Doha World Cup 2022: Accommodation, Stadiums, Parking, Cafe, and Tourism

Fifa World Cup 2022Fifa World Cup 2022

Doha World Cup 2022 World Cup 2022 is the 22nd edition of this FIFA World Cup competition, which will take place in Qatar 22. World Cup must be played within a minimal timeframe which is around 28 days. Each team must have a minimum of 11 international Fifa World players See the Qualified Player List For the Doha World Cup 2022.

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It will be one of the very few World Cups ever to be held in the Arab world and it will be the first World Cup held entirely in Asia following the 2002 World Cup held in South Korea and Japan. FIFA announced the roster of referees, which includes 36 as well as 69 assistant referees, and 24 assistants. List of the appointed match officials for the World Cup in Qatar 22. This time around, something is different in that women referees will be able to referee games in a major male event for the very first time. Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, Stephanie Frappart from France as well as Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan.

The dates are 20 Nov to 18.12.2022. Not to mention that this is the initial Doha World Cup 2022 to be held in the Arab and also become a game-changing for Qatar.  FIFA WC 2022 organizers meticulously planned the event to make sure that both spectators and Fifa World players can enjoy a pleasant weather experience during the event. In 2022, the World Cup was moved from the traditional dates of summer to Qatar’s winter dates to benefit from the warmer temperatures. Additionally, all World Cup stadiums have been designed with cooling systems.

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Qatar 22 has announced eight stadiums in which the matches will take place: Khalifa International Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Lusail Iconic Stadium, and the Education City Stadium.

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Opening Match in FIFA WC 2022

The opening match of this tournament is played between Qatar 22 with Ecuador in the Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor. The final is scheduled to be held on the 18th of December 2022. This is also Qatar 22 National Day.

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The Doha World Cup 2022 starts on November 20 at Al Thumama Stadium when Senegal will face The Netherlands within Group A. It will also host Qatar 22 against Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium.

Matches Schedule OF Doha World cup 2022

Doha World cup 2022

Group Match

CountriesTime/DayGroup Stadium
Qatar vs Ecuador20 Nov
09:00 pm
AAl Bayt Stadium
England vs Iran21 Nov
06:00 pm
BKhalifa International Stadium
Senegal vs Netherland21 Nov
09:00 pm
AAl Thumama Stadium
USA vs Wales22 Nov
12:00 am
BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia22 Nov
03:00 pm
CLusail stadium
Denmark vs Tunisia22 Nov
06:00 pm
DEducation City Stadium
Mexico vs Poland22 Nov
09:00 pm
CStadium 974
France vs Australia23 Nov
12:00 am
DAl Janoub Stadium
Morocco vs Croatia23 Nov
03:00 pm
FAl Bayt Stadium
Germany vs japan 23 Nov
06:00 pm
EKhalifa International Stadium
Spain vs Costa Rica23 Nov
09:00 pm
EAl Thumama Stadium
Belgium vs Canada24 Nov
12:00 am
FAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Switzerland vs Cameroon24 Nov
03:00 pm
GAl Janoub Stadium
Uruguay vs South Korea24 Nov
06:00 pm
HEducation City Stadium
Portugal vs Ghana24 Nov
09:00 pm
HStadium 974
Brazil vs Serbia25 Nov
12:00 am
GLusail Stadium
Wales vs Iran25 Nov
03:00 pm
BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Qatar vs Senegal25 Nov
06:00 pm
AAl Thumama Stadium
Netherlands vs Ecuador25 Nov
09:00 pm
AKhalifa International Stadium
England vs the USA26 Nov
12:00 pm
BAl Bayt Stadium
Tunisia vs Australia26 Nov
03:00 pm
DAl Janoub Stadium
Poland vs Saudi Arabia26 Nov
06:00 pm
CEducation City Stadium
France vs Denmark26 Nov
09:00 pm
DStadium 974
Argentina vs Mexico27 Nov
12:00 pm
CLusail Stadium
Japan vs Costa Rica27 Nov
03:00 pm
EAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Belgium vs morocco27 Nov
06:00 pm
FAl Thumama Stadium
Croatia vs Canada27 Nov
09:00 pm
FKhalifa International Stadium
Spain vs Germany28 Nov
12:00 pm
EAl Bayt Stadium
Cameroon vs Serbia28 Nov
03:00 pm
GAl Janoub Stadium
South Korea vs Ghana28 Nov
06:00 pm
HEducation City Stadium
Brazil vs Switzerland28 Nov
09:00 pm
GStadium 974
Portugal vs Uruguay29 Nov
12:00 pm
HLusail Stadium
Ecuador vs Senegal29 Nov
08:00 pm
AKhalifa International Stadium
Netherlands vs Qatar29 Nov
08:00 pm
AAl Bayt Stadium
Iran vs USA30 Nov
12:00 am
BAl Thumama Stadium
Wales vs England30 Nov
12:00 am
BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Tunisia vs France30 Nov
08:00 pm
DEducation City Stadium
Australia vs Denmark30 Nov
08:00 pm
DAl Janoub Stadium
Poland Vs Argentina01 Dec
12:00 am
CStadium 974
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico01 Dec
12:00 am
CLusail Stadium
Croatia vs Belgium01 Dec
08:00 pm
FAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Canada vs morocco01 Dec
08:00 pm
FAl Thumama Stadium
Japan vs Spain02 Dec
12:00 am
EKhalifa International Stadium
Costa Rica vs Germany02 Dec
12:00 pm
EAl Bayt Stadium
South Korea vs Portugal02 Dec
08:00 pm
HEducation City Stadium
ghana vs Uruguay02 Dec
08:00 pm
HAl Janoub Stadium
Serbia vs Switzerland03 Dec
12:00 pm
GStadium 974
Cameroon vs brazil03 Dec
12:00 pm
GLusail Stadium
FIFA WC 2022 Schedule

