FIFA 2026 World Cup Tickets

Fifa World Caup 2026 Tickets

Have Fun at Football World Cup Across The USA, Mexico, And Canada

The most anticipated sporting event around the globe. If you’re a fervent football lover, then you be aware that Football World Cup is scheduled to be held in North America.

2026 FIFA World Cup Tickets, Host City, Draw & Teams

If you’re looking at who will be FIFA World Cup 2026 Host City and what is the venue, you’re very excited about the coming world cup.

This year’s World Cup will be the first time ever that it is shared by three different nations. Soccer fans around the world are very thrilled about the exciting new features it will have 48 teams as well as 60 games.

All teams comprised 16 teams from three nations. The inaugural edition, which featured 48 teams will travel to 16 cities within the three nations. 2022 will be the 2022 World Cup, taking place in Qatar, the host country of Arab nation Qatar, and will be the final world cup that has 32 teams. FIFA World cup organizing every four years since 1930.

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The United States last facilitated the FIFA World Cup in 1994 in the year 1994, and this will be Canada’s most memorable experience as a facilitator or co-facilitating of the men’s tournament.

It’s the biggest route to the world cup of soccer, where the top soccer teams from all over the Continent together.

This will be the first time in history that you can see the FIFA World cup going to be able to change venues, venues, and modules across 3 countries and Mexico is the first nation to host or co-host the male World Cups 3 times.

The qualifying format for 2026’s FIFA World Cup and AFC Asian Cup 2027 has been approved and finalized by the executive board of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

Which city is going to be where is the FIFA World Cup 2026 Host City?

It is anticipated that the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in the country of North America and the United joint bid was announced on April 10 in 2017. The bidding process to host the 2022 and 2018 FIFA World Cups began in January 2009. The bidding process was a success, the United bid was successful, receiving 134 valid ballots, whereas the Morocco bid was awarded 65 valid ballots, with 1 nation did not receive any bids.

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  • FIFA World Cup 2026 Host City: Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Qualification Date: The dates are November 2025 through the month of March 2026 (32 days)
  • Teams: 48 (from five or six confederations)
  • Locations three nations (in sixteen host cities)
    • Canada – Vancouver, Toronto
    • Mexico The Mexican Republic Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara
    • United States – New York/New Jersey, Dallas, Kansas City, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Miami
FIFA 2026 World Cup Tickets

The schedule of the world cup US begins on June 8th and will run until 12th July 2026. In the 2026 World Cup, 48 teams have been selected to play in the tournament. FIFA president Gianni Infantino said “FIFA Wants to extend to the 2026 World Cup in the USA to 48 teams(16 additional countries),

It’s difficult to manage 48 at world-level events, however, the governing body had scheduled to host some matches in neighboring nations (Canada and Mexico are chosen). On June 16, 2022, the cities to host the event were announced by the 16 stadiums selected to host the FIFA World Cup 2026 Host City.” In the course of expanding, possibilities were analyzed below.

The expansion to 40 teams(8 groups of five teams)88 matches
Increase to 40 teams(10 groups of four teams)76 matches
Increase to 48 teams(opening round for 32 teams in the playoff round)80 matches
Increase to 48 teams(16 groups comprised of 3 teams)80 matches


As a result, the USA, Mexico, and Canada are getting ready for hosting the most anticipated event in the world’s history Make sure you book the 2026 FIFA World Cup tickets (regular or hospitality) to ensure that you won’t miss the chance to watch your favorite players live. Find Soccer World Cup Final tickets for a price that is competitive!

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When will 2026’s World Cup game schedule be revealed?

It is widely anticipated that, as host countries, the USA, Canada and Mexico will automatically be able to participate in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The confirmation hasn’t been made as of yet when the qualifying process for the tournament started. However, we expect qualifier rounds to begin in November 2025 and run until March 2026.

What are 2026’s FIFA World Cup Sponsors?

The world’s largest football tournament will be held across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It is the United States has been recognized as the most entrepreneurial nation with Canada next, with Mexico among the contenders.

What is the cost of tickets for the 2026 FIFA World Cup US and how can I purchase tickets?

FIFA World Cup 2026 Ticket Price announcements are not expected prior to the 2025 date. However, FIFA’s official website declares that information on tickets for the 2026 world cup “will be made available in the coming days” and “please visit this page often for news.”

The ticket price is comparable to that of FIFA World Cup Qatar ticket prices. The ticket category is four and the expected prices range from $54.85 to $1000, with the exception of the final.

  • Match opening: $54.85-$301.68
  • Group game: $10.97-$219.40
  • The Round 16 of 16. $19.20-$274.26
  • Quarterfinals: $82.28-$425.10
  • Semifinals: $137.13-$954.41
  • Third-place match: $82.28-$425.10
FIFA 2026 World Cup Tickets

What’s the price for the 2022 World Cup tickets cost?

Tickets to tickets for Qatar World Cup are being sold exclusively through FIFA through the course of a multi-phase process that is still in progress. There are two random lottery draws of tickets and one first-come-first-served sales period. There are two first-come, first-served sales periods left.

Ticket category four is available, one of which is Category 1. It’s the priciest, Category 4 being the cheapest, and reserved only for Qatar residents. Below are the prices of one ticket for each round (the first price is Category 4 while the second price is Category 1):

The opening match is $54.85-$301.68

Group game: $10.97-$219.40

The Round 16 of 16. $19.20-$274.26

Quarterfinals: $82.28-$425.10

Semifinals: $137.13-$954.41

Third-place match: $82.28-$425.10

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When do 2026 World Cup tickets go on sale?

Tickets for 2026’s World Cup are not on for sale yet, and it’s not clear when they’ll be available to purchase. FIFA’s official website states that information about tickets “will be made available in the near future” and that you should “please check this page frequently for news.”

What will 2026 World Cup tickets cost?

Prices for the 2026 World Cup tickets aren’t available as well. To get an idea of what the costs could be Let’s look at the prices for the upcoming tournament in Qatar.

What does the cost of the 2022 World Cup Final Tickets cost?

Naturally, the most popular ticket for the tournament will be the final match at Lusail Stadium on Dec. 18.
A ticket in Category 4 with a total cost of $205.69 and the lowest ticket for a non-Qatar-based person is $603.36. Tickets for Category 1 cost an astronomical $1,604.39 per. In comparison, the ticket prices at the 2017 World Cup final ranged from $455 to $1100.

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