FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo

FIFA 22 Ronaldo soccer professional has set records representing Portugal’s national team, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Portuguese nation’s team. Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo: Which One Is He?

Portuguese soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is well-known worldwide. Manchester United spent PS12 million (nearly 14 million U.S. dollars) to acquire him in 2003. He was only sixteen years old. This was a record amount for a player this age.

In the year 2004’s FA Cup final, Ronaldo scored the first three goals for Manchester to ensure his team won. Ronaldo also scored a team-wide record for goal scoring in 2008 in addition, Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his services in the next year.

He holds the record for 5 Ballon d’Or titles for player of the year, among his many achievements. Additionally, Ronaldo was instrumental in helping Portugal to win the 2016 European Championship a stunning victory. Ronaldo started a new phase of his career when he joined the Italian Serie A team Juventus in July of 2018.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

The Early Years

On the 5th of February 1985, Ronaldo became a boy in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal an island of a small size located off the west coast of the country. He was one of Maria Dolores dos Santos and Jose Dinis Aveiro’s children, Ronaldo is also their name. Ronald Reagan was named Ronald Reagan in honor of his father, who was fond of the actor.

Ronaldo was born in a modest house with tin roofs with views of the ocean in a community that was mostly comprised of people from the working class. Ronaldo’s father was the equipment manager for a boys’ club who introduced him to the game of soccer.

The father of his son often drank too much, which caused an impact on his life in the beginning. Ronaldo’s mom worked as a cook and housekeeper to feed the children and ensure that the family was financially stable.

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When Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United in 2005, his father died from kidney issues caused by alcohol, and in 2007 his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ronaldo was able to make the first difficult, as he and his father were close.

The young sportsman has repeatedly asked his father to visit treatment and quit drinking. However, his father was not willing to take his offer.

Ronaldo was already an icon at the age of 10 and was a soccer fan for life at the time. Their godfather of his, Fernao Sousa, told British journalists that “all was he ever wanted to do in his youth was to play football,” adding that “he was so obsessed with the game that you could not eat or get from the window of his bedroom with a ball whenever the time came for finishing his studies.”

Ronaldo’s talents and fame were growing rapidly when the young man was in his teens. He joined Sporting Portugal in 2001 after a brief time in Nacional da Liha do Madeira.

Dimensional Information


In centimeters- 185 cm

In meters – 1.85 meters

In Feet Inches 6 1″


85 kg

Dark black hair

Eye color Hazel Brown

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

Career in Soccer

Ronaldo got hired at the time by Manchester United for more than PS12 million in 2001, at the time he was only sixteen years old. It was a record price for a player of his age.

In the match between Portugal against Manchester, Ronaldo stunned all with his stunning performance, beating even his opponents with his subtle ability and astonishing skill. Many united players urged their managers to get the youngster on board after his impression, and the team soon followed suit.

Ronaldo didn’t let the soccer world down. in his 2004 FA Cup final, he demonstrated his potential from the start by scoring the team’s initial three goals and helping to win the cup. Ronaldo agreed to sign an eight-year PS31 million deal in the year 2007.

Ronaldo put together one of the best seasons in the club’s history, setting an all-time record in goals argument for his massive contract. In all, Ronaldo assisted Manchester United in winning three Premier League championships.


The son with the smallest from Mara Dolores dos Santos and Jose Dinis Aveiro, a municipal gardener, was named Ronaldo in honor of American actor and politician Ronald Reagan.

Hugo was his brother who was older Hugo was his older brother, and Elma, as well as Liliana Catherine, were the elder sisters. Isabel da Piedade, his great-grandmother, was from Cape Verde.

Ronaldo stated that the members of his family with strong Catholic roots lived in poverty and shared the same room as his siblings.

While he is well-liked by his peers but he was kicked out of school because he disrespected the teacher by throwing a chair at her.


One of the best soccer players around the world and an athlete who has received huge media coverage. Both in 2007 and 2008. Ronaldo was awarded the league’s Top Player title in addition to his Portuguese Sportsman of the Year distinction. Ronaldo was awarded the Golden Boot, the Ballon d’Or, and the FIFA World Player in the 2007-08 football season.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

FC Real Madrid

Manchester United accepted Real Madrid the bid for 93.9 million euros on the 11th of June, 2009. On June 26th, Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer was officially made public and it was one of the biggest football transfers ever. It was announced before 80,000 fans on the 6th of July at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. On the 21st of July, the team made its on-field debut during a 1-0 win against Shamrock Rovers.