Lists of Countries that have Qualified for the Tournaments

World cup teams


WalesSouth America
FIFA WC 2022 Qualified Countries in Europe




South Korea Iran
Saudi Arabia
FIFA WC 2022 Qualified Countries in Asia

North America

CanadaCosta Rica
FIFA WC 2022 Qualified Countries in North America

South America    

FIFA WC 2022 Qualified Countries in South America


FIFA WC 2022 Qualified Countries in Africa

Doha World Cup 2022 Qatar Football Stadiums

Qatar is set to host all Doha World Cup 2022 matches in its eight stunning and recently constructed Qatar football stadiums. According to FIFA representatives, the first game will be played at Al Bayt Stadium with a capacity of 60,000. Lastly, the final game will be played at Lusail Stadium, the largest stadium that has a capacity of more than 80,000. Six stadiums can accommodate 40,000.

Venues for the Doha World Cup 2022

Lusail Stadium

It is the biggest Qatar football stadium in Qatar with a capacity of 80,000 seats. The Qatar football stadium was constructed in the year 2017 and it took 4 years to allow to get the venue to be finished, which was just a little longer than the timeframe originally anticipated. 

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The official opening ceremony of the Qatar football stadium is scheduled for 2022. The Qatar football stadium is situated at the northern end of Doha located on The Persian Gulf coast, roughly 20 km distant from central Doha and 9 km away from The Pearl.

Location: Lusail, Qatar

Doha World cup stadiums

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium, also called Al Khor Stadium, is one of the new Qatar football stadiums that was recently inaugurated. The Qatar football stadium was officially inaugurated on November 30, 2021, with an opening-round group game with Qatar 22 and Bahrein in the 2021 Arab Cup. It is the second largest Qatar football stadium in this FIFA WC 2022, with roughly 60,000 seats spread across three levels. Al Khor City is located in the Persian Gulf, roughly 40 kilometers to the north of Doha.

Location: Al-Khor, Qatar 22

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Al Janoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium is also called Al Wakrah Stadium. It is one of the few Qatar football stadium stadiums built specifically for the Doha World Cup 2022 games. It has a capacity of 4000 seats. The Qatar football stadium is situated approximately 5 kilometers to the east of the Central Souq coastline located in Al Wakrah.

Location: Al-Wakrah, Qatar 22

Al Rayyan Stadium

Al Rayyan is also known as Al Rayyan Stadium. It is also known as Al Rayyan Stadium. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium officially opened on the 18th of December, 2020, with an Amir Cup Final between Al-Sadd and Al-Arabi. Al Rayan holds a similar capacity to other venues, such as AL Janoub and Khalida International Stadium with 4000 seats. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is located in the suburb of Al Rayyan in the eastern part of the Doha metropolitan region. It is easy to reach it from the center of Doha via metro.

