Climate News: deadly heatwaves in India, Pakistan

Climate change boosted, deadly heatwaves

Temperatures that high are commonplace across India and Pakistan However, Climate News updated that it began in the early hours and lasted for this long.

The scorching heatwave that has hit India, as well as Pakistan, is increased by 30 percent due to the climate crisis According to researchers. High temperatures coupled with low rain since mid-March have led to widespread misery including forest burning, crop losses, and interruptions to water and power sources.

Climate news highlights the already devastating consequences of global warming for thousands of individuals, despite the fact that the average global temperature has only increased by 1.2C above preindustrial levels until now. If temperatures rise to 2C temperatures, heatwaves as severe as the current one could be predicted as often at least every 5 years for India and Pakistan according to the study’s scientists.

The World Weather Attribution group analyzed the historical weather data and concluded that earlier, long heatwaves that impact a large geographical region are rare once-a-century instances.

The researchers also noted that the results were “likely conservative.” Another study this month revealed that climate change has increased the likelihood of a heatwave in April and May within the area by 100-fold greater.

Climate change boosted, deadly heatwaves

A number of deaths have been blamed on the heatwave thus far and is expected to increase as the rate of deaths typically takes several weeks or even months to determine.

“It’s a wake-up call to re-examine how we have set up our food system and whether we’re too dependent on a few crops and a few companies to deliver those crops, and so what happens when we have massive crop failure as we’re seeing now in India?” said Shefali Sharma, Europe director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy which advocates for more sustainable agricultural policies.

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