Which Fifa Referees Will Take Charge Of Games At The Football World Cup 2022 Qatar?

Fifa Referees

The FIFA Referees Committee announced the list of the chosen match officials for the Football World Cup 2022 Qatar. 36 referees, as well as 69 assistant referees along with 24 video game officials (VMOs), were selected in close collaboration with the six confederations based on their performance and quality. that they have displayed at FIFA tournaments and in other domestic and international tournaments over the past few years.

“As always, the criteria we have used is ‘quality first and the selected match officials represent the highest level of refereeing worldwide,” said the head of the FIFA Referees Committee, Pierluigi Collina. “The 2018 World Cup was very successful, partly because of the high standard of refereeing, and we will do our best to be even better in a few months in Qatar.”

The “Road to Qatar 2022” project was launched in the year of the year 2019, with over 50 possible candidate trios and undergoing intensive preparation. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, However, this process was not an easy task because in-person activities were stopped for a prolonged time.

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“The epidemic affected our activities, particularly in 2020 and towards the year 2021’s beginning. Fortunately, this year’s World Cup was still quite distant from being completed, so we had plenty of time to provide the participants with the best preparation. The selections are announced ahead of time because we are determined to be even more involved with everyone who has been selected to this year’s FIFA World Cup, monitoring their progress in the months ahead. The message is simple Don’t be content with your achievements, continue to work to be extremely hard-work,ing and prepare yourself carefully to be ready for this World Cup,” said Collina.

fifa referees

Massimo Busacca, FIFA’s Director of Refereeing and Refereeing, assures that officials of the match will receive all the assistance required by FIFA in their preparation since their role is crucial.

“Thanks to the innovative program for tracking and support which tracks and supports match officials, all officials are monitored with the help of FIFA referees’ coaches in a more thorough and rigorous manner than they were in the past. This is a significant aspect, and from it, we anticipate significant improvement and growth in anticipation for FIFA Football World Cup 2022 Qatar,” Busacca said. Busacca. “In the meantime, there will be tailor-made individual programs, with a focus regarding fitness and health. Every match official will be closely monitored over the coming months, with final assessments of medical, physical, and technical aspects that will be completed just prior to the Football World Cup 2022 Qatar, in order to ensure they are in top shape when the ball is set to start to roll into Qatar.”

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The chosen match officials will take part in the early summer at a number of training sessions (Asuncion, Madrid, and Doha) in which they will review and analyze videos of matches, as well as take part in training sessions with players. The sessions will be recorded in order for participants to get instant feedback from their instructors.

“The key focuses of the preparation remain protecting players and the image of the game, consistency, uniformity, reading the game from a technical and tactical perspective, and understanding a variety of player and team mentalities,” Busacca said. Busacca. “We can’t eliminate all mistakes, but we will do everything we can to reduce them.”

We are thrilled we have Stephanie Frappart from France, Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda as well as Yoshimi Yamashita, a native of Japan along with the assistant referees Neuza Back from Brazil, Karen Diaz Medina from Mexico, and Kathryn Nesbitt from the USA We have also been able to invite women as match referees for the first time at the FIFA World Cup. This is the conclusion of a lengthy process that started a few years ago with the introduction of female referees to FIFA the men’s senior and junior tournaments. This way we make clear that quality is important to us, not gender. I’d like to see that in the near future, the selection of women’s elite match officials in important male competitions will be seen as normal and no longer as exciting. They should be represented in the Football World Cup 2022 Qatar(TM) because they always perform at an extremely top level. That’s the main reason we choose them,” concluded the chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee Pierluigi Collina.

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List of the appointed Fifa Referees for the Fifa Football World Cup 2022 Qatar

Ivan BartonChris BeathRaphael Claus
Matthew CongerIsmail ElfathMario Escobar
Facundo TelloAlireza FaghaniBakary Gassama
Abdulrahman Al-JassimStephanie FrappartMustapha Ghorbal
Maguette N’DiayeVictor GomesIstvan Kovacs
Mohammed Abdulla
Hassan Mohamed
Andres Matias Matonte CabreraMa Ning
Antonio Mateu LahozDanny MakkelieSzymon Marciniak
Daniele OrsatoSaid MartinezKevin Ortega
Cesar Arturo RamosSalima MukansangaMichael Oliver
Daniel SiebertFernando RapalliniWilton Sampaio
Clement TurpinJanny SikazweAnthony Taylor
Jesus ValenzuelaSlavko VincicYoshimi Yamashita

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