Location: Al Rayyan, Qatar 22

Doha World Cup 2022

Khalifa International Stadium 

Khalifa International Stadium was built in 1976 and has played host to numerous international tournaments. It has served as the primary stadium for Qatar 22 since 1976. Qatar 22 nation’s team. It has a capacity of 40,000 players for this year’s Doha World Cup 2022 and will be reduced to lower levels in the near future. It is located to the west of Doha about 10 km away from the center of Doha.

Location: Al Waab St, Doha, Qatar 22

Education City Stadium 

Education City Stadium is also called Qatar 22 Foundation Stadium. It was inaugurated in 2020. It is situated in the Education City complex, where several universities, both foreign and local, and research institutes reside. The Qatar football stadium is capable of 40,000 seating and will be cut in half to 20000 seats after Doha World Cup 2022. Education City is situated in northwest Doha about 14 km away from the center of Doha.

Location: Doha, Qatar 22

Stadium 974

Stadium 974 was formerly known as Ras Abu Aboud Stadium. The Qatar football stadium is constructed of modular blocks for construction which include shipping containers. They will be taken apart and shipped to developing nations to build new Qatar football stadiums. 974 is the number of shipping containers were utilized for the construction. It is home to 4000 seating capacity to host the Doha World Cup 2022. Stadium 974 is situated along the shores of the Gulf in the eastern part of Doha close to Doha’s Port and Hamad International Airport and just two kilometers from Doha’s National Museum of Qatar 22.

Location: Doha, Qatar 22

Al Thuamama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium is one of the Qatar football stadiums that were built in 2022 for the Qatar Doha World Cup 2022. It opened in late 2021 and hosted an Amir Cup Final between Al-Sadd and Al-Rayyan. The Qatar football stadium can accommodate up to 40,000 spectators for the match. Al Thumama Stadium is located in the south of Doha around 7 km from central Doha.

Location: Doha, Qatar 22

Doha World Cup 2022

Events During FIFA

  • FIFA Fan Festival
  • The Corniche
  • Doha World Cup 2022 Trophy tour by Coca-Cola
  • Last-Mile Cultural Activation
  • Lusail Boulevard
  • D’reesha Performing Arts Festival
  • Qatar Fashion United by CR Runway
  • Al Maha Island 
  • 974 Beach Club
  • Lusail Winter Wonderland
  • Arcadia Spectacular
  • Aravia MDL BEAST 
  • Festival in Motion
  • Our Story experience
  • Cultural Activation

Soundtrack For FIFA WC 2022

“Hayya Hayya (Better Together)” by Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha has been added to the FIFA  World Cup Qatar 2022TM official soundtrack.

According to reports, the R&B and rthe eggae-tinged song “Hayya Hayya” (Better Together), which has undertones of both, captures the excitement of a football celebration that will take place in November of this year with the entire world watching intently. 

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By combining vocalists from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, this hymn “symbolises how music – and football – can unify the globe,” said FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Kay Madati.

Accommodation in Doha World Cup 2022

Qatar 22 is bursting with optimism and anticipation. The first winter Doha World Cup 2022 will be held in less than three months. Its host, Qatar 22 will begin the competition as well as its match against Ecuador on the 20th of November. The preparations are already in full swing and they are planning to welcome more than 1 million fans from around the world to Doha and the surrounding areas. Doha and the surrounding areas to watch the tournament, and support their teams.

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Meanwhile, fans everywhere that are fans, who hail from Europe, South America, and even Australia are already planning their travels to the Gulf and deciding on the most suitable travel routes and, most importantly, the right accommodation.

There is plenty of accommodation options for fans of all kinds when arriving in Qatar 22. Omar Al Jaber, executive director of accommodation at the Supreme Committee, told Football Now that there are plenty of options for everyone regardless of their tastes or budget.

There are Four Types of Accommodation available in Doha world cup 2022

  • Apartments & Villas
  • Cruise Ship Hotels
  • Fan Villages & Others
  • Hotels

Apartments & Villas

Villas and apartments that are serviced as ideal places to stay away from home options for visitors to the area. Select between one and six bedrooms, which include kitchens, living rooms, and other amenities for your home. With a wide range of properties within and around Doha, there is precisely what you require.

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No matter what you choose regardless of your choice, you are certain that our accommodations meet the standards of real estate compliance set by the government and will be handled by a specialist Hospitality Service Provider during the event to ensure you an enjoyable stay.

