Easy Kitchen Storage & Cooking Hacks for 2022

Sometimes we feel that we spend most of our time in the kitchen without these cooking hacks for preparing or making food which involves a lot of washing, cleaning, and cutting. Dining out is enjoyable but almost everyone loves homemade food and it’s difficult to take a meal outside every day. A hygienic meal prepared in the home kitchen is love but if consumes too much time to prepare. Mostly it seems that preparations to cook a meal consume more time than the cooking itself.

It is difficult to do a grocery on daily basis and most people buy on weekly basis but to save all the items and keep them fresh or long-lasting is something itself gone to be a complicated task. To make this task super easy and fun we are going to share some hacks which make your ingredients save for a long time to make sure to avoid a daily grocery shopping burden. 

1. Preserved aliment: Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks

Bring your food to room temperature (if it is not already frozen) keep it in an airtight container and freeze. Frozen food can stay longer and whenever want to use just defrost it, heat it well and it is ready to serve. Isn’t it easy Kitchen storage & cooking hack?

2. How to retain cookies crunch: Easy Cooking Hacks

Keep the cookies in a sealed container and before closing the lid put a bread slice at the top. It will keep the cookies fresh very long as they absorb all the moisture and stop the sagginess. Whenever need opens the jar and serves the freshly baked cookies to your family. Enjoy your tea time. Read more to learn new cooking hacks for year 2022.

easy kitchen organisation hacks & cooking hacks 2022

3. How to stock tomatoes: Easy Kitchen Stock Hacks

Tomatoes are used very frequently in almost all cuisine and it becomes hectic if you have to buy it every day before cooking but it is very tricky to stock them. It is highly recommended to buy some green tomatoes and keep them on a countertop or a place that is ventilated. It takes two to three days to become red. Now you can keep them in the refrigerator (not in freezer otherwise you cannot use them in your salads it Can only use in cooking).

 4. Leftover sauce: Easy Kitchen Organisation Hacks

Many foods are served with different sauces which are left after meal and we don’t want to waste it. Keep this leftover pulp or sauce in a zip lock bag (Linked to Zip Lock Bags on Amazon). Make sure you sealed it after taking out the air. Now freeze it for later use and when requires to serve just bring it out and wait till it comes at room temperature.

5. Upside down mayonnaise, jellies and butter: Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks

During hot weathers it becomes difficult to keep these things in the right condition. A thick oil layer appears at the top which might change the taste. Most of people especially kids reject these things because of their messy, greasy look. To avoid this keep these jars upside down in the fridge. Read more Easy cooking hacks below.

Easy Cooking Hacks

6. How to store herbs: Easy Cooking Hacks

Wash and dry the herbs completely. Chop them finely after drying and microwave them at the minimum time set with a few intervals to drain all the moisture. Cooldown and keep in an air-tight box to season your food and enhance the aroma.

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