The government will collaborate with TikTok to promote patriotism


Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, has stated that the government is ultimately promote patriotism among youth by working on a partnership with TikTok to commemorate the country’s 75th Golden Jubilee.

She made this comment during the meeting with a team of TikTok which was led by the Regional Head of TikTok for the Asia Pacific, Jiagen Eep she suggested TikTok is an app for creating and sharing short video clips that could also be launching an awareness campaign, in conjunction in conjunction with Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA).

Minister Aurangzeb also assured the delegation of full Ministry of Information support.

She stated that the constitution protects citizens’ rights, including the right to express their opinions; however, no one can use social media to spread false news or assassinate individuals. Furthermore, any posting that violates the constitution will be prohibited on social media platforms.

Ministers stressed the importance of informing citizens about the appropriate and efficient usage of TikTok and advised that the local government should use the local language to aid in the development of public awareness.

promote patriotism

The TikTok management was urged to implement effective measures taking awareness of the causes which led to earlier bans against the platform.

Minister Aurangzeb declared that it’s essential to educate the young on safety precautions in the production of video content on TikTok and said it is crucial to increase awareness of the usage of suitable content on the platform, and among parents (of the users) and also promote patriotism.

The TikTok management was urged to take effective measures to raise awareness of the causes of previous platform bans.

The young population must be made aware of religious and social norms about social media, said the minister and also said that awareness campaigns regarding health concerns could be advertised via TikTok so that the largest number of people have access to these kinds of content.

The minister hopes that the platform will guide young people in the right direction through collaboration and government. TikTok, she says, will also help to promote patriotism, Pakistan’s values, and culture.

The delegation also informed Minister Aurangzeb that blasphemous and anti-state content was never posted on TikTok and that millions of videos were uploaded on the app to spread the spirit of Pakistan’s National Day and the Pakistan Super League.

They also assured her that the spirit of Pakistan will be maintained and promote patriotism values will be promoted within the youth community in conjunction with the Pakistani National Day.

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