Dish’s next wireless plan could allow you to buy an iPhone with cryptocurrency

Dish's next wireless planwireless dish

Dish’s next wireless plan seems to be adopting its unique approach to creating an internet-connected network up towards the Blockchain. The executives who hosted an analyst gathering in Las Vegas today gave a glimpse of their plans for America’s fourth wireless network, and it could lead to a future that allows you to purchase a brand new iPhone with Bitcoin.

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Stephen Stokols, CEO of Dish’s Boost Mobile, showcased the logo for a brand new postpaid wireless plan that will be available in the fall of “Boost Infinite,” and the following is the message he gave:

Imagine if there were an wireless provider that was embracing digital acceleration, or the web 3.0 changes, to completely transform the wireless experience in general. Imagine if you could transform your data that is not being used into a genuine digital currency.

Digital currency does not necessarily mean cryptocurrency, but Stokols adds: “Imagine if you could use decentralized financing to purchase the most recent and iconic gadgets. Imagine if there were a wireless service provider that actually returned your money.”

Dish's next wireless plan

What is the first thing to consider? Then, “leveraging decentralized financing” is similar to “paying for something using crypto,” so we must believe that iPhones are part of this category of “the most iconic smartphones.” If you’re in need of this information laid out for you in a slide, this presentation slide is exactly that.

Dish's next wireless plan could allow you to buy an iPhone with cryptocurrency

Perhaps as well, in addition to making the payment of the bill for your phone using cryptocurrency, you’ll also be able to trade your minutes that you don’t use for NFTs? Doge to exchange your data? Apes for apps? The possibilities are endless. The dish is already playing in the NFT game through Project Genesis which is the test program that will be used for the 5G network’s development — early testers of the network can earn NFTs in addition to other rewards.

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Stokols suggested that Dish will compete against the three major wireless carriers under the “Boost Infinite” branding, stating that the company plans to “take Boost from the prepaid market and bring it to an audience of mass.”

At the moment at the very least the network is in its early stages as part of its Project Genesis branding, and Dish president John Swieringa says that the program will be expanding the initial markets for its launch “in the next few weeks.” The network will need to do so -to meet its FCC deadline to reach 20 percent of the country’s population only a few days from now.

so finally Dish’s next wireless plan could allow you to buy an iPhone with cryptocurrency

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