Flight with 22 people on board is Vanished in Nepal

Flight with 22 people on board in vanished in Nepal

The aircraft of the Nepali airline Tara Air carrying 22 people on board was reported missing in the 955th minute at 9:55 a.m. local time on Sunday morning. one of the airline’s spokespersons confirmed this situation according to CNN.

The plane had three crew members and 19 people on board the plane, as per the official spokesperson. The plane was passing across the city in Pokhara towards Jomsom, the most popular tourist attraction in central Nepal.

The spokesperson claimed that Nepalese army has been recruited to assist in the search for the aircraft that vanished.

The tiny aircraft is owned by a private airline that operates within South Asia. South Asian country was missing at the earliest morning hours on Sunday.

It was on a scheduled flight that was scheduled to last fifteen minutes, from Pokhara town of Pokhara to Jomsom, a town Jomsom located in the mountain. of Jomsom and was then not able to reach the tower at the airport after the departure.

Flight with 22 people on board in vanished in Nepal

A mountain range near Pokhara, Nepal. The missing plane had been flying from Pokhara to Jomsom, a popular tourist town in central Nepal with 22 people on board.

Local police said that they had no information regarding the Twin Otter aircraft, which was operated by Tara Air, and a investigation was under way.

9N-AET was believed to stop communicating in the early hours of 9.55 am According to a Tara Air official,

A controller of the air-traffic control at Jomsom Airport said they had not confirmed details about the loud rumble that occurred within Ghasa in Jomsom as reported by Kathmandu Post.

Also, the newspaper stated that helicopters were placed in the area where the last communications were received, and was located at Lete Pass.

Phanindra Mani Pokharel spokesperson for the minister of interior affairs said there were two helicopters used to search the area, however, he said visibility was low.

“The bad weather is predicted to hamper the search efforts. The visibility is so poor that it’s impossible to know what’s going on,” Pokharel said.

Jomsom is one of the most well-known trekking destinations located in the Himalayan Mountains, approximately 20 minutes by air to Pokhara.

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