Doha World Cup 2022

Cruise Ship Hotels

An unforgettable experience in accommodation for fans of football. For those looking for an experience that is unique, the cruise ship hotels will be located in the center of Doha throughout during the entire tournament. MSC Poesia and the MSC World Europa will remain permanently moored in Doha’s Grand Terminal, just 10 minutes away by shuttle bus to the center of Doha.

MSC World Europe MSC World Europa, the largest of the two vessels has 2,633 modern cabins, six pools as well as a spa and wellness center as well as retail stores, and shops, along with more than 30 bars and venues for events. The journey to Qatar 22 in November will be her first trip, which makes guests attending this year’s World Cup the first to stay aboard this stunning well-equipped, and contemporary ship.

MSC Poesia and the MSC Poesia and the MSC World Europa will remain located at Doha’s Grand Terminal, just 10 minutes from the center of Doha’s Souq Waqif. Doha, Souq Waqif.

Both hotels on cruise ships provide various cabin choices that range from traditional ocean-view cabins to balcony cabins as well as lavish suites. Each hotel on a cruise ship provides a wide range of dining options as well as an entertainment program for everyone of all age groups.

Popular choices

Cruise Ship Hotel – MSC World Europa

Its MSC World Europa cruise ship hotel is a brand-new vessel featuring a revolutionary design and advanced technology. It is a truly unique service for Doha World Cup 2022 fans in Qatar 22 featuring a spectacular outdoor promenade as well as a wide selection of accommodations ranging from luxury suites that have elegant private amenities to traditional cozy cabins.

For those who love thrills, check out the cutting-edge architectural 11-deck dry-slide that slides swiftly into the vessel. You can also plunge into beautiful pools and 14 whirlpools with ocean views. If you’re looking to relax take a trip to the Balinese-style wellness center and spa. It has thermal baths as well as a beauty salon and barbershop, in addition to an exercise room that is fully equipped.

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Explore 13 dining establishments that include the traditional American steakhouse Butcher’s Cut, Kaito Teppanyaki grill, and sushi bar Latin American street food-inspired Hola! Tacos & Cantina, Chef’s Garden Kitchen, and traditional seafood grill La Pescaderia. There are many lounges and bars alternatives, including Masters of the Sea Pub as well as the Elixir Cocktail Bar, Mixology Bar, an Asian tea room as well as Tacos & Cantina, the Emporium coffee bar, and an extensive bar with gin. There’s an evening club or event space, and a kids club for children.

The ship will be docked in Doha’s Grand Terminal, just a couple of minutes from popular tourist attractions such as Souq Waqif and the Museum of Islamic Art via shuttle bus.

Prices Start from USD 347.47

Doha World Cup 2022

Cruise Ship Hotel – MSC Poesia

The MSC Poesia cruise ship hotel provides a unique experience for Doha World Cup 2022 fans in Qatar 22. Many different lodging choices are offered to range from ocean-view and port cabins, to balconies and suites.

A myriad of entertainment and dining venues is waiting for you aboard, such as Kaito sushi bar and the Il Palladio Italian restaurant Grappolo d’Oro wine-tasting bar and Hitchcock Lounge cigar room, Hitchcock Lounge cigar room and the disco are one of the many locations.

Relaxation begins with resort-style facilities, including three swimming spas, four pools, and a huge cinema screen. Visitors can also relax in Spa and Wellness center with a fully-equipped gymnasium, and basketball and tennis courts.

The ship will be docked in Doha’s Grand Terminal, just a short distance from popular tourist attractions such as Souq Waqif and the Museum of Islamic Art with a shuttle bus.

Prices Start from USD USD 179.34

Fan Villages

Camping accommodations in the style of a cabin and casual give fans a base to prepare for their trip to the Doha World Cup 2022. Fan villages are situated near the outskirts of Doha however they are accessible via public transportation or rideshares, putting the area within easy reach of all the popular cultural destinations including the FIFA World Cup(TM) venues and events.

Fan villages offer a range of facilities available on-site along with a range of restaurants that offer diverse different cuisines.

Fan villages and camping-style accommodation

Fan villages in Qatar 22 are a must for fans from abroad who are keen to sample more of the traditional and local Qatari culture when they trip to Qatar 22. Al Bayt Stadium, which will be the venue for one of the semi-finals of the Doha World Cup 2022, is one of the most magnificent stadiums built to host the event. The style of Al Bayt is influenced by the traditional Dhow tent that embodies the Qatari tradition. Tents of the past are offered for visitors to hire if they want to take a trip to the desert.

