Chery QQ 2022 Wujie Pro is a Cheap Electric Car

Chery QQ Wujie Pro is a Cheap Electric CarChery QQ Wujie Pro is a Cheap Electric Car

Chery has announced its solution to Changan Lumin Corn EV in the shape of QQ Wujie Pro With Over 400 Km of Range. The electric vehicle with two doors (EV) is astonishing in its performance and range of driving as compared to rivals.

Chery QQ 2022 Wujie Pro Versions

Chery QQ 2022 Wujie Pro has four versions. The basic variants produce the power of 73 horsepower (hp) and 150 Newton meters of torque, and have an operating range of 300 kilometers and the top speed is 120 km/h.

The top-end models have the capability of driving 408 km, 90 HP 120 Nm torque, and a top speed of 120 km/h. All models come with an electric motor that is mounted at the rear.

Chery QQ Wujie Pro is a Cheap Electric Car
Chery QQ Wujie Pro is a Cheap Electric Car

Chery QQ Wujie Pro Advanced Technology Features:

In addition to the options for powertrains, QQ Wujie Pro also includes advanced technology features like:

An advanced 3rd-gen Qualcomm 6155 chip that is designed for cars.
360-degree panoramic view to assist with various features for driver assistance.
All-digital driver’s display.
Smart Infotainment System.
Multiple drive modes.

Cherry QQ mini-EV

Practically Quantity and practicality, QQ Wujie Pro DESIGN includes 4 seats (1 driver seat plus three-seat passengers). The rear seats can be folded to provide greater cargo space. In terms of style, the mini-EV is bolder and more aggressive than other models due to its sharp style elements.

Chery QQ Wujie Pro Price:

Chery QQ Wujie Pro is priced at 79.990 Yuan at launch (2.41 million PKR) and increases by 101,900 Yuan (3.07 million PKR) This puts it slightly higher than its closest rivals,

but still less expensive than bigger electric vehicles. All in all, Wujie Pro is an appealing option for small customers of electric vehicles

Design and Features:

Design of the Interior

The design of the interior of the Chery QQ/United Alpha interior is appealing with an interior that is grey and black with a knitted seat. In addition to the striking appearance, it provides anti-submarine functions and a highly engineered structure.

 It offers space for four people and the rear seats can be folded to expand the cargo capacity to 636 liters.

The dashboard has a central console with a stylish design and a round shape. It also has an infotainment device embedded within it as well as control for air conditioner as well as air vents. The digital instrument cluster includes an activated orange-colored backlight, with a white light that gives an LED display that informs you the speed of your vehicle in a manner that is digital. 

The design of the steering wheel is very sporty and creates a lively impression throughout. The features in the cabin include an air conditioning system as well as two speakers for the audio system with power steering and electric windows, 13 inch alloy Wheels LCD Camera Reverse Camera, CD Input the FM/AM radio, tachometer and a comfortable seat with fabric covering.

Features for Safety:

Chery QQ’s design Chery QQ included the prevention of injuries to the head and chest in case of accidents. Its energy-absorbing steering column which can extend to improve the space between the driver and front passenger’s safety rate. 

The cage steel body offers extra protection for the passengers in the cabin in the event of collisions. Airbags of full size are available to the front passengers, which can help reduce the risk of injuries from collisions. In addition, the in 2020, the Chery QQ features an anti-lock brake system as well as electronic Force Distribution.

Security Features

In spite of all of these security features Chery QQ has not been an extremely safe vehicle due to its inadequate protection for adults and it’s not even rated with zero stars according to NCAP Safety ratings. Global NCAP has released the results of its crash-testing of Chery QQ3.

South African market Chery QQ3. This Chinese five-door hatchback did not receive a single star with its body’s integrity being rated by the NCAP as “unstable”. The QQ3 is without ABS, airbags, seatbelt tensionersas well as Isofix anchors for children’s seats. Global NCAP reported that the protection given to the head of the driver and chest area was “poor”.

 The protection provided to the head of the passenger however, was rated to be “good”, with the chest of the passenger receiving “marginal” protection. The body shell was judged as unstable and unstable, and Global NCAP saying “it was not capable of withstanding any further loadings”. The footwell region was also classified as unstable, with a crack and exposing feet of the driver to the risk of injuries.

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