Diana wedding tiara will be display on Queen’s Jubilee celebration


The stunning tiara wore by Princess at her Diana wedding to Prince Charles is scheduled to be the main piece displayed at the newest aristocratic jewelry exhibit in Sotheby’s in London.

The Spencer Tiara will be displayed at the show that runs between May 28 and June 15, which is the first time it being displayed in the 1960s.

The tiara from Princess Diana wedding will be showcased at a jewelry exhibition for the royal family at Sotheby’s, London. It is the first time it being shown from the 60s.

The Spencer Tiara will be displayed at the exhibit, which is scheduled to be on display from May 28 until June 15.

The exhibit, Royal and Aristocratic Tiaras will be on display to mark her Platinum Jubilee over the upcoming weeks.

Diana wore the tiara many times after her wedding

According to the reports according to reports, it is believed that the Spencer Tiara was loaned to Sotheby’s by Diana’s brother who was the Earl Spencer, and was most recently used by Celia McCorquodale, the daughter of Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, at her wedding in the year 2018.

Princess Diana wedding gown was also featured in an exhibit in the past; it was displayed at the the Kensington Palace’s Royal Style in the Making exhibition that closed earlier in the year.

Diana wedding

Lord Spencer later spoke of the sparkling jewelry caused Diana a headache that was tearing her shoulders on the day she got married since she wasn’t comfortable wearing it. Following the wedding she wore the iconic tiered tiara for a number of occasions following the wedding such as state dinners during royal overseas tours

Prince William as well as Harry’s mother wore an elaborate garland tiara. It was adorned with a heart-shaped design adorned with diamonds and surrounded by a continuous scroll that were dotted with trumpet-shaped and star-shaped blooms. We’ll never forget this sparkling piece that was worn with her iconic dress by David Emmanual when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

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