Desert accommodation involves traveling to Doha from the suburbs of Doha There is the ease of access to Doha by public transport or carpooling. The stadiums and other places of interest within the city are easy to access from these choices.

“The fan village that we have, it’s different. It’s a different category, different location,” Omar Al Jaber added, “It is part of our tradition. We have an area for a tent. We have Dhows. It’s great to provide viewers with a different experience so that they sense that it’s different and they’re living in an Arab Gulf or Qatar 22.”

If you are seeking a luxurious hotel or something more conventional there are plenty of options in Doha to stay for the duration of the most prestigious Doha World Cup 2022. Please follow this link to find detailed information on accommodation for the tournament: and ensure you have a fantastic time in Qatar 22.

Doha World Cup 2022

Fan Village Cabins Free Zone

  1. Fan Village Cabins Zafaran
  2. Fan Village Al Khor
  3. Fan Village Cabins Rawdat Al Jahhaniya
  4. Fan Village Caravan City
  5. Fan Village Heenat Salma Farm


Hotels that will meet your budget and needs. Qatar 22 offers everything for everyone, with its extensive selection of hotels and world-renowned hospitality. The majority of hotels are in the capital city of Doha however there are a few outside-of-town options for travelers seeking something different.

The most popular areas to stay

  • Downtown Doha is a neighborhood that seamlessly blends the old and the new. This is the ideal place to stay if you wish to be immersed in Doha’s vibrant Arabic tradition and contemporary architectural styles. There is an array of hotels, from luxurious to mid-range.
  • West Bay – home of Qatar’s famous cityscape. It is dotted with contemporary skyscrapers beautifully set on the Corniche. Hotels are typically high-end and luxurious, and conveniently located near shopping malls, leisure facilities, and entertainment.
  • The Pearl-Qatar 22 This exclusive area that includes the adjacent Lagoona is where you will find several of Qatar’s most luxurious hotels and luxury accommodations. The area is home to six marinas, pristine beaches, and exquisite fashion-forward shopping centers.
  • Al Sadd – a district situated to the west of Doha’s oldest town, which is a favorite of numerous ex-pat families. There you can find budget accommodations, luxurious stores, eateries, and boutiques in almost every corner of the globe.

Choose the most popular Hotels in Qatar 22 to stay in during the Doha world cup 2022.

Doha World Cup 2022

Transportation in Qatar 22 during the Doha World Cup 2022

Are you looking forward to being in Qatar 22and taking part in this year’s Doha World Cup 2022 games? If so, you should be familiar with the transport options that can aid you in getting between Hotels to Qatar football stadiums and Qatar football Stadiums to hotels.

Hayya Card

The Hayya Card, during the Doha World Cup 2022, acts as an entry card for international visitors to the country regardless of the reason and will be the only way to get into Qatar 22 during the period from 1 November 2022 to 1 January 2023.

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The law applies to GCC residents and nationals of the GCC. The Hayya Card will also give you many benefits, such as the free use of public transportation ticket holders to match days. Attendance at a match will need the Hayya card in addition to your match ticket.

Services that are available to you with the Hayya Card will entitle you to:

  • Entry into Qatar 22 (International fanatics) is used as the basis for a visa
  • Doha Metro
  • Trams
  • Public Buses
  • Tournament Buses

Smart travel planning with”Hayya” or the “Hayya App”

It is important to note that during tournament times during tournament time, your Hayya in Qatar 2022 app will be your trip planner. The app will offer actual-time updates to your travel schedule, and locations of transport hubs. It’s also your entry point to travel for free on public transport starting on November 11 to 23 December 2022.

If you have a ticket holder with a match on the same day tickets for the group’s stage, the complimentary Stadium-to-Stadium Express Bus service is offered. It allows direct transportation between Qatar football stadiums, without having to travel to central Doha.


  • Al Aziziyah
  • Al Matar Al Qadeem
  • Al Messila
  • Al Qassar
  • Al Rayyan Al Qadeem
  • Al Bidda
  • Al Doha Al Jadeda
  • Al Mansoura

Parking During Doha World Cup 2022

Parking for cars will be limited. at the Qatar football stadiums, However, due to traffic congestion traffic, road closures, diverting as well as tournament transport operations the driving of cars is not recommended.

