CNN+ To Shutter $100 Million Streaming Service’s


CNN+ is shutting down, just three weeks after the newest streaming service’s launch

Warner Bros confirmed Thursday that their popular TV streaming service will be closing its doors on April 30.

CNN announced in a statement on Thursday that its CEO is part of the company’s streaming strategy. It plans to combine HBO Max and Discovery+ into one network, which goes hand-in-hand with their merger. Advanced technologies and promoting media that’s more important to viewers worldwide are what CNN wants in the future.

CNN+ has therefore been taken down and will be focusing their efforts on CNN’s core operations and on further developing CNN digital,” said Licht

CNN Worldwide’s Chief Digital Officer, Andrew Morse, announced through a post on Twitter that he will be leaving the company for some time.


What is CNN+

CNN+ was first announced in September of 2017 and after implementing the service, CNN put it on hold 2 months later because the company thought it could not meet its standards. They are taking a bold step by dropping the service altogether. They will allow news anchors to deliver information in a variety of methods, enhancing their efforts and making the network competitive with other news networks. CNN+ may not have offered live programming, but it still provided a diverse range of content. The service was only accessible through cable operators, which dampened demand. However, the service did offer some live talk shows and library content.

Warner Bros. is set to launch a streaming service in April, offer subscribers prorated refunds for unused months and provide access to some content that isn’t available on other services

It contains a variety of programs, movies, and original content that’s both live and recorded. They are a common source of entertainment at news-worthy moments.

Chris Wallace is among the top talent recruited for the new entity, CNN+

The service bills itself as a news alternative for audiences and features programs hosted by top talent such as Chris Wallace, part of Fox News’ prime-time programming.

Licht said in a statement that CNN+ was not about the quality of the programming and that the decision to cease operations was ‘about CNN back-filling holes as a brand where it is no longer practical.’

“CNN’s new streaming service is impressive. At the same time, it’s more complicated than our customers might have wanted,” said executive Jim Walton in a statement.

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