C-Section (Cesarean Section) vs Normal Birth


A 33 year-old from Leeds told an editor she had been in labour for three days, and the final time, was when she asked for a cesarean section. She had already been to the hospital three times in her pregnancy – which each time resulted in being sent home. “The midwife said to the woman that she doesn’t offer Cesarean Section because of the complication that’s involved, assuming that the male infants would need them.”

Should you go for C-Section (Cesarean Section) or Normal Birth?

When a person is finally allowed to leave, they may be exhausted. Obtaining her consent and also talking her through the birth turned out to be a nightmare when staff had to go in with forceps and it resulted in an episiotomy. The doctor has to repair what was put in incorrectly. “I am angry,” she says. “There is a lot of trauma, but hiding it and pretending everything is fine will only make you feel worse. In many cases, confiding in one of your friends or family members will help to relieve the pressure and get some happiness back.

For personal reasons, she is sceptical of hospitals and the medical staff. She believes that if they had listened, her input would have been taken into account. But today, as she suffers because of a lost opportunity, she thinks all this could have been resolved easily by just listening.

Senior midwife Donna Ockednm reviewed last week and found that had the staff provided better care nine mothers might have survived and 201 babies might still be alive. Mothers were being denied plans for c-sections( out of concern for hitting birth targets. They endured traumatic labour instead. The trust in question had one of the lowest rates for c-sections in the country.

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Shrewsbury scandal

Shrewsbury has seen its fair share of maternity scandals over the past years. Morecambe Bay; where one mother and 11 babies died; Nottingham – the hospital trust recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges, where 46 babies were left with brain damage, are all well-publicised examples of what can happen when a hospital isn’t careful during deliveries. There is a recurring theme throughout these cases, in which mothers are not heard or listened to when they express worries about how their labour was going. While staff may be focused on vaginal birth at all costs, regardless of the medical necessity; and women in U.S. hospitals are not being monitored properly, a study has revealed


Reports say 23% of women felt their birth wishes were not respected

Women are speaking out about their experiences giving birth – and this has uncovered a major issue: some men’s attitudes can lead to instances of abuse. This is a concerning development post the Shrewsbury scandal. “Maria Booker of the charity Birthrights says “It goes so much wider than this report.”. “In 2020, an online survey of 1,145 mothers revealed that 23% felt their birth wishes were not respected. This makes a lot of sense because, in the UK, over 50% of mothers plan to work up to 4 weeks after giving birth. More and more women are currently working while they’re breastfeeding – warily because of their complicated feeding schedule.

C-Section (Cesarean Section) vs Normal Birth

Traditional hospitals often use cesarean section as an alternative to normal birth when the mother is considered too high risk for vaginal delivery. According to the World Health Organization, nearly one in four births today are delivered by cesarean section.

The cost and health risks associated with these types of births have been debated for decades. This paper will discuss whether or not cesarean section is worth it or not.

A cesarean section is an incision in the abdominal wall, made between the ribs and drawn across the breast bone. It is mainly used when there is a need to deliver babies through vaginal birth because of complications during childbirth.

There are many different surgical procedures that can be performed by a cesarean section, depending on the patient’s condition and needs. The most common one is to remove a fetus from the uterus and deliver it outside of the womb, which may include:

– Amniocentesis

– Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

– Hysterectomy for medical conditions or abnormal growths

– Laparoscopy.

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