Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Health

Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Health (1)

In the modern era, mobile phone use is widely so the effects of mobile phones on human health are severe. Mobile or cell phones are now so integrated with modern telecommunications that it’s hard to imagine life without them. In many countries, more than half of the population uses mobile phones and the mobile phone market is growing rapidly. Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of mobile users in the gulf. A study by UNCTAD determined that this makes them the top country in their measures among other countries in the Gulf region. Oman ranked second, followed by Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

As billions of people use mobile phones globally, a small increase in the incidence of adverse health effects on such long term basis.There are a number of factors which increase the health risk, such as how many cell phone calls per day, how long each call is and how much time people spend on their phones.
Using a mobile phone is one way to put yourself at risk for high exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Keep them at least 10 cm away from your body when using and avoid putting them in your pocket or any other location that enhances their exposure to your tissues. The amount of radiofrequency energy devices can emit varies depending on many factors, including the phone’s age and how you’re using it. Devices that are held to your head can be much more harmful than something like a car phone. Consider wearing a headset if you spend long periods of time on your mobile phone.

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has categorized cell phone radiation as possible carcinogenic in 2011, so additional research is required into the long-term use of mobile phones. There is not enough evidence that increased use of mobile phones increase the risk of brain tumours. However, there are a couple of things worth considering related to your business that would warrant further research on the effects of mobile phones uses on human health.WHO has been studying the health impacts of RF exposure and have recently recognized the potential for exposure to this type of radiation to reach a lifetime, meaning that it is seeing a greater number of cases.

With younger populations spending more time on smartphones & other devices with these radiation technologies, they are in particular need of further research. A study in Denmark recently found no evidence for an association between cell phone use and the incidence of brain tumors. The study aggregated billing information from 358,000 + individuals over several years and compared it with tumour data from the Danish Cancer Registry. many people with older cell phones are switching over to smartphones, despite their age.

Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Health (1)

Although the IARC classification indicated the potential risk associated with cancer, the evidence was not strong enough to confirm this. However, it needs further investigation to be sure.People concerned about the possibility of RF exposure can limit their exposure,particularly by turning off regular cell phone use and carrying the device around one ear.

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Scientists have found links between mobile phone usage & adverse health effects of mobile phones, but more research is needed to confirm these findings / A new study has monitored the effects of mobile phones. Scientists recommend that people concern themselves with this topic in order for better understanding about the impact of the effects of mobile phones on human health. When a mobile phone is used very close to many types of medical devices that are considered to being “close to the field” (including pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and some hearing aids), the risk of interference exists.
There is also a risk of interference between cell phone signals and aircraft electronics.Some countries have allowed the use of mobile phones on board aircraft in flight using systems that control the power output of the phone to avoid the harmful effects of mobile phones such interference.

Effects of Mobile Phones

A simple Google search of “mobile phones accidents” will return countless blog posts from sources all over the world sharing different perspectives and studies that show a 3-4x increase in the risk of accidents when mobile phones are used during driving. Children are at higher risk for developing brain cancer than adults because their nervous systems are still developing. Their cells can be more vulnerable to carcinogens due to the rapid increase in size & volume during growth.
The FDA recommends steps to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency energy:
Don’t use your cell phones during a conversation. If you absolutely must, use them as intended – as a phone.
And use hands-free devices when talking on the phone, which distributes the RF waves over something (usually your head) other than your brain and can significantly lessen risk.

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