The goal he scored was his first just a week after Madrid won against LDU Quito 4-2 thanks to an injury. The striker made his League debut on the 29th of August in a match against Deportivo La Corua, which they defeated by a score of 3-2. On September 15 he scored his debut goals with Real during the Champions League, two free kicks during a 5-2 win against Zurich. It was the first player from Real to score in all of his first four games after scoring a second score in the league match against Villarreal.

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He was a winner of The 2011 Copa del Rey, the League of 2011-12, and in 2012, the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid. He was second at the 2004 European Championship in Portugal and fourth in the World Cup while playing for the Portuguese national team. In Germany in the year 2006.

He was awarded his first King’s Cup, the Champions League and the Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup in his fourth consecutive season at Real Madrid. He was the first player ever to make it to the two European Cup finals for two different clubs that won during the Champions League final against Atletico de Madrid. The 10th European Cup was won by Real.


On the 13th of January 2014, Cristiano took home his third Ballon d’Or, beating out Messi and Ribery. The win came following a stunning 2013 where he scored 70 goals and take on Portugal during his World Cup play-off.

In January 2012 the player won 37.66 percent of the votes More than twice Messi’s (15.76 percent) support. He also took home his 3rd Ballon d’Or. On the 13th of October, He won his 4th Golden Shoe, making history as the player who has the most wins. The previous three were all when he was playing for Real Madrid.

The penalty kicked that won the match was scored by him The 11th European Cup victory over Atletico Madrid in the 2015-16 Champions League final. He beat France during the 2015 European Championship final in Paris when he was playing for the Portuguese team. He was forced to quit the match early because of an injury, but the team went on to win the tournament as captain the team and win the Silver Shoe award for the event for his three goals as well as three assists.

He was awarded his 4th Ballon d’Or on December 12 the 12th of December, 2016. In addition, the 31-year-old Portuguese was able to defeat Leo Messi and Antoine Griezmann. He was awarded The Greatest Award, given by FIFA to the most outstanding player in the world in 2016 on the 9th of January of 2017, in an awards ceremony at TPC Studios. TPC Studios (Technology and Production Center) in Zurich.

Real Madrid won their third league title, and Zinedine Zidane’s first title on May 21, 2017 – five years after winning the previous title.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

Karim Benzema as well as Cristiano Ronaldo scored in La Rosaleda to seal the victory for the coach in the face of an insignificant Malaga (0-2).

In the Cardiff Millennium Stadium on June 3 in 2017, Real Madrid defeated Juventus 4-1 in their bid to claim their twelfth Champions League trophy. Cristiano Ronaldo had two goals and Casemiro scored once. Casemiro had a goal, while Marco Asensio scored twice. In the case of Juventus, Mario Mandukic scored the goal.

On the 26th of May, 2018 the Whites with the help of Zinedine Zidane on the bench expanded the span of their Champions League history by defeating Liverpool in the final that he lost 3-1. The third consecutive Champions League victory and fourth in the last five years has earned them their 13th European title, confirming their status as the most dominant team of the decade.

Cristiano Ronaldo overcame Messi as well as Neymar to take home The Best 2017 title on the 23rd of October and it was his second win in consecutive years. Trainer Zidane who is from Real Madrid took home the trophy for the top coach.

A brand new Ballon d’Or was given to Cristiano Ronaldo on 7 December the 7th of December, 2017. In a ceremony at the top of Eiffel Tower Paris, The Portuguese striker took home the famous France Football magazine award for the fifth time in his career. He is tied with Leo Messi as the two footballers who have won the most wins. Ronaldo’s was the second consecutive year in which he won the award after receiving the award in 2013, 2008 2014, 2013, and 2016.

He quit Real Madrid on July 10, 2018, 2018. After nine years, the 33-year-old Portuguese striker gave goodbye to his white club. He joined the club to the club in July 2009, and then left for Italy in July 2018, to join Juventus for an estimated 105 million euros.

The team also took home two leagues. king’s cup and two Spanish super cups as well as the four Champions Leagues, and three Spanish super cups. In total, he won 16 titles including three World Cups and Europe.

