resources can be used:

  • Upwork is the biggest platform for freelancers. It can do almost any task you could imagine, and it can all be done online. You can find other entrepreneurs who are willing to help you with this productivity app.
  • You can forget about your email with these messaging apps. Slack can be used to communicate your team and freelancers. Convergely is a tool that will enable you to delegate or automate your processes.

Maintain Control Over Productivity Apps

Entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their business performance must have both great productivity tools and time-management strategies. This is why the list I’ve provided is so short.

Do not forget productivity apps are only one way to do more. You also need to be disciplined and motivated.

Get productive today by familiarizing yourself with at least one the apps listed above. You can have fun and experiment with these apps in order to discover the best productivity tool setup for you.

Have a productive work week!

Some apps may have different functions than others. However, they all provide many different software features that can be beneficial to your business. No matter your business type or entrepreneurial experience, you can benefit from a wide range of software features.

Best Productivity Apps and Tools For Entrepreneurs
Best Productivity Apps and Tools For Entrepreneurs

Here are the top 8 apps that entrepreneurs should use.

1. Dropbox

Did you ever need to access a file while on vacation and not realize that it was already on your computer at home? Dropbox makes it easier to access files wherever and whenever you travel. With the mobile app, you can create, view and edit all kinds of documents.

You can scan documents and comment on them. You can also share files with people that don’t have Dropbox accounts.2. Buffer

Buffer can help you manage your social media marketing. The app allows you to share posts across many social networks. Buffer can be used to schedule content and ensure that it gets published at the most convenient time for your followers.

3. Pocket

You can save your most important information to Pocket for later. Pocket also lets you save articles as well as images and videos that can be accessed whenever you like. This can be done from any device, whether your phone is a tablet or a computer. You can also save content using over 1,500 apps, including Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Docs.

4. Square

Square makes it very easy to accept debit and credit cards in person. Sign up with Square using your smartphone or tablet. You’ll also receive a small Square reader. Your sales process will be easier if you accept chip and regular cards.

Square also offers the possibility to upgrade to Square Stand if sales are made on a countertop or in-store.

5. Trello

Trello makes project managing fun and easy. Trello lets you visualise the work you need to do and allows you to share your ideas with others. You can organize projects into boards, lists, or cards depending on what works for your team.

It offers many tools that enable you to view all of the projects in progress, the person working on each one, and the current status. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, categorize the tasks according to priority, and also assign tasks. It’s a simple, yet effective way of managing your projects through one intuitive, mobile platform.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it simple to network and develop relationships. The app lets you search for people based upon their industry, job, and location. It allows you to keep in touch and connect with people, which gives you better chances of making business deals.

The app offers a platform for sharing ideas, building a personal brand, and showcasing past work. Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news and other important information.

7. FreshBooks

An entrepreneur needs accounting software that can allow them to manage their books from anywhere. FreshBooks Cloud-based Platform was created for small business owners and not accountants. It syncs across all your mobile and computer apps, so you can access and view your financials from any device.

The app can be used to send invoices, view the status and provide feedback to clients. The app allows you to track time and take photos to attach receipts to your expenses. You can track your cash flow with ease.8. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a fantastic app for improving your list-making. Wunderlist syncs with all your devices. You can even share your lists to collaborate on projects. You can also set reminders for the upcoming deadlines or add images to your list.

It’s an excellent productivity app that centralizes all conversations and helps you stay focused on what you have to do.

Here are some more apps for entrepreneurs.

  • Password this app secures all your sensitive data with one master key. It’s easy to forget the password for which account.
  • Skype to make business calls worldwide for free via WiFi or cellular data.
  • Headspace Because entrepreneurs often lead hectic lives it is essential to recharge and reenergize in order to pursue your projects with renewed enthusiasm. Headspace is an app for meditation that will help you feel energized and focused.
  • TapeACall Pro The call recording app for iOS and Android is simple and intuitive.

There are also some apps that are better for entrepreneurs than Android.

  • Gusto. Access your payroll anytime, anywhere with the Gusto mobile app. It was designed for small businesses.
  • Use to centralize team communications using this intuitive messaging app. You can create channels that correspond to different projects and teams, send direct messaging and add videos or photos. Slack is also compatible with many other apps like Salesforce, Dropbox, and others.
  • Camscanner is a free mobile app that scans documents and saves them to your phone. Then, you can save them as PDFs and email them.
  • RescueTime. increase your productivity with this app, which tracks your internet time. It will provide you with daily reports on where you are spending your time, so you can better manage it.

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