However, you can park your car at any or more of these metro stations that be used as a Park & Ride service:

Doha World Cup 2022
  • Qatar University (Red Line)
  • Al Qassar (Red Line)
  • Al Wakrah (Red Line)
  • Al Messila (Green Line)
  • Umm Ghuwailina (Red Line)

Due to the huge number of people using the roads during the tournament, parking is restricted at Education City (Green Line) and Lusail (Red Line) metro stations will be limited.

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The Qatar football stadiums will provide accessible parking. For car arrivals, you will receive an access Vehicle Access Parking Pass (VAPP). Documentation of eligibility and license plate (if provided) should be presented when you make your reservation. Your VAPP should appear in front of the window to make sure you get to the right parking space.

FOOD TO TRY IN DohaWorld Cup 2022

One of our favorite things about Qatar 22 is the fantastic food. Qatari food is a blend of Middle-eastern flavors traditional to the region. Saffron and cardamom, turmeric as well as cumin, ginger, and black pepper are just a few ingredients in the many exotic spice blends utilized in the majority of Arabic food items and desserts. Hosting guests for meals shared is an essential element of Qatari tradition and dining together is a way to build a solid foundation for family and social activities.

The most popular dish that must be tried is Machboos in the form of an authentic Qatari dish made of rice, meat onions, meat, and vegetables infused together with delicious spices. Go to a local restaurant for this delicacy and enjoy the true flavor of the Middle East.

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Also, you should take a date (or purchase some to bring with you). Dates are a popular national food in Qatar 22. Arabic coffee is fragrant and unique, so if are in need of a caffeine boost in Qatar 22 be sure to test some. Arabic coffee is made with dark coffee beans, flavored by cardamom along with dates!

Top Best Qatari Food You must try During Doha World Cup 2022

  1. Saloon at Walima
  2. Warak enab at Shisha Garden
  3. Majboos at Al Mancha
  4. Madrouba at Easair Cafe
  5. Kousa mahshi at Al Shami Home Restaurant
  6. Luqaimat at Chai Halib
  7. Umm Ali at Karaki
  8. Khanfaroosh at Hawn Cafe
  9. Rogag at Shay Al Shoomos
  10. Kunafa with cheese at Al Aker Souq Waqif

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Food safety is an essential factor at every large gathering but is particularly important for mega-events, where the danger of food-borne illness is multiplied by the number of people who are present. It is crucial to safeguard the public’s health by making sure that the standards are met at all levels.

Doha World Cup 2022

Best Restaurants in Doha for the Doha World Cup 2022

  1. La Mar by Gaston Acurio
  2. Hakkasan
  3. Nobu
  4. Astor Grill
  5. STK
  6. Toro Toro
  7. Nozomi
  8. Spice Market
  9. IDAM

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Best Shopping Market During Doha World Cup 2022

  1. Souq Waqif
  2. Gold Souq
  3. Doha Festival City
  4. Wholesale Market
  5. Souq Al Dira
  6. Corniche Fish Market
  7. City Center Doha
  8. MIA Park Bazaar
  9. Omani Souq
  10. Lafayette Galleries Doha
  11. Alhazm Mall

Best Places To Visit in Doha World Cup 2022

  1. Corniche
  2. Souq Waqif
  3. The Pearl
  4. Aspire Park
  5. Barzan Towers
  6. Sealine Beach Resort
  7. Katara Cultural Village
  8. Qatar National Museum
  9. Islamic Cultural Centre
  10. Museum Of Islamic Art
  11. Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Qatar Stadium
Doha World Cup 2022: Accommodation, Stadiums, Parking, Cafe, and Tourism

Explore QATAR 22 During Doha World Cup 2022

Qatar 22 can be described as a place of luxury and joyful moments in life. The hospitality the country has to offer is world-renowned. It is one of the main motives for travelers to flock to Qatar 22 to enjoy a holiday.

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From the best of activities and adventure sports to some of the most popular places including Theme Parks, Festivals, Travel Essentials, Interesting Souvenirs, Art Galleries and Museums, Adventure Sports, Towns and Villages, Beaches, Stunning Landmarks, and Tours, that you can visit within Qatar 22 there are many options to enjoy this region of the world. In reality, Qatar 22 is widely popular for its water sports as well as art, culture as well as a myriad of attractions. It is a nation that has no limits and continues to offer top-quality services to its guests throughout the year.