FC Juventus

Juventus defeated 2-1 Fiorentina on the 20th of April 2019 to win their 35th Italian champions title mathematically. the eighth time in a row that they have won and the first of the “period” of the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano was a winner of two leagues as well as the Italian Cup, and a Super Cup during his three seasons at Juventus and scored 101 times in the 134 matches.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

Man Utd.

The announcement of his decision to leave Juventus and his return back to Manchester United, the team that he played for and won in the 2007 Champions League, the Portuguese striker, in whose service City is also keen, announces an announcement on August 20, 2021. The agreement for two seasons is binding the CR7 club to United. The English team is liable to pay Juventus fifteen million euros, plus eight million in variable fees, which will add to the total of 127 million euros the Italian team has for Real Madrid from the summer of 2018.

FIFA 22 Ronaldo Biography and Life, His Age, Height Facts, Achievements, and Many More.

Couples and Children

On the 17th of June in 2010, a baby named Cristiano was born. His parents chose to call him “Cristianinho.” The soccer player who was from the US has announced that he was the sole parent of the baby while keeping his mother’s name secret. He was close to English fashion models Gemma Atkinson and Alice Goodwin. He was reportedly introduced to Russian model Irina Shayk in the Armani Exchange advertisements, and they began dating in the year 2010. Their relationship ended in January 2015. Luca Villalon, a Spanish TV journalist, was connected to Ronaldo.

Cristiano made use of social media platforms to declare his fatherhood to 2 children (Eva as well as Mateo) that were born via surrogate mother on the 8th of June, 2017 in the United States, much as the previous year he announced his fatherhood before to announce the arrival of his very first child.

On the 12th of November in 2017, Georgina Rodriguez was a mother to Alana Martina her first child, which was her first with Cristiano Ronaldo. The birth was part of planned birth in the Quiron Clinic in Pozuelo. The birth was a success as the soccer player himself posted via social media.

The news was that he was going to become the father of twins again in the month of October 2021. The second daughter was born in April 2022 and his twin brother also passed in the year 2022.


Ronaldo was just twenty-one aged when the father of his family, who was being afflicted by a liver condition caused by alcohol and smoking, died on September 5, 2005. Ronaldo was arrested for suspicion of raping a woman in a London hotel in October of 2005 just one month following the death of his father. He was released under bail. Then, in November of 2005, Scotland Yard dismissed the allegations based on “insufficient evidence” in spite of Ronaldo’s denials about the allegations.

The player was indicted for defrauding tax authorities of more than EUR15 million between the years 2011 to 2014. He was sentenced to two years of suspended jail time in June 2018, along with an initial sentence of EUR18.8 million. This was later reduced to EUR16.8 million after negotiations between officials from the Spanish government. If he doesn’t commit a second offense it is possible to continue to serve the remainder of his sentence on probation without being sentenced to jail.

Titulars from Cristiano Ronaldo


  • 2002 Portuguese Super Cup
  • Microsoft United
  • FA Cup 2003-2004, 2007-2008
  • 2005-2006 English League Cup
  • Premier League seasons 2006-07 and 2007-08
  • 2007-2008 European Champions League
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2008

Madrid Real

  • 2014, 2016 as well as 2017 FIFA Club World Cup
  • The UEFA Champions League ran from 2013-14 to 2016-17, and then from 2017-18.
  • 2014 and 2017. UEFA Super Cup
  • 2011-12, 2016-17 La Liga
  • King’s Cup seasons 2010-11 and 2013-14
  • Super Cups in Spain (2012) and (2017)


  • 2018 Italian Super Cup
  • 2018-19 Italian league
  • 2019-10 Italian league

Portuguese Option

  • The 2018 European Championships will be held in the European Championship
  • Winners of the 2017-19 UEFA Nations League

Individual Acknowledgment

  • 2013-2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or
  • Man of the Match” during the 2013 UEFA Super Cup
  • 2013-14 2015-16 in addition to 2016, and 2017 UEFA Best Player
  • 2007-2008, 2010-2011, 2012-2013, 2014-2015 UEFA Ballon d’Or
  • It was the Golden Ball of the 2016 Club World Cup
  • In Portugal in 2007 and 2008, 2009, 2011, 12, 13, 15, 17, 17, and 18. the best footballer in the world
  • The 2018 ESPY Award winner for Best Player in the World
  • Soccer in France Magazine Boot in gold

Social Media Profiles

Cristiano Ronaldo has a Twitter account under the handle @Cristiano.

Facebook: Cristiano at

Instagram Account name: @cristiano

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