FIFA Sponsors have Broken their Silence over the Qatar World Cup row

FIFA sponsors have broken their silence over the Qatar World Cup row

FIFA sponsorship sponsors Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, BP, and Visa have joined Sony in requesting that FIFA examine the controversy surrounding its decision to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, in fear that the “negative atmosphere” regarding corruption allegations could damage their brands. The actions of sponsors show they are more likely to adopt ethical measures to safeguard their brand, as per experts in sponsorship.

FIFA Sponsors have heaped pressure on FIFA to tackle corruption charges swirling around the 2022 Qatar World Cup bid.

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Global companies have come together in dissociating themselves from corruption accusations after Sony was the first to express its concern in the past week on Sunday (8 the 8th of June). The reports from the weekend suggested that the former Qatari FIFA Executive Committee member Mohammed Bin Hammam was bribed by colleagues to get Qatar’s bid in 2022 for the World Cup.

“However brands and companies are increasingly concerned about safeguarding their image and reputation that they are finding themselves in a position to make comments in public. CSR is now so crucial for brands that all associated activities such as major sponsorship programs must be monitored and public commentary.”

FIFA Sponsors Sony along with Adidas, BP, and Coke initially refused to express their opinions on the scandal. However, the calls for an investigation and a second vote to choose another host in the event that the allegations are proven to emerge following the news, provoking the sponsors to take action.

The Japanese business ended the silence by releasing a release that stated that it expects FIFA to ensure that the revelations are “investigated properly”.

Adidas FIFA’s longest-running commercial partner, immediately responded with a statement of its own that read: “The negative tenor of the debate in the public sphere about FIFA right now is not good for football, nor the interests of FIFA and its commercial partners.”

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Coca-Cola also made its worries known and supported the governing body to solve the matter swiftly. It also said: “We are confident that FIFA will take the allegations seriously and is examining them thoroughly in the Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee.”

Hyundai, Visa, and BP Hyundai, Visa, and BP Castrol labels are believed to have taken the decision earlier in the year to leave soccer, both echoed the anxiety of their sponsors. McDonald’s didn’t respond to requests for comment at the time this story was published.

FIFA has taken steps to tamp down the media storm surrounding the announcements by sponsors and claims that its have complete confidence in the probe. Thierry Weill, the marketing director at FIFA said: “We are in constant contact with our commercial partners which include Adidas, Sony, and Visa and they have 100 % confidence in the current investigation being carried out through FIFA’s independent Ethics Committee.

“Our sponsors have not asked for anything that isn’t subject to the ongoing investigation conducted by the Ethics Committee.”

Experts in sponsorship question whether the FIFA Qatar WC sponsors should have made their announcements earlier in their announcements and that their union is a larger shift in the way sponsors hold rights holders accountable to safeguard their image.

Gordon Lott, founder of the Run2Work petition and former London 2012 marketing manager for Lloyds said: “It’s a defensive move by the sponsors who have been aware of the lack of governance that is at the core of FIFA for years and it’s a pity they haven’t acted in the best interests of their fans and customers earlier.

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“The date of these announcements will provide the sponsors a bit more influence in negotiations both during and following the Qatar WC – they’ll be given additional rights instead of the lower cost of existing rights and I’m guessing that they’d all want 2022 to be played somewhere other than Qatar because of the fan experience If the event moves, it could be the biggest win for them.”

Nigel Currie, director of sponsorship and marketing for sports for Brand Rapport, says: “Up to a few years ago, sponsors were not allowed to comment on issues like this and would have reported all matters to the authority that governs them.

Fifa Qatar 2022 Countdown is not complete yet

This isn’t the first time that the Qatar WC has caused a stir among FIFA’s business partners. Sponsorship experts said the possibility of a winter event because of Qatar’s scorching temperatures in summer could force sponsors to rethink their strategies to prevent a loss of an event during which they typically enjoy high sales, based on the season.

The current escalation of the allegations could affect the anticipation for this week’s opening ceremony in the Qatar WC, which has already been dampened by political tensions in Brazil.

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Who are the FIFA sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The partners and sponsors who haven’t commented on the compensation campaign include Visa, Hyundai-Kia, Qatar Energy, Qatar Airways, Vivo, Hisense, Mengniu, Crypto, Wanda, and Byju.

Why is Qatar WC being boycotted?

The treatment of the employees recruited to construct the infrastructure was one of the most talked-about topics of the World Cup in Qatar. The World Trade Union Conference (ITUC) and Human Rights Watch claim that the Kafala system exposes migrant workers to routine mistreatment.

Is Nike sponsoring Qatar WC 2022?

Qatar 2022 World Cup jerseys are revealed by Nike.

How much does it cost for FIFA Sponsors, in World Cup 22?

With $1,353 million, advertising income (marketing rights) comes in second and accounts for 29% of the total. $673 million in revenue and income comes from hospitality rights, ticket sales, licensing rights, and other sources. The overall budgeted investment, or cost, for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is $1,696 million.

Who is the official sponsor of FIFA?

Following Wanda and Hisense as Chinese businesses with FIFA sponsorship agreements, Vivo is the third. The EdTech company sponsored the FIFA World Cup 2022 in March, making it the first Indian brand to be linked with FIFA.


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