Don’t Do This during your stay in QATAR For FIFA World CUP

There are certain things you need to be aware of prior to your trip. Since you are an Arab country there are regulations and laws you should familiarize yourself with prior to 2022. Qatar 22 has a completely different set of laws that it must adhere to.


For westerners, the dress code of Qatar 22 may appear strict however it’s essential to adhere to the traditions and culture of the country. Women who are visiting Qatar 22 to watch World Cup will need to dress modestly. World Cup should dress modestly in public. Be sure to protect your shoulders and refrain from wearing short skirts or lower-cut tops. Long skirts, maxi dresses, and linen shirts are your staple wardrobe pieces! Find a few pashminas to wear as a shoulder cover when wearing strappy tops.

Don’t Drink/Eat

It is illegal to drink alcohol while in public. The people of Qatar 22 don’t eat pork, and therefore, it’s hard to find pork in the country. The import of pork into Qatar 22 from other nations is prohibited.


Be cautious when out and with your loved one in Qatar 22. In public, showing affection is a crime and could result in being arrested. In public displays of affection, you must avoid include kissing, cuddling, and touching hands at certain areas. If you violate these rules, it’s not unusual for a snobby local to inform the police. It’s better to be safe instead of sorry.

Doha World Cup 2022 Trophy Worth

shocking facts concerning this year’s FIFA world cup trophy

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Worth is an almost 14.5-inch, 13.6-pound ornament of semi-precious malachite and 18-karat gold and is estimated to have an estimated worth in the range of 20 million dollars. Are you excited to know the Shocking facts about Doha world cup 2022 Trophy

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Doha Trophy
FIFA Football World Cup Trophy to be showcased in Seoul this week
  • 15 September: Portugal
  • 16 September: Spain
  • 17-18 September: Croatia
  • 20-21 September: Serbia
  • 22-24 September: Poland
  • 25 September: Netherlands
  • 28-30 September: Denmark
  • 2-3 October: Germany
  • 4-5 October: Belgium
  • 6-9 October: France
  • 11 October: Wales
  • 12-13 October: England
  • 15-20 October: Mexico
  • 21-23 October: Brazil
  • 25-27 October: Argentina
  • 28-29 October: Uruguay
  • 31 October: Ecuador
  • 2-3 November: Costa Rica
  • 5-8 November: USA
  • 9 November: Canada
  • 11-12 November: Saudi Arabia
  • 13-14 November: Qatar

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Next FIFA World Cup 2026 

In 2026, The FIFA World Cup of 2026 will be the 23rd FIFA World Cup, the quadrennial international soccer tournament that is played by national teams from affiliated clubs to FIFA. The event will be held in 16 cities in three North American countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 60 games, which includes every game starting in the quarterfinals, and going on to the finals will be played by the United States while neighboring Canada and Mexico will be playing 10 games. This marked the first occasion that it was hosted by three nations. This is the first tournament to have 48 teams. It will expand from 32 teams on the base of ranking points.

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It was announced that the United 2026 bid was swept aside by the bid of an opponent from Morocco during a vote that was which was approved at the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow. This is the first World Cup since 2002 that can be held in more than one country, and the first time it has been hosted by more than two. After hosting the tournament in the year 1970 as well as 1986 Mexico becomes the very first country to host or co-host this male World Cups three times. In the past, the United States last hosted the World Cup in 1994, and this will be Canada’s first time hosting the event for males.

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Doha WorldCup


Where can I find the Best accommodation for Doha World Cup 2022?

There are Four Types of Accommodation available in Doha World Cup 2022
Apartments & Villas
Cruise Ship Hotels
Fan Villages & Others

How much will the winner of the Doha World Cup 2022 get?

For Qatar 2022 The budget for Qatar 2022 is $750 million. The prize money will be divided among all participant teams. Each team will receive the sum of $2,000,000 to help prepare for the event.
They will be paid 10 million dollars to participate in the stage of the group. The further teams advance through the competition, the more cash they’ll make.
In the final, the winner of the Doha World Cup 2022 will receive a $50 million money prize. In total, the World Champions will be able to earn the sum of $62million as prize cash.
However, FIFA also provides the sum of $209 million to clubs to allow the players to take part in the event. Insurance benefits total $134 million. around 134million.

Should the FIFA World Cup Be Held Every 2 Years?

The contentious plan to hold the World Cup every two years rather than the existing four-year cycle will not be put to a vote, but FIFA delegates will be given an update on talks regarding adjustments to the international match calendar.


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