BT Discloses Black Friday 2022 Timings Everything You Need to Know

BT Discloses Black Friday 2022 Timings Everything You Need to Know

Shoppers looking for the start of this year’s Black Friday specials don’t have to wait long, as retailer BT has confirmed when its 2022 discounts will go live.

As one of the most important events on the worldwide calendar, hundreds of shops reduce their prices in the run-up to Christmas, generally the first Friday following Thanksgiving. This year’s official date is Friday, November 25, and it’s a popular occasion for both online and in-store customers.

It’s typically thought to be the perfect time for customers to invest in new technology since devices are heavily reduced at many UK stores, including BT, which is expected to offer bargains on its subscription services, internet, and box sets.

As the official launch date of Friday, November 25 approaches, anticipation over what BT TV will provide grows. Given that the majority of BT customers pay by subscription or direct debit, it’s worth considering if buyers should wait until November to obtain the best year-long offer.

In this guide, we’ll look at BT’s TV discounts to assist buyers to make the most of the November sales, but don’t worry, there’s also a slew of entertainment and channel deals to consider.

When will BT begin offering Black Friday deals?

BT might be among the first UK merchants to disclose an official release date. According to their website, “this year’s Black Friday is on Friday, November 25th.” We’ll be lowering prices on a slew of gadgets, devices, and must-have equipment as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

“We’ll be giving massive Black Friday offers on everything from smart home products to cutting-edge smart TVs, elegant laptops, and interactive smartwatches throughout our website.”

The deals are likely to span the whole “deal week” beginning with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday, another highlight on the worldwide shopping calendar when businesses drop online pricing.

What can customers expect to find for sale at BT TV?

Everything from super HD TV deals to BT entertainment packages and Netflix bundles is expected to be on sale beginning November 25 and continuing through November 28, the formal Cyber Monday.

As stated on its website, expect massive discounts on the hottest tech, including smart speakers, home CCTV cameras, 4K Ultra HD TVs, gaming gadgets, smart home devices, snazzy laptops, tablets, and much more, so let’s take a look at the TV deals that could be included this year, and what has been popular in the past.

Last year, one bargain that stuck out was its offer on BT Sport. Let’s face it: sports are always a popular channel in most families, so it’s no surprise that buyers take advantage of this in 2021.

When customers signed up on one of the network’s designated Black Friday sale days, they could save a total of £109.50 per year on a variety of sports bundles. Given the time of year Black Friday occurs on, as well as the time of year in the global sports calendar, it’s probable that BT will provide discounts on its sports bundles once again. Keep a watch out for sports-related offers, especially since the FIFA World Cup takes out in Qatar only five days before Black Friday.

In terms of entertainment, 2021 provided customers access to a slew of beloved shows and films for a fraction of the cost, thanks to half-priced Netflix and NOW TV. All of this was part of its Black Friday flexible TV packages, which were targeted at existing customers wishing to improve their current TV bundles.

BT’s bundles included fiber internet, Netflix, and Sky access through NOW TV. They arrived in a single box. The bargain alone saved customers over £60.

the current deal with a £390 discount

If you want to improve your evening TV viewing experience, BT TV is presently offering a discount on one of its channel bundles. Customers may save £390 on BT’s Superfast broadband and TV offer. You can get fiber internet, Netflix, and NOW Entertainment for £30.99.


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