FIFA U-20 Womens World Cup Technical Study group Preview

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Technical Study group Preview

Costa Rica will host the 10th FIFA U-20 Womens World Cup(TM). Due to the global pandemic, the biennial competition will return for the first time in 2018 after it was held in France.

Womens World cup

Japan has crowned champions last time out, becoming the fourth nation to win this tournament, after Korea DPR, Germany, and the USA.

The Golden Ball

Spain beat the finalists and produced their best performance ever at a FIFA U-20 women’s World Cup. Patricia Guijarro won both the Adidas and the Golden ball and Golden Boot awards for her exceptional contributions to her team’s run towards the final.


It is evident how important the U-20 Women’s World Cup is in developing young talent. Five of the five English Women’s EURO-winning teams were part of the 2018 U-20 Women’s World Cup.


Experience in major tournaments against different play styles and against top U-20 players around the globe is a valuable tool for young players’ mental, technical and tactical development.

We are introducing our Technical Study Group The FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG), which will travel to Costa Rica to observe all games in the competition.

Monica Vergara and Anja Mittag are part of our team. Pascal Zuberbuhler is also part of the team.


Since childhood, football has been a major part of Monica’s life. She has represented her country at all levels, as a player as well as a coach. She made her debut in Mexico at 13 years old. From 1997 to 2011, she played for Mexico 14 times before moving into coaching. In that capacity, she worked with the U-15, U-17, and U-20 national teams. She is currently the head coach of the senior national team.

Vergara is excited to see how the development of women’s games from a tactical, tactical, and mental perspective has been evident at the senior tournaments held across the confederations.

Women’s football is certainly on the rise as the federations provide more support and the creation of professional leagues. Clubs now seek to identify player potential earlier in life, which allows for more holistic development of the players that includes their mental, technical and physical abilities.

Vergara stated, “That’s why I hope to see more competitive matches in every phase of the game, and with a better tactical understanding by the players to carry out their games plans,”


Vergara is keen to see the Japan team, which is the defending champion. Their intricate passing style led to their U-20 win in 2018. This style is similar to Spain. This tournament will be dominated by the offensive transition trends that are used often by France and Germany.

“I look forward to the variety of play styles and tactical maturity of the teams. What are their tactics to win? She concluded that it would be an exciting tournament.


Anja Mittag is a former U-20 (2004) FIFA Women’s World Cup(TM), the winner with Germany, and a former senior (2007) player. Mittag has won numerous trophies and scored 50 international goals in her 158 appearances for Germany. She won five World Cup medals and a UEFA U-19 Championship (2002). In 2016, she was awarded an Olympic gold medal.

She retired in 2020 from playing and is now an assistant coach for RB Leipzig’s senior women’s team, who plays in the Frauen Bundesliga.

Mittag also mentions the tactical and athletic development of players. She is especially interested in how teams develop their attacking skills in this tournament. Mittag stated, “I would like to see how teams create their goal-scoring chances and what the forward movement is.” “How do they behave under pressure? What solutions do they come up with?”

Mittag, a former player in major youth tournaments and winner, fully understands the importance of these tournaments for player development.

womens world cup

It was the best experience for me and it taught me how I could play against players from all over the world. I gained so many valuable lessons. It forced me to be a better player,” she said.

“When you take a look at the 2022 UEFA Women’s European Championship finals, it is clear that so many of the players from England and Germany participated in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Each team had five players in their respective squads who played in France in 2018. Alessia Russo and Lauren Hemp from England, Georgia Stanway and Chloe Kelly, and Ellie Roebuck for Germany. Klara Buhl and Sophie Kleinherne were also in the squad. Guilia Gwinn was in Germany with Laura Freigang. It is important because of this. Mittag explained that playing in tournaments is a great way to help players develop.”


 The tournament’s goalkeepers will be the focus of the spotlight. Former Switzerland international, he attended and observed the U-17 and U-20 FIFA Women’s World Cups.

Zuberbuhler will not only focus on the individual performance of goalkeepers but also on the vitally important connection they have to their team, particularly their last defensive line. “I am looking forward to seeing how connected goalkeepers are with their teams when they build play from the back. How do they distribute pressure and can they use both their feet? Zuberbuhler stated that goalkeepers at senior levels are physically and athletically fit and they expect to see similar results at the U-20 level.

“Outside of possession, will they dominate their areas?” Do they have confidence in handling crosses? What are their techniques for dominating crowded penalty areas with their footwork, physicality and timing? What are their landing techniques to make sure they are explosive and powerful in the second phase of attacks? He added.

Zuberbuhler noted that the U-17 and U-20 World Cups teams with the best goalkeepers were those that had strong connections to their teammates, both inside and outside of the game. It is not a coincidence, he says, that the best teams have this quality.

“If the goalkeeper’s role is to save shots, they don’t get involved enough with the team. To ensure that the team is connected defensively, it is important to keep the goalkeeper away from the last line and the midfield. “We are currently looking at the modern game and assessing what goalkeepers can do to help us,” stated Zuberbuhler.



The Football Analysis Team 

Our team of football experts will be supported by members of our Football Performance Analysis & Insights group. They will bring video and data insights from every match using our new Enhanced Football Intelligence metrics. The FIFA Football Data Collection team based in the United Kingdom will also produce detailed datasets for every match. These will be made available to all participants.

These new insights and data will be used to support our TSG observations and provide a deeper understanding of U-20 women’s soccer than ever before. This coverage will be made available in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022 technical analyses, which can be found at the FIFA Training Centre.

This tournament will be the first to use VAR.

Costa Rica

 This tournament starts on Wednesday, 10 August 2022. It is held during Costa Rica’s rainy seasons, which typically range between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius. The competition, consisting of 16 teams, will take place at San Jose Estadio Nacional (San Jose Estadio Nacional) and Alajuela Morera Soto (Sunday 29 August).

FIFA Technical Team U-20 Women’s World Cup Technical experts Anja Mittag-Technical Expert Monica Vergara–Technical Expert Pascal Zuberbuhler—Technical Expert (GK). Football Performance Analysis Lead Elliott Stonell, Football Performance Analyst Juan Pablo Busso, Football Data Science Lead, Football Tournament Lead, Project Leads Ulf Schutt-Head Football Performance Analysis & Intelligence Chris Loxston – Group Leader, Football Performance Analysis & Information a Paxton & Insights.


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