FIFA creates its own Live Streaming Platform

FIFA creates its own live streaming platform

According to the governing body FIFA creates its own live streaming platform.FIFA+ will stream more than 4000 women’s and men’s games in 2022.

On Tuesday, FIFA announced the official launch of its digital platform, which will provide live streaming of thousands of football games, archive footage from World Cup matches, and a library of other materials in various languages.

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FIFA Live Streaming Platform

The FIFA live streaming platform, which is named Fifa+, will show more than 40,000 games in 2022, including 11,000 women’s matches according to the world’s leading football body.

It’s making its entire archive of the women’s and men’s World Cup available to watch, “totaling more than 2,000 hours.”
It will show data, talk shows, and documentaries. One of them is the 90-minute documentary on the former Brazil superstar, Ronaldinho.

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The decision of FIFA to create a live streaming platform of its own coincides with established platforms such as Netflix as well as Amazon Prime already investing heavily in sports-related content.

European governing soccer body UEFA established its own Worldcup live streaming stream service, In the year 2019.

It also includes archives of footage and highlights of matches, particularly from youth and women’s tournaments as well as Men’s tournaments.

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