Educate Against Hate-Prevent Radicalisation & Extremism(UK)

Educate Against Hate-Prevent Radicalisation & Extremism

Uk Government educates against hate to prevent radicalisation but we can still see some cases of extremism from time to time. UK had “allowed understandable cultural and religious sensitives to deter us” and the policy is designed to “make sure we’ve got the common sense balance”.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab vowed to crack down on the radicalisation of jails as it follows Arena terrorist Hashem Abedi was able to be the leader of an armed Islamist group from prison.

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Terrorists who are jailed such as Arena attacker Hashem Abedi are being prevented from creating “no-go zones” inside prisons in order to encourage radicalisation the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said today.

Hashim Abedi In Uk Prison
Hashem Abedi- attack on a prison officer at HMP Belmarsh (Manchester Evening News) 

He made his statement following the revelation that it was revealed that the Islamic State fanatic was able to be the leader of an armed Islamist gang in jail in a secure ‘prison inside the prison. The month of February saw Abedi was sentenced to life in prison, was convicted of aiding his suicide bomber Brother Salman Abedi murdered 22 innocents and two other imprisoned terrorists were found guilty of attacking the prisoner at HMP Belmarsh in the east of London in May, 2020.

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The deputy PM stated that PS1.2m was being used in order to “beef up” the teams that identify extremists and those who need to be remanded to separate centers.

Additionally, he wants to expand the number of rooms in close-supervision facilities within England and Wales in which prisoners with the worst records are between 50 and 60.


In his report, Mr. Hall cautioned in his report that “public confidence in the criminal justice system is shaken if terrorism occurs in prison or if people enter prison only to come out more dangerous”.

“HM Prison and Probation Service’s real-life encounters with terrorist ideology and violence over the past 15 years ought to make staff more confident that their goal is legitimate and not Islamophobic,” said the official.

Educate Against Hate

Mr. Hall declared it crucial for Counter Terrorism Policing got more involved in the investigation of terrorists who commit crimes behind bars. The policing chief was worried certain offenders in prison could get overlooked among “a patchwork of responsibility”.

He also suggested that adjustments may have in order to amend the terrorism laws. For instance prisoners who have their own Islamic State group flags in their cells aren’t committing violations, since the law states that it is prohibited if it is done in an “public place.”

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Mr. Raab acknowledged that the danger that was posed by Islamist prisoners was not being adequately assessed and that a more robust approach was required to tackle the 200 terrorist offenders currently serving sentences and 200 radicals with other convictions who are currently in jail.

“We shouldn’t allow religious or cultural sensitivities to hinder us from enforcing our laws and nipping at the bud before the first signals of radicalisation and eventually the recruitment of terrorists. It is imperative to stop this,” Mr Raab told LBC on Wednesday.

Educate Against Hate-Prevent Radicalisation & Extremism(UK)
Justice Secretary Dominic Raab

(Image: Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

He continued: “We start with the understandable respect for religious observance, we then find kitchens are no go areas for those that will not respect them, then there is a regime within a regime. We’ve got to cut it out far earlier so we don’t get anywhere near punishment being meted out.”

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Mr. Raab acknowledged that only nine of the 28 specialist separation centers which were created after an earlier study of terrorist prisoners were currently in use however he said this would change.

The minister stated that the new bill of Rights’ will take over that of the Human Rights Act and would stop the legal erosion that we already witness with extremists and terrorists seeking to be social in prison, even when they are actually seeking to radicalize’.

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