The FIFA 22 World Cup begins in winter. FIFA World Cup prize money has been announced. Since its inaugural tournament in 1930, the championship has been presented every four years. The FIFA 22 World Cup has been scheduled. This content will inform you about the Fifa World Cup prize money for 2022.

FIFA may spend a lot of money at the 22nd FIFA World Cup. The prize pool has grown tremendously in recent years. It has increased by over 80% since 2014’s World Cup. Each team is awarded a few million extras for each stage. 

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Fifa is still the most important sports governing board and they increase the prize money of the best tournaments around the world slowly. They are planning to increase this amount yet again. It would be a great competition. FIFA can also make huge revenue through the tournament.

Here’s the Fifa world Cup prize money for 2022:


StageAward MoneyRemarks
Winner$50 million
Runners-up$32 millionOne team
Third Place$26 MillionOne team
Fourth Place$22,000,000One team
Quarterfinals$16 million for each4 losing teams
Round of 16$12,000,000 each8 teams eliminated
Group Stage$10 million each16 teams have been eliminated
Preparation FeeEach $12.5 million32 qualified teams
Players insurance fees$134 Million
Payments to parent clubs for the player by player$209,000,000

32 teams will be eligible to receive $2.5 Million each in preparation fees. Each team will be paid $10 million for being eliminated from their group. Each team will receive $12,000,000 if they reach the round of 16, but are unable to progress to the quarterfinals. 4 of the 8 quarterfinalists will receive $16 million each. The fourth-placed team receives $22million, and the third team gets $26million. The FIFA 22 World Cup winner will win $50 million. The runner-up will receive $32 million.

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According to the news report, the prize money for this world cup would total $700 million. This amount is 22% more than the $576 last time. As you can see, the winning team will get nearly fifty million dollars. This is a significant increase from the last thirty-five million. The same rate will apply to the second-place team. This means that they will be awarded forty million instead twenty-five. Many prize details such as payment to the parents club and player-by-player rewards insurance fees are yet to be announced.

The last time that player insurance fees were increased was in the amount of around 100 million dollars. However, payment to parent clubs’ rewards was $70million. It would be heavier if this amount were increased at the same rate.

Why 29% increase in total prize money fund?

FIFA 22 World Cup

FIFA has signed sponsorship and TV broadcasting agreements that will generate prize money funds for four years. The deals are valid for competitions from 2019 to 2022. Fifa signed extensive TV streaming and streaming rights for all their major competitions. This increased the revenue from TV/streaming broadcasting.

FIFA is expected to have more than $7.89 of total revenue during the current 4-year cycle. A total of $7.89billion is generated by $3.5billion in TV & media rights, $2.4billion in sponsorship and commercial activities, $1.1m from ticket sales & hospitality packages, and $890m from licensing fees.

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FIFA has to pay $500 million in administration costs, $520 million in TV coverage production costs, and $450 million to support the organizing of the FIFA 22 World Cup. Qatar football federation also received $180million to organize the next tournament. Aside from the annual payments to different federations, which help to develop soccer in countries that lack infrastructure,

FIFA World Cup Prize Money Fund will be allocated starting at $7.89b. The FIFA World Cup prize money fund total for 2022 was increased by 29%, bringing it to $1